Month: December 2011

Another year to come

Well.. time has been so fast.. do you think so?

There will be another new year to come… There will be some changes in our lives.

  • New commitment
  • New situation
  • New schedule

Yes, some conditions will change and make me to make some new adjustments and commitments.

  • My younger son will start to go to school
  • I will feel lonely in the morning for sure 😦
  • I will need to make my self more creative in cooking meal for family, thank you to Patti who gives me some inputs,
  • My older son will start to have his homework ( I heard from some friends that they will start to have their homework on K1)
  • I will need to start to think how will I guide him to his Chinese lesson’s homework ( this is my problem :p)

Well, every year, there will be some big white balls provided for us to write our wish for new year and later on those balls will be thrown to the river. My kids and I have the chance to write on that ball this year.

And we would like to say: 



Could you please share your plan for next year? 

Enjoy and Enjoy

December will always be the best time for us, yes, it is about long holiday 🙂 I have more time to spend with my sons. Moreover, this year, my husband will have around 10 days leave for this month from Christmas until new year.

JJ has started his holiday since the mid of November and will only come back to school on January after new year day. He will not come back to school alone, his brother, TT will also start his school on January.

“Ma, where will we go today?” Ma, what will we do today?”

I know that I have to keep the kids to be busy during this holiday. So I planned some activities for them. Before the school holiday started last month, I have gone to buy some activities material for them. I told them some of my plans, of course, I still have to think more activities for them, indoor and outdoor.

I am glad that during school holiday, there are some live shows in some shopping centres in Singapore. Other than Sentosa and Universal Studio, and also some of shopping centres, we went to some of those live shows and the movie. Of course, no doubt, kids really enjoyed it. They like it so much 🙂

And through one of the blogs, where they held a review and giveaway, we got  free tickets to watch the show Imagin Ocean.

Happy Holiday everyone, hope you also enjoy yours!

Would you please share with us what do you do during this long holiday 🙂 

Andrea Bocelli – Christmas Album, Review and Giveaway

The first ever Christmas CD from Andrea Bocelli
Featuring 15 Christmas Classics
This album is the first holiday album released by Andrea Bocelli, produced and arranged by the legendary GrammyÂŽ-Award winner David Foster. Manufactured and Marketed by Decca Label Group, a division of UNIVERSAL Music Group Recordings, Inc.
Those are beautiful songs are perfectly fine when they were sung  by Andrea Bocelli alone and even when he is in duet with another great singers like Natalie Cole, Bianco Natale and Mary J. Blige.
I love the duet of Andrea Bocelli with Mary J. Blige in What Child Is This, some more God Bless Us Everyone.
The song of Jingle Bells is featuring The Muppets.
I also find my favorite song here, but it is not in English, Cantique de Noel (Holly Night)
Overall, 15 songs in this album are very good and enjoyable, especially with the beautiful voices of Andrea Bocelli.
Track List:
  1. White Christmas
  2. Angels We Have Heard on High
  3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  4. The Christmas Song
  5. The Lord’s Prayer
  6. What Child Is This
  7. Adeste Fideles
  8. O Tannenbaum
  9. Jingle Bells
  10. Silent Night
  11. Blue Christmas
  12. Cantique De Noel
  13. Caro Gesu’ Bambino
  14. I believe
  15. God Bless Us Everyone
This album is worth to have 🙂
Well I have a good news here.
There will be one lucky person who will get a copy of this awesome CD.
Before I choose the lucky person, there are something that you need to do:
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This giveaway season will be closed on 20th December 2011 at 11pm, with hope that the winner will receive the CD before 25th December 2011. This season is also applicable only for Singapore.

So what are you waiting for.. hurry up

The most Glorious and the most valuable Gift

“Ma, what will I get for Christmas?”

“Ma, I want Thomas and friends as my Christmas present”

“Ma, I want Christmas tree”

“Ma, Santa Claus will give me present, right?”

“Ma, I want Santa Claus and Snowman”

All the sentences above were come from my both sons. As a kid, they will think that Christmas time is about to get some presents, about Christmas tree, about Santa Claus, about holiday. Will we always remember the real meaning of Christmas?

When I was a kid, I still remember that I met the Santa Claus and he gave me a Christmas present. He gave me something that I wanted. I still clearly remember that I wanted to have a small umbrella and I got it from the Santa Claus. Of course it was not from Santa Clause, but my mom bought it and asked Santa Claus to give it to me 😀

Moreover, every Christmas we will very busy to buy some presents for our children, relatives and friends. All the cities full of Christmas decorations, and Christmas songs.

