Month: November 2011

A Family = A Team

Ouch!!! This sound is came out from our mouth, while the pain is on our thumb.

In our body, between hands, legs, head, eyes, ears, etc. , they are one team. One of our part of body pain, all our body will feel that pain.

Once, I cut my finger accidentally and it was very painful. It was not only my finger which feel the pain but all my body feel that pain. But it doesn’t mean that I cannot do it anything because of the wound, I still have to do what I have to do. So my other part of my bodies will need to support each other.

Another example is in