Month: February 2012

Me Time

In Indonesia Mie (Read: Me) means Noodle.. So when I say Me time, some people might think that it is time for me eating Noodle 😀

Well, now kids go to school already, Honestly, I feel lonely.. Our home become so quiet… Rather than I let myself feel lonely at home alone, I plan to do some activities in the morning. First, I wanted to join my husband go for fitness, after second thought, I prefer to do outdoor exercise, it will be cheaper and healthier. So I decide to go  for jogging and swimming.

I will start next week, I hope I won’t be lazy. Other than doing sport, I also start to make more girl’s bracelets, and explore some new recipe once a week. I hope it will work as plan, yeah honestly, sometime I will be in the high spirit only at the beginning 😀

Once or twice a week, I will go out in the morning to have breakfast together with my husband before he is off to the office. And once a month I will go to school to take a look my sons.

So many plan which will be start on next week.

It is good to have Me Time, I think you also have one..

Would you like to share about yours? What are you doing during your ME TIME? I need some input 🙂 

Love you, Love me

When we talk about love, we will start to think about wedding, valentine, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.

But when we talk about love on the month of February, most probably is about VALENTINE. Yes, today is valentine.

Does valentine only for couples? How about the single? How about kids?

Some couples would have reserved their favorite restaurant, or may be go to the cinema, oh may be they will have candle light dinner at home, or they will go to somewhere to celebrate.

I still remember, the first time I got a valentine card when I was in my secondary school. Is that love? We were still to young then. But what is love then?

When I was still single, I applied the valentine day to all my family and friends, no special person. I had boyfriend, I started to get a rose and valentine card and even a special dinner. I didn’t celebrate with my friend anymore. I celebrated with my loved one. I married, I celebrated it with my husband, and now I have kids, I celebrate valentine with my family (my husband and my kids).

My hubby and I had a valentine breakfast in the morning and had a Korean valentine dinner with kids.

Morning valentine breakfast with Hubby

Handmade, special and simple flower from JJ

a heart by TT at his school

Does it mean I will not say happy valentine to my friends? No, it is not true! I also say it to my friends by SMS and I also received some Messages (SMS) from my friends on valentine day.

Valentine is not only for our boy/girl friend or our spouse, but you can express it to people that you love, include your friends.

At this chance, please let me say HAPPY VALENTINE to all my readers.

Just a short story from this morning: 

This morning,
JJ made a very simple flower from used paper and used plastic and gave it to me..
TT said: I love MiaMia (He gives me this special name)
My husband and I had valentine breakfast
My husband, I and kids had valentine dinner together

Today I have a wonderful valentine day with my beloved husband and kids 🙂 I hope you also have it 🙂

How did you spend your valentine day? Did you have dinner with your husband/wife/children/friends? 

All thanks to God that up to today we can still love others and still be loved by others

Yes, Reunion…..

Gong xi fa cai means Happy New Year in Chinese. Well, there are so many new year eves in this world 🙂

This time, we celebrated Chinese New Year. Some of us went back to our home country to have dinner together with our family. I remember when I was working in Jakarta,I didn’t go back to my hometown to celebrate chinese new year with my parents, I had chinese new year dinner with my youngest brother and my friend (I treated him as my own brother). It is a tradition that we have dinner together at the night before the new year.

My sons’ school also had a little celebration for Chinese new year and both my sons’ are in their chinese costumes. They looked very happy when they reached home from school. After school we had lunch together with my husband.

Few days ago, we just came back from Indonesia, we went to three cities, they are Jakarta, Malang and Surabaya. This trip is really tiring, but we enjoyed it, especially kids. But the wind was very strong. We had our dinner together at my parents in law’s in Jakarta, and on the next day, we had home visits, and we visited some of my husband’s relatives. Kids are very happy because there are some other kids, though they just know each other, but they can blended very well, as they played together, laughed together and enjoyed their togetherness.

The next day, we went to Malang, and visited my aunty and her family. We planned to go to Jatim Park 2, there is a zoo and I heard it is very nice place to be visited. We visited that place with my friend and his family. But the wind was very strong those few days, and when we reached there, the zoo was close, but the museum was open. Well the weather was not friendly at all. The wind was very strong and I have never been on this kind of weather before. We saw few things flied and our driver said that he saw a roof of a house flied. Once we finished our museum visit, we went back to Malang, and I had a chance to meet up with one of my friends who I have not met her since year 2000. She has a handsome boy now, he is 14 months old.

We only spent two nights at Malang, but my kids really enjoy to stay at Malang, because they can play together with their cousins. Their cousins are on the same age as JJ and TT.

The last place to visited was Surabaya. I planned to visit my auntie there, but she went back to her hometown already, but I still have a chance to meet up with her children. It was really precious time because we very seldom meet each other. The last time we met was around 3 years ago, on my youngest brother’s wedding. And I also had chance to meet up with my friends, who I have not seen them quite sometime, I met two of them around 10 years ago. This is really a blessed trip.

I know that I miss my hometown visit this year, because I don’t really have lots time, my kids have to go back to school and my husband also need to go back to work 🙂 But I am very happy with this holiday because I can meet up with them, and I am also glad that they are willing to spend their time to come and meet up with me 🙂

Since I stay overseas, for me, Chinese New Year is time to have reunion with family and friends.

At last, the Chinese New Year this time really gives me a very happy memory, Holiday is never enough but I have to be satisfied 😀

What do you do during Chinese New Year? Did you celebrate it? Was there so many Chinese New Year decoration at your city? Please share with us 🙂