Month: October 2012

Daddy + Children = Best Friends Forever

“The conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them; their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe.” -Jean Paul Richter

I just heard a story about a family which is broken apart because of the mother’s big influence to her children. Well, I share this with the purpose to remind all mother and father  (including me, my self, of course! ) who stay at home and rise their children to be careful with what we say.

“A child miseducated is a child lost.” -John F. Kennedy-

This is really happen, and I shocked and cannot believe it when I heard this story from some one. I will just summary the story. There was a mother who always bad mouth the husband in front of her two children since the children young and the result, the children hate the father. The mother and the kids hate the father. Now that his children grows up and married. Though the younger child has reconciled with the father but the older one, still hates the father until now and always say bad things about the father.

Well, we have to be careful with our mouth, it will really give big impact to our children. As for me, most family I know, the mother will stay at home and take care of their children and the daddy go to the office and work. So that the time that the mother spends with the kids are more than the time that the father spends with the kids. Kids will have strong bonding with the mother. I feel pity to that family, especially with the kids who grow up in hatred, moreover, if they hate their own parents.

Understand that between husband and wife will have some clashes sometime, but it doesn’t mean that we have to implicate kids in our problem. Kids need both, daddy and mommy. I believe that all daddy who go to work will also longing their children, especially who work far away from their homes. We know someone who work only as a waiters, once he told us that he missed his children so much. He worked overseas and his salary is not really much so that he cannot any how going back to his country to visit his children. He liked to talk to my kids and played with them when we have lunch or dinner at that restaurant.

We as the mother should understand and appreciate that our husband go to the office and  work not for themselves but for us and our children.

I might not be a perfect mom as well, but I really want to always learn. I always try my best to maintain the close relationship and strong bonding between the father and my kids. We should make our kids to have a good impression about their parents.

Some of what I do to make the kids having a good bonding with their daddy:

  1. I always try to find a time when I can bring kids to my husband’s office area for having simple and quick lunch together.
  2. I always persuade my husband to spend time with the kids on some special occasions, such as: kids’ birthday, children’s day, Christmas, Valentine day, Father’s day, etc.
  3. I always remind kids that they are so lucky as their father willings to take leave and spend time with them.
  4. I also sometime left the kids with my husband (without me) for few hours so that they will have strong bonding.
  5. On the father’s day and their father’s birthday, I will help kids to prepare something for their daddy.

It just something which is simple that we can do to make our kids know how their daddy love them, their daddy has to go to work everyday for them but still willing to spend time with them.

I also can see how much my husband love JJ and TT, and I really want him always become my kids’ best buddy and also set a good role for them. Indeed, my husband is JJ and TT’s best friend, they play together, spend time together and kids always be very happy every time see the daddy coming back home. They even very happy whenever I bring them to have a quick lunch with their daddy.

I really learn something from the story above. My purpose to write this post is to remind us, you and me as a mother to become the best connection between the daddy and children. Make them become best friends. Make the kids so proud that they have a very good daddy, let them know that their daddy loves them.

Yes, the daddy is kids’ best friend, don’t make them become enemy, moreover when we know that the daddy really loves his children.

“No influence is so powerful as that of the mother.”
-Sarah Josepha Hale-