Month: August 2012

1st, Effort. Followed by result

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My Life is My Rainbow

My husband always tell me that the most important is the effort not the result. He applies it not only to my kids but also to me. Honestly, sometime I forget and want the best result in everything. But, again and again, I am reminded by what my husband said.

I have to always remember that I should not require the best result from my sons, but I should see from another point of view, it is their efforts.

I talked to one of my friend, I can say that she is my senior 🙂 She has three children. Her first and second daughter are in High School and last level of Primary School. The youngest one is JJ’s friend. She told me that she never demand the best result from her second daughter though her second daughter is a smart girl. But she will see whether her second daughter…

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There, my birth place

My first breath was in Indonesia
My first smile was in Indonesia
My first cry was in Indonesia
My first step was in Indonesia
My first school was in Indonesia
My first friendship was in Indonesia
My first job was in Indonesia
My first time I know about God was in Indonesia

My childhood with my wonderful family was in Indonesia

For me, the best food is the cuisine of Indonesia

So many things to remember and so many things are unforgettable.

I am so glad that God bless me as a part of Indonesia

Thank you Indonesia..

Though I am not living there, but you will never be forgotten and I will always love you because…


Maintain the relationship

“To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.” 
~ Clara Ortega

Few weeks ago, I had a chance to go with my brothers. Well, I cannot really remember when was the last time we went together, only three of us, until my big brother told me that it was 12 years ago when we had holiday together, only three of us without anyone else.

I should call this a reunion, I was so happy. Feel like I have my two bodyguards back though it was only for 2 days. Yes, only three of us 🙂

We are very close towards each other. They really protect me, include my younger brother. And I found this quote which I found it is so true!

“After a girl is grown, her little brothers – now her protectors – seem like big brothers.” 
~ Terri Guillemets

I always treat my younger  brother as my little brother. Always as my little brother! But then I realize that it is my younger brother who treat me like his little sister. He seems like my big brother 🙂

As my older brother, I always respect him just like he is my father. Until now, sometime he still treats me like his little sister though I am a mom now 😀 He always protect me since I was a kid.

As we grow older, and each of us has our own family, we are busy on our own. Well.. it is just normal, we have set up our own family. One thing that always occupied my mind is that we will always try our best to maintain our close relationship and really hope that our kids (my children and my nieces and nephews) will also have a close relationship later on.

By looking at the relationship that we have, I really hope my children will also have a strong brotherly bond until they grow up, even when each of them already had their own families.

It is important to maintain a strong bond between brothers and sisters. I always ask my kids to share their toys and play together, take turn, otherwise, I will keep the toys that make them quarrel inside a transparant box so that both of them cannot play and only can see that toys for a weeks or two weeks. It works, so that they start to learn to share and every time they start quarrel, I will remind them that I will keep the toys to the transparant box if they quarrel and don’t want to share or take turn.

Of course, I will always explain and remind them that their brotherhood is much more important than their toys, so that they should not quarrel over their toys or things.

Hope they really will always love each other, help each other and care about each other until they grow old.

Hope they will always become best buddies 🙂

“As we grew up, my brothers acted like they didn’t care, but I always knew they looked out for me and were there!”
~ Catherine Pulsifer, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Any same experience? Would you like to share with us?

Look again, you would smile or even laugh

Say Cheers…

“JJ.. see to the camera please… ”

“TT, where is mama? Smile please”

One day, it happened that I needed to stay at my brother’s house, waited for the news when I need to go to take a picture for my IC. Well, you know how bored when we need to wait and do nothing. It was not confirmed that I will do my IC’s picture on that day because there were some problem on the camera. What I need to do was to wait. I watched TV, but it is impossible for me to keep watching TV in 5 hours. I started to see some old pictures and videos from my mobile. Well at least that make me laugh and not bored anymore. I saw some pictures and videos about one to two years ago. On those pictures and videos, JJ was still very young and sang some songs 😀 While TT just started to run here and there, he was 18 months. He started to copy some words from Thomas and Friend’s songs.

I was laughing, I was comforted with those videos and photographs of my kids. I started to try to remember what did happen when I took those videos and picture. It is good to keep the back up of the videos and pictures of our kids. So that one day we might want to watch and see it with our kids. Your kids might need those pictures on their wedding later 🙂 Now days, couples would like to show their childhood’s pictures on their wedding ceremony.

