Why Smile?

“Your smile can save a distressed soul, gladden a sad heart, or heal a broken spirit. Have a blessed day.”

— Unknown quotes —


Here, at some traffic light, there are some Crossing Guards who are stand by to help people or bicycle to cross the street.

Well, it’s look a simple job but it is not!
They will need to stand up for  long hours either under the sun or in the raining time.
We take car everyday, so we will never cross the street and meet them.

There is one Crossing Guard that we always meet in the morning and we decide to try our best to give him smile when we pass through him.
Kids will waive hands to him too!

You know what? He really looks happy and smile.

This remind me to one old man who does cleaning on our home block at Singapore.

Since JJ first time started to go to school ( JJ was around 2.5 years old) , TT and I always wait him on the same place every day to pick him up from the school bus. TT was still around 10 months old during that time. And most of the time we will meet this uncle when he sat down there and took a rest.

This uncle will always smile and happily called TT and most of the time TT will smile to him.
When JJ arrived and before we came back to the house kids will say bye bye to this uncle.

It continued until TT started his school and until last year before we moved here. It had been around 4 years since the first time we met this uncle. My husband and I will always walked with our kids go to the MRT Station in the morning (go to school).
Though we will not meet this uncle everyday but, every time we met this uncle, this uncle was so happy!

He will say “Good morning, my little friends!”

And kids will answer him, ” Good morning, uncle!”

Not only that uncle who was happy but also our kids!

And our kids will not only give smile to this uncle but also to another uncle who also clean our block and to the taxi driver, waitress, bus driver, etc.

Sometime we thought that those people looks so fierce, not friendly, etc. But why don’t we are the one who start smile to them? Greet them. It will make their day!

Smile to them, they need it. They never ask for it, but they need it and they will be very grateful when some one greet them and smile to them.

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles.  It might be the only sunshine he sees all day”.

 ~by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. ~


— Don’t Stop, Keep Trying —

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It’s OK to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.” – H. Stanley Judd – 


Well, it is not easy when we have to accept the reality that we fail on something.

I have always told my kids that it is ok if you fail on something, it is not the end of everything. I even wrote a post on 2012 about this. Please refer to my old post: Learn From Your Failures.

I am not new on driving a car. I had my experience driving car in Indonesia and Australia. But I have never drive any cars since we moved to Singapore 9 years ago. Singapore has a very good transportation system that make me feel that I don’t need to drive there. I even never renew my driving license since year 2009. Until one day, my husband got transfer to USA and we move here.

Here I am and I need car here. I need to drive my kids to school and  buy groceries. Well, I need to drive but I will  need to take both written driving test and Behind the Wheels driving test. I passed my written test and I got a permit to drive but with someone to accompany me until I pass my behind the wheels driving test.

There are many new rules that I need to learn since it is different from Indonesia and Australia, and some more the driver is on the left side here and we will need to drive on the right side of the road. It is the biggest different. Well I have to adapt.

It was the time that I need to take behind the wheels driving test and I was nervous. I always nervous when I need to do any TEST. I don’t like TEST 😀

And I did two mistakes on the test and it might be two serious mistakes so that the examiner asked me to go back to the DMV straight away and I failed.

Well, I was so sad and my husband kept encourage me. I was still sad though but I know that I need to hang on there 🙂 some of my friends encouraged me as well. When the kids came back from school, they knew that I fail on my driving test and they made my day 😀

JJ asked me what mistake that I made 😀 and he gave me some advices how to drive better next time 😀

While TT tried to made me smile with his funny acts.

My husband told me that it is good that I fail so that kids also can learn how to deal with failure. And I have the sample of failure that they aware that it happened to me.

On the church, one of our friend who heard about my failure in behind the wheels driving test, came to me and offer his help to accompany me practicing my driving while my husband in his office. I really appreciate it. And I always what he said to me, “Hang on there, Yulia, you can do it!”

Instead of staying in my sadness and disappointment, I choose to cheer up!

