Kids and The Library

Finally, here we are! The Library!

It’s been sometime since we moved here, kids has  been asking us to bring them to the library.

That’s one of kids’ favorite place. Books, activity and audio! This is the first time we had chance to go to the public library here.. This is the most beautiful library that I have ever visited. So big, so clean and so comfortable. They even have a little playground with books theme. Kids can learn how to use computer as well inside this library. They provide very good computer applications that kids can learn a lot from those computers. They also provide some education activities and toys for kids.


While JJ sticked with the computer, TT was busy exploring everything in this library… He read book, he played a while in the playground and play other things inside the library. But at the end JJ left the computer station and started to find some books too! Well, both of them really enjoyed to be in this Library.



Other than them, not forgetting the daddy who is also a book lover 😀 Both kids love books… Where do they get it from? Well not from me.. From their daddy for sure 😀


It is always good to encourage our kids to love reading books. And they also have their little library corner in their room. Moreover, in JJ’s school, one of the daily homework is reading log for 10 minutes and kids can choose their own books. Since then, JJ loves to read book more than before, and so does his little brother.

Library is one of many good places for our kids to spend their time. Love this library so much and will come back here for sure!!!

“Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open.” – Laura Bush –



  1. Yulia…thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting for a while…life just got so busy and we moved 2000 miles across the country and I had to pack 350 boxes.:) I love this post of yours…libraries are such a wonderful community resource. I’m going to link your post to mine.:)

    1. Hi Vivian… That’s okay.. I always love your blog.. and my kids love books! So I can get some idea about books for my kids from your blog 🙂
      We also just moved across country two months ago!! and my house is still in quite mess 😀 18 hours flight, I don’t know how many miles 😀
      Where are you moving? We are on the same boat…

      1. Yes, California much bigger than Singapore…
        So far we are doing okay here.. Have not completely settle down though… This month is our third month here 🙂

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