It is good to keep our/our kids’ pictures from since from our baby until we become adults and even until we grow old so that we can see and feel the love and providence of God in our lives 🙂

I really want to keep all those pictures, I printed some of those pictures. It is impossible for me to print all those pictures because they are really so many. I keep all the soft copies in my Picassa File.. My mother also keeps some old pictures, include my old pictures 🙂 well and so does my mother in law.

One of my friend told me that she really appreciates all pictures she has. She will keep it like she keep the money 🙂 For her, pictures are very precious

Indeed it is very precious.. What do you think?

I’ll be here for you

When you are in love, you will be very happy when your boyfriend or girlfriend is sitting by your side, isn’t it right?

Fall in love will be like the whole world only belong to both of you.

Well, it is not only happen between two adults who fall in love, but also between parents and children, especially the mother and the son/daughter. When the first time they come to the world, the baby will be given to the mom. Though the baby still cannot see yet, but he can feel the warm of the mother’s arm.

I still remember when I gave birth to both my sons, JJ and TT, once they born, the Midwife and the Gynae passed the baby to me, and then they cleaned the baby and afterward, my husband had his turn to carry the baby. Most babies will cry when they realize that they are not carried by their parents. They will have strong bond with their parents, especially their mommies.

They  grow up, but the bond will still be there. When they become toddler, they will still want and expect us to be around with them when they are at home. What they know is that the daddy need to go to the office and the mommy will take care of them at home.

What I see, my kids are quite independent, their school’s teachers also told me the same thing. Though they are independent boys, but they still expect me to be around when they go back home after school. Sometime I will go out for a while at night to meet up with my friends, and they are ok because they know that their daddy will be at home with them while I am outside. Sometime I also need to go out buy groceries while the kids are sleeping (napping) and stay at home with the daddy. When JJ wakes up and not see me around, he will be sad and will start to look for me.

One day, I got an offer to work parttime and I took that job. I had to work in the morning while the kids were at school and went back before kids reached home. They took the school bus but I still need to pick them up at the downstair. But the problem was that I still needed to go back to the office in the evening and will only reach home around 10 pm and above.

I can see that kids started to feel inconvenient with this situation. They started complain, TT sometime will cry and did not let me go. They even will not sleep until they see me back home. I was struggled. My boss was very nice to me also, but my kids are also important for me. Until one day, JJ wrote a letter and asked the daddy to pass it to me.

“I don’t want mama to go to work at night, I want mama to be at home”

Well, it moved me, moreover, in the office everything has been settled already and I didn’t really had things to do anymore, so I came with the decision to resign. I still want to try to find a part time job but only in the morning, not morning plus evening anymore. I think that would be great and everybody is happy then.

I thought my boys have this kind of feeling because they are still very young. But I am wrong. Until one day, one of my friend, mommy of three girls, met up with me and told me some of her motherhood experience. Her daughters are grown up already. If I am not wrong they are at secondary school now. She told me that children are very happy when they know that their moms are waiting for them at home. Once, her older daughter called her and asked what did the mom do now. And the mom told her that she was at home that time. And the daughter was very happy and said that she will be back home to meet her mommy.

Yeah, kids need us to be around. And today, after JJ and TT went to school by the school bus, I got ready and also went to school by MRT. I reached the school and peep from the door glass of a class room where kids were there. They saw me! And they were very happy. One of the teacher’s assistant came to me and said that JJ and TT were very happy knowing that I am around.

Yes, they are happy to know that I am around, especially every time after school. They have so many things to tell me about. Every time the school bus reaches home, the kids will give me their best smile and once they get out from the school bus, they will start their ‘story’ about what happen in the school bus and in the school, what song they learn, what did they do together with their teachers and friends while we walk back home.

In the evening, when the daddy go back home from the office, they will also be happy and will start to open the conversation with the daddy.

Yeah, I’ll be here for you my children. I always look forward to listen to their ‘story’ after their daily experiences at school.

What do you think about this topic? You might have different experience from me and my friend (who told me about her daughter). 

I would really appreciate it if you are willing to share yours 🙂