I really like it when Christmas come, Christmas songs are every where. My favorite song is Holly Night. And this time, we make our Christmas tree ornaments by our selves. I did it together with the kids. They enjoyed it. It is only a little and simple Christmas tree, but I can see that both of them are satisfied.

During this Christmas season, there are so may chances for us to do some donations. This is also a good chance for me to introduce my kids about give some thing to others who need it more than my kids does. Since they agree to give some donations to the needy so that they will not get a Christmas presents for them selves. I know it was hard for them to accept at the first time, but than I explain to them about giving to others. And they are ok. I can see that they are still happy and enjoy themselves in this Christmas.

I started to explain to JJ and TT that Christmas is not only about presents, Santa Claus, Snowman or even a holiday 🙂 Of course I will not strictly prohibited them from Santa Claus, Christmas present or even snowman. It is ok because they are kids, and of course they love Christmas present. I still let them take picture with Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree.

I want them to know what is the meaning of Christmas. I told them that Christmas is about the born of our Salvation, Jesus Christ. They need to know that they have got the most glorious and the most valuable gift from God 🙂 The born of Jesus Christ and later on about His sacrifice for our salvation 🙂

Through The born of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, than we get the most glorious and the  most valuable gift. Salvation and eternal life is a gift of God. Grace can not be bought with money, nor can it be achieved with human capabilities. Eternal life is God’s grace in Jesus Christ our Lord.

John 3:16 (NIV )

 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

It’s never too early to explain to your kids about the  meaning of Christmas 🙂

Inspired by the song below

Everyone will have different point of view about Christmas. My writing is my point of view.

What is Christmas for you ?

Please share to us 🙂 

Beware, Parents!!!

I was shock and sad when I read this news.

Of course, everybody wants to have the smartest kid, the champion kid, the top kids. I have never heard that a parent says that she/he doesn’t want her/his children to be a clever one, to be a smart child, good in school etc. That’s all parents’ dreams, but is it really very important?

There was a survey in a city at one country by a TV channel, they interviewed some parents about their expectations of their children and one of the parent even said that “No room for failure”

We quite surprise when we heard that.

Why they have that kind of mind set?

  • Perhaps they feel that it is for the interest of their children,
  • Perhaps they are afraid if their kids fail, then their old age is not guaranteed, because they depend on their children.
  • Perhaps they feel their kids failure means the failure of their own
(Those three points are my own opinions)

Is that right? If it is so, they might not realize that they could make their children stress by doing so.

I admit, I also want my sons to be the best, to be smart, to be the top students, but once again, I have to remind my self that it is not everything, it is not the most important thing for the kids.

We should learn to know the limit, we should not demand a very high expectation from our kids, especially in education (this is one of the common problem in parenting). Every kid is different, some of them are really smart kids, some of them are not.

Let’s see from another point of view, they might not be good in their school grade, but they might be good in another aspect.

I have one friend, he was not good in his school, perhaps he didn’t really like to study, but he had another ability, he loved to swim, and all thanks to his parents who supported his dream, he was a national swimmer. I think he is a coach now 🙂

One of my friend was not very good in his study, but he loves to draw 🙂 Since he was young, he really loves to draw. Now he is a successful interior designer and has his own business.

For me, it will be a bonus if my sons can become a top student, but I won’t put it as a must thing to do to my sons. Sometimes without we realize we might compete with the other parent for the sake of ourselves and not for the sake of our children.

Now my sons are still in the Kindergarten and Nursery, and I have to keep in my mind that I should not put too high expectations in their studies when they start primary school and even when they arrived at the university.

Our children might not be good in their studies, but they might be good in another area, such as art, music, etc. They might also not be good in both studies and another area as I mentioned before, but we still have to accept them as they are.

God blessed us with children not for our own interest, but as parents who have been trusted by God to raise our children, we have responsibilities to raise them, help them grow happily and cherish them in hopes they will become someone with good character and behavior.

As long as they study well, try their best, put all their effort, I would be happy for them. The result will then follow the effort 🙂

Cherish your kids and not to stress them. Do not punish them just because their results do not fit our expectations. We have to find out what happen and encourage them to do better in the future.

I hope the news above can become a good lesson for us as a parent.

I remember that I wrote a post about Result and Effort.

I would like to know your opinion regarding this mater. We can then learn from each other and do what is the best for our children 🙂