I did my second test and Thanks God, I passed. Now that I can help my husband, driving kids to school, do my own groceries, and have my MeTime 😀

Well, this is not the first time I fail on something. I share about this because this was the recent failure that I have. Before, I faced so many failure. If I can say, my failure on my driving test is the small one. I have ever failed on relationship, on my job, on my study, etc. But I know that I should not leave in my past and have to move on. Well, I still hang on there because I am not alone. I went through my life which is up and down together with my God who give me strength and together with my husband, my kids and people surround me who always love and encourage me.

It’s okay to fail, you always can try it again. It is your choice to give up or hang on there and keep trying. Thanks God that I didn’t give up and try it again.

Trying to see on the positive side of our failures is the best thing to do.

What we can learn from our failure:

  1. Knowing that failure can make us be more careful and try not to do the same mistake.
  2. Learning how to hang on there and not give up so easily.
  3. Knowing that some people really there to support us.
  4. Failure will teach us not to give up easily.
  5. You are prepared to be stronger for the next problem / failures.

Please feel free to add some more points for what we can learn from our failure on the comment below.

Same for you… If you are facing any problems or you are failing on something and you feel that you are going to give up, Please Don’t! Hang on there! Keep Trying! 

Quotes from my husband:  

“It’s okay to fail. If you never fail, you’ll never learn”

Two Little boys say about their Daddy!

I always tell my kids that they should be grateful as they have a very good daddy who always willing to spend time with them every day after his tiring day in his office. And I can see that the strong bonding between them.

daddy's day

On this special occasion, I did a little interview to my two little kids 🙂
Mama: Do you love your daddy?
JJ: Yes!
Matt: Yes!
Mama: What do you like about your daddy?
JJ: Papa is the boss and Papa is so funny like a clown!
TT: He is the funny man, he looks like a clown and some more, Papa can do balance!
Mama: What do you like to play with your daddy?
JJ: Play fighting and Animal Kaiser
TT: Lego Star Wars, Ninja Go, Candy Crush, Showman, Animal Kaiser, Spiderman and Batman.
Mama: What will you buy for Papa on this Father’s day if you have some money?
JJ: Computer and Pen
TT: Shirt and Pencil
Mama: Anything that you want to say to Papa on this Father’s day?
JJ: Papa is the Super Papa!
TT: Papa is very cool!

 We have something to give to the Daddy! 

dino daddy

Note to the Daddy………..

Please always be wise saving your money in this coin bank so that we can have our next holiday trip 😀

Hi dads, all of you have an important role in shaping the character of your children and give your children a wonderful childhood for your kids!

“Walk With Me Daddy”

Walk alongside me, daddy
and hold my little hand.
I have so many things to learn
that I don’t yet understand.

Teach me things to keep me safe
from dangers every day.
Show me how to do my best
at home, at school, at play.

Every child needs a gentle hand
to guide them as they grow.
So walk alongside me, daddy –
We have a long way to go.

 Author: Helen Bush

Happy Father’s Day to all Daddy around the world.

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

 Sigmund Freud –

On this Mother’s Day

“I love being a mother. It has its ups and downs but there’s no better feeling than unconditional love from my children. “
(Unknown quotes)
kids and I
Mothers’ day…
People will start to talk about the love of mothers, unconditional love.
It is so true that Mothers’ love is the best and also unconditional love.
But on this year, I realize so many things.. Let me do some listings:
Mommy – Not a good chef.
Kids – Never complain
Mommy – Sometime lost patient
Kids – Never complain
Mommy – sometime pick up late from school
Kids – Complain sometime but never angry
Mommy – Happen before forget to come to school to watch their show
Kids – Never mind mama, next time don’t forget, okay
Mommy – Forget to prepare their crafts for school (Happened before)
Kids – It’s okay, I did other things in the class, mama.
Most of the time, they satisfy with what they have. Of course they want this and that, whatever their friends have, they also ask me to buy for them. And of course most of the time I also need to reject their request. But they are fine. Never nagging.
Recently, happened that I was too careless until TT got hurt on his finger. It was very bad, very painful, and he had to be brought to hospital with Ambulance and his finger needed to be stitched. When I said sorry to him because I was too careless, he answered me, ” IT’S OKAY, MAMA”
My tears all down, and some more, he was still able to smile at me even though he was in pain.
And on this mother day, I would like to share how I am so grateful having these two boys of mine, who always shower me with their unconditional love. All thanks to God.
They are not two perfect boys, but they are two amazing boys that God has given and entrusted to my husband and me, and we need to raise them properly, so that in each of their growth, they shall always glorify God.
As I am also not a perfect mommy, but I have my boys who always accept me as I am.
Happy Mothers’ day to all Mothers all around the world ^_^
“My sons love me no matter what, they make me smile, make me laugh, bring joy to my heart. When I need hugs and kisses from them, they will always be there. They really love me no matter what. ” 


“Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.”

~ Jonathan Edwards  ~


Ever since my two boys were still inside my tummy, both, my husband and I prayed together with our unborn babies…

When they were babies, we prayed together with them…

When they grow up become toddlers, slowly, we asked them to pray together with us and follow our prayer

Now they can pray by themselves and pray for others as well.

Teaching our kids how to pray is very important so they will understand that God always be there and listen to their prayer. That’s one of ways to talk to God.

Last night, JJ cannot sleep and I asked him why he cannot sleep. He told me that because he wanted the daddy to be in his room and sleep with him.  I told him that the daddy need to do something.
I asked JJ to pray and tell Jesus that he cannot sleep.

In the morning, he told me that he fell asleep after he prayed.

One day, after school, TT told me that his teacher’s leg is pain and he said that he want to pray for her before he sleep. It remind me to JJ when he was still at nursery class, he also once prayed for his teacher.

These are only few samples, now they love to pray.. Develop a good habit such as prayer is the good one.

Kids will learn and understand that they need to pray everyday, any time as they need air to breath.

They need to praise and glorify God through their prayers
They need to thanks to God for everything that they have
They need to  ask for forgiveness from God everyday
They need to learn how to pray and think for others
They also need to pray for themselves every day too ask for God’s guidance and wisdom.
and so on…

” To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”
– Martin Luther King Jr –

Have you started it with your children? Would you like to share how you start teaching how to pray with your children?

Keep this Chain of Love

hold hand1

2012 has ended and now we are in a new year, 2013.

Same as years before, I was blessed last year, I saw how my family was blessed by God, although not everything went smoothly, but we really feel and see the inclusion of God for our family. So many things happened in 2012, it was first time for TT went to school, JJ had eyes surgery, and so on.  But again, I can see how God always loves and protects our family. I know that God will always be with us, and guide our family. Not only last year or years before, but also this years and coming years.

Kids grow together, play together, laugh together, talking together, love each other, take care of each other, help each other, and also quarrel to each other 😀

One thing for sure, they really love each other, and this is also confirmed by their school teachers and some of my friends who sometime hang out with them.

Sometime they like to hold hands together when they walk and talk to each other, they loves to talk to each other before they sleep, almost every day (unless when they are too tired and they will just go to sleep).  JJ teaches TT how to pray. They help each other. JJ loves to help TT doing something, yes, he is very caring towards his little brother. Meanwhile, TT can also sometime makes JJ laugh out of loud (well, there was one time, TT made JJ laugh out of loud until JJ vomited :D).

I also can see the strong bond between kids and their daddy. Sometime they can tell to the daddy what had happened for one whole day before they sleep. They even sometime have a show for their daddy before they go to sleep. Yes, until now 🙂

But I don’t want it only happen in the past and now, I hope this chain of love will last forever. I hope that both, my kids will always love, help and support each other until when they grow older or even until when they are old later on 🙂

Also, I hope that the bond in this family between parents and kids, between JJ and TT and also between my husband and me will become stronger every day. And we realize that without God’s love,  all of this will not be happened.


Yes the most important thing that we must always remember to love God above all, obey God’s word and make the love of God to be the strong foundation of our family. Yes and it is our responsible as parents to teach our kids to always to love God more than everything.

