Kids and The Library

Finally, here we are! The Library!

It’s been sometime since we moved here, kids has  been asking us to bring them to the library.

That’s one of kids’ favorite place. Books, activity and audio! This is the first time we had chance to go to the public library here.. This is the most beautiful library that I have ever visited. So big, so clean and so comfortable. They even have a little playground with books theme. Kids can learn how to use computer as well inside this library. They provide very good computer applications that kids can learn a lot from those computers. They also provide some education activities and toys for kids.


While JJ sticked with the computer, TT was busy exploring everything in this library… He read book, he played a while in the playground and play other things inside the library. But at the end JJ left the computer station and started to find some books too! Well, both of them really enjoyed to be in this Library.



Other than them, not forgetting the daddy who is also a book lover 😀 Both kids love books… Where do they get it from? Well not from me.. From their daddy for sure 😀


It is always good to encourage our kids to love reading books. And they also have their little library corner in their room. Moreover, in JJ’s school, one of the daily homework is reading log for 10 minutes and kids can choose their own books. Since then, JJ loves to read book more than before, and so does his little brother.

Library is one of many good places for our kids to spend their time. Love this library so much and will come back here for sure!!!

“Libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns to use a library, the doors to learning are always open.” – Laura Bush –

Break Time

I am not so sure whether I am tired or lazy. I think it’s a bit similar 😀

Last week my husband took almost one week leaves for me, hoping I can take a break. I am glad that he is willing to do so. I have to make sure that I can enjoy those days and yes I did.

I have chance to have diner with my best friend, though it was only few hours. And we also went to see our friend’s baby who is only 5 weeks old. She is so gorgeous and beautiful. Reminded us when  our sons were still babies. We miss that time, but we are also glad that they are big already (toddler I mean). We spent quite a long time there, had dinner there, our friend’s mom cook some foods from their home town, and hmmmm.. It was delicious. It’s been 8 years ago since I met his parents, when we were in Australia.

But the best time that we spent was on Friday, we went for swimming. My sons cannot swim yet and I plan to put JJ in swimming lesson, next year. TT will have the lesson when he is 4 years old later. I saw my husband playing with the kids, it reminded me when the first time I had a feeling to him. It was when I saw him played with one little girl in the church 🙂

I like when I see a man like to play with kids, I can see their soft side. And I know that this is one of the reason why I want to be his wife 😀

Our next plan after swimming was going to my cousin’s house. There is a new shopping centre that opened in the district of my cousin’s ​​flat. When we went to that shopping centre for lunch, we saw a public library inside that shopping centre. The kids asked us to bring them there. So it became our next plan. When we were at my cousin’s house, my sons were playing with her children. Her children were also very happy and forgot about their nap time. And we concluded that kids are happy when their friends come to visit 🙂

It was evening and we came back to the shopping centre to have dinner there and there is a little playground in the food court, because they have a kids corner. Kids were happily playing there while they were waiting for their food to come. Once we finished our dinner, as we promised them that we will have their library time. They enjoyed it. It was the first time for TT to come to the library and the first thing he said was ” I want Thomas book” 😀 We tried to find it, but they don’t have it. They started to choose the book and gave it to me, asked me to tell the story. We did enjoy it while the daddy was looking for the book that he wanted to. He is a book lover.

Well, all are tired, but it was fun. On Saturday morning, as usual JJ had his Chinese tuition class, and we spent our evening at our friend’s house to have fellowship with some of our church’s friends. Kids were very happy and there is one baby girl, she is 5 months old, and she was very happy to see her two “big friends” run here and there 😀 Looks like she wanted to play and run with them. Looking forward to see when she can run together with JJ and TT. Soon. Time is very fast 🙂

We are all tired but we are all happy. All thank to the daddy who is willing to spend his time with us 🙂

Everybody needs a break, and yes I really need it and I have had it last week.

What do you think? Do you need a break? Any idea what will you do in your break time?

It’s so big for this little boy

“Wow…” that’s the first word that came out from JJ. Where was he? What made him amaze?

Last Saturday, there were only JJ and I who can went out, TT and my hubby had to stay at home because TT needed to rest. While I was thinking where should I go with JJ, JJ has already have a place in his mind. JJ and TT always love to go to Toys r us and see toys there. But it’s not the place he wanted to go this time, JJ wanted to go to another place. Where was that place?

Library + McDonald.

This time we decided to go to the Central Library. Since both of us were so hungry, we went to McDonald, near by the central library and have a full meal there before we went to the Library. Once we finished our meal, we walked to the Library. JJ was very happy. He said, “I want to read Thomas and friends’ book” Yup, It was the first time he went to the library.

Once we reached there, the first word from JJ was “WOW!!!” Yeah this library is much bigger than his little library at home. And he has already mentioned several time that he wanted to go the library like he saw in the TV. He was so amazed when he saw that the library is so big and has so many books

We went to the children’s section. Ooopss.. there was no Thomas and friends’ book! The librarian told me that most of Thomas and friends’ book are at neighborhood library. And there are some in the central library but unfortunately all those books are out.

Yes, JJ was a little bit disappointed and said “But I want Thomas and friends’ book, Mama”. Then I told him that we still can find some interesting books. There was a little book rack in the middle and we checked on that book rack, and yeah, we found some interesting books, and JJ really like it. He was so happy and took some books to read together with me. Another problem was that all tables and chairs are occupied. But then, I asked him to sit with me on the floor, on the corner. He was a little bit confuse but when he saw some people also did the same thing then he was ok and started to enjoy the books.

He really enjoyed his time and he didn’t want to go home 🙂 We spent around two hours until someone came to me and asked me to asked my son to join coloring section in the other corner. They have this coloring section in order to celebrate the National Day which will come in few days later. JJ liked it and he enjoyed his coloring time until all his hands were colorful as well 🙂

When he finished his colouring, I asked him that it was the time to go home. He was ok and told me that he wanted to come to the library again with his brother along. And I told him that I am more than happy to bring them to the library again.

We have finished our library time and we went to the ice cream stall, we bought two cups of ice cream, sat down there and enjoyed them together. As usual, JJ made a joke and make some people who sat near us so happy and laugh 🙂

We need to buy some groceries before we went back, so I brought JJ to the supermarket nearby. He still enjoyed “the shopping time” (that what he called) until I can saw that he was a little bit tired. Once we finished with our “shopping”, he said, “Ma, we take taxi lah” Of course I was agree with him 😀

We were so happy. It will be happier if we can go together with my hubby and TT. It will be our next plan, go to the library together, four of us 🙂 I believe TT will also like it.

Yup, this library is so big for him, but that’s what makes him enjoy it. Because he loves book.

My kids’ little library

Someone gave us a little book shelf,  it is not new but   it is still perfectly fine. Firstly, I still had no idea what will I do with this book shelf. Suddenly, I realized that my sons’ book have no place to keep, so far we just leave them on the table. I was thinking to keep all those books into this book shelf. It was decided then. Well I started to move all those books into this book shelf, and give it a name “Little Library” and told my sons that this book shelf will become their library.

Just the simple one but I believe that it will teach my sons so many things, such as: they will need to tidy up those books and put them back to the book shelf once they finish read them. Or may be they will start to learn to know what books they have.

Since they love books, I would like to encourage them by buying some more useful books for them to read. I can see that they are happy with their little library, though it is only the small one but it means so much for them.

It’s little but it’s fun 🙂