Month: March 2012

Our Time

I have been busy with other things for last few weeks, and I am glad that I can come back to write a post to  this blog again.

I used to write about my Me Time… But this time, I will write about my OUR TIME.

Last week was kids term break school holiday for a week, so I had to make so many plans to make sure that they will not get bored during the school holiday.

I called this my Our Time, I had to sacrifice my Me Time during this school holiday. I had made a commitment that during this school holiday I will spend time with kids. Everyday they go to school, after school they will have their lunch and their nap. After their nap, they will have their snack and their dinner. Play for a while and they will need to go back to sleep at night. I don’t really have enough time to spend with them everyday.

This school holiday is my chance to spend more time with my kids. I am glad that they were happy during this school holiday. They enjoyed it. We went to watch the Transformer, went to Changi airport, played car there ( I don’t really know what is the name of this vehicle :D) and also colouring at Changi Airport. We went to Timezone and they played basket ball and bowling ball there :D, had lunch with his daddy and also had lunch at their friends’ house.

They should have their very first swimming lesson during this school holiday, but we had no choice and have to cancel it. It was a heavy raining and we changed plan, we went to the Changi airport instead. They started their very first swimming lesson today at the afternoon, and they enjoyed it.

I was so happy, though it was very tiring week. This week they come back to school again, and my time with them is limited again. But I am glad that they are also looking forward to go to school again.

Well, though there was almost no ME TIME last week, but I start to miss my OUR TIME again, and I have to wait until June school holiday.

“We should balance between ME TIME and OUR TIME “

How about you? What do you think about your OUR TIME? Would you like to share with us here? What do you think about ME TIME and OUR TIME?