Last but not least, I know it is a bit late to say it now, but still I really want to say it to all of you 😉
“Welcome the new year with a new spirit, a new plan and a new commitment ..

Hoping to be a better person in 2013.

Thanks to God for blessing me with a wonderful husband, wonderful and nice boys and all wonderful people around me (parents, siblings, family and friends)”.

Thank you also for your willingness to spend sometime to read my blog and also share your opinion here. I hope you will still support me on this year and years onwards 😉


Back to the past habit : Christmas Card

“Thanks be to God for His unspeakable Gift–
precious beyond words”.
–Lois Lebar

It’s been more than twenty years ago, I have stopped sending Christmas cards to others.

I have handphone.. I can sent them an sms.. Save my time and save my money.

That was what in my mind back then.

I still received some Christmas cards up to now, from my Insurance agent, bank, etc. But most of the time, I will get an sms or an email as the Christmas greeting. And some of my friends, including me, will just share on our Facebook wall to greet all friends, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Last year, one of JJ’s sunday school friend, sent him a Christmas card. JJ was so happy. It reminds me to my childhood. I had always been so happy when I received some Christmas cards from my relatives and friends. And I was so happy to list down my friends’ name and sent Christmas card to them. Every time, one month before Christmas, I bought so many Christmas cards. I have one aunty who has a printing business and her company will also prints Christmas cards, so sometime I will also get some from her. I bought stamps and put on the envelope, went to the post office. Well, it was so amazing.

It last only until I had my first mobile phone. I forgot the enjoyment sending Christmas card, I send sms to my friends and my relatives. Until today, I have never sent any Christmas card to my relatives and friends anymore.

This year, JJ and TT have already made some greeting cards, to me and my husband on The mothers’ day and The Fathers’ day, to their teacher on The Teachers’ day and also made two handmade cards for SPCA Fun Raising.

That gives me an idea to let my kids send some Christmas Cards to their relatives and friends this year. They made some Christmas card by them selves but I did not ask them to make those cards all by them selves because it will be quite numbers of Christmas cards, therefore I also bought some Christmas cards. I asked them to list down some of their friends and sent Christmas cards to their friends and relatives.

JJ and TT were so excited when they found out about this plan and they started to tell me names  of their friends.

Finally, here are some cards that they made it by them selves. Those cards are for their classmates. Simple but they made those cards with whole-hearted

christmas card 1 christmas card 2 christmas card 3

Well, still not forgetting to tell them the real meaning of Christmas. It is not just a season holiday and only having fun with family and friends. We explain to them that the true meaning of Christmas is the born of Jesus Christ and the purpose of His coming to this world.

“The very purpose of Christ’s coming into the world was that He might offer up His life as a sacrifice for the sins of men.  He came to die.  This is the heart of Christmas”.
–Rev. Billy Graham–



Sometime, Help will not really help

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.” – Abigail Van Buren-

Well, Help will not help.. of course SOMETIME, NOT ALWAYS 🙂

Every parent has their own way in educating their children. As for me, I will not always help my kids in doing their things. Few examples are below.

Since they aged 2.5 year old, we have started to ask them to learn how to wear their own clothes. Do you thing it is too early for this age? Some people told me it is too early for them, but my answer is no, it is not too early. There is nothing wrong to let them learn.. Since they can do it them selves why do we have to always help them?

One day, we visited one of our relatives for their son’s birthday. Once we reached their place, we realized that JJ was sweating and I gave him his clothes and asked him to changed his clothes him self. And our auntie looked surprise and asked us how come JJ can changed and wore his own clothes. JJ was around 3 years old that time.

It also applied to TT, when he was 2.5 years old we also had already trained him to wear his own clothes. Well, we purposely involved JJ in teaching TT to learn to wear his own shirts. When TT struggle and cannot wear it him self, he will always ask my help, but I will always ask him to try it him self. Knowing that he cannot get any help from me, he will approach his brother, and JJ always help his brother. I told JJ not to always help TT when TT faces any difficulties. I tell JJ to let TT try to face it him self first, and once we think that he really cannot do it, we can help him then. Well, finally TT can do it him self until now. And somehow they make it fun and challenge each others who will be the faster in wearing their own clothes. Win or lose, doesn’t matter… The one who lose, will say “Learn from your failure” 😀

Well it might not be that neat, but at least they learn something that they can do it them selves, not always depending on others. And at the end, I will help tidy up the clothes that they wear.

On JJ’s third years birthday, my mom brought him airplane Lego which should be for 7-12 years old. His daddy made for him. And well, it was always broken a part by TT as he was only 1 year plus that time. We decided to keep it for the time being because they were still too young to play it. Few months ago, we decided to open it for him as he asked for it and claimed that he can do it now. Firstly, his daddy helped him and guided him using the book. When it broke apart again, he asked his daddy to make it for him again and his daddy asked him to try it him self. Well, he was not confidence enough but we encouraged him to try first. Finally JJ (5 years old) can do it him self thought it is not perfect. And he was so happy with the result.

When JJ started to read (4 years old) he will read what ever words that he sees in the road. Sometime he will ask me, “Ma, how to read this?” I will not just read for him. I will always ask him to spell it him self and of course when he makes some mistakes on the spelling or reading, I will help him.

By doing this we will encourage them to not giving up easily, always try, and also make them independent.

Sometime by helping them, we are not helping them. By not helping them, we have already helped them.

                             “Do not handicap your children by making their lives easy.”
                                                               -Robert A. Heinlein-

JJ: I am big boy now, Mama!

Yes, time is fast! Fast, very fast! He is five years old now!

I still remember when I wanted to give birth him, it was my first pregnancy, I had no experience. Five years ago, the day that we’d been waiting for arrived. Baby JJ was coming to the world, to our family, to our lives.

He grows very well and healthy. We read him story everyday, yes, it was bible story. Since he was in my tummy he already listened to the story that the daddy read for him. When he was a baby until he was 3 years old, I read the story for him. He has started to read by him self when he was 4 years old. Once he can read by him self, he starts to read the story for TT until now.

He is a good teacher for his younger brother, he is a good brother for TT. He really protects his brother. Well, I find that he is not only protective to his brother but he is protective to the younger kids.

He has started to go to school since he was 2 years and 3 months. He loves his school time until now. Three hours in the school make him more mature and independent. And he loves to socialize with all his friends and teachers. His teachers have never have complaint about him. His friends love him.

Today, we celebrated his birthday at his school.. Some teachers who taught him when he was in pre-nursery and nursery, looked very happy and said that time flies. One of the  teacher’s assistant told me that JJ loves his brother so much and he knows how to take care his brother. He always stand up for his brother. He is very good. At the end she said that JJ and TT really know how to take care each other.

After celebration at school, we went to Science Centre and kids had fun there.. HAHA not only kids, but the mommy and the daddy also had fun there… The most important thing is that we can spent time together there as a family on JJ’s birthday. Another thing, we can see that JJ and TT were so happy, that’s make us happy 😉

We are his parents thanks to God for blessing us with this wonderful boy, Yes, God bless us with two wonderful boys.

Now JJ is 5 years old. Time will keep move forward. Sometime I miss the time when he was a baby and I am glad that he is growing everyday.

My hope that he will grow become good boy and good man later on. Love God, love people and full of compassion towards others.



There, my birth place

My first breath was in Indonesia
My first smile was in Indonesia
My first cry was in Indonesia
My first step was in Indonesia
My first school was in Indonesia
My first friendship was in Indonesia
My first job was in Indonesia
My first time I know about God was in Indonesia

My childhood with my wonderful family was in Indonesia

For me, the best food is the cuisine of Indonesia

So many things to remember and so many things are unforgettable.

I am so glad that God bless me as a part of Indonesia

Thank you Indonesia..

Though I am not living there, but you will never be forgotten and I will always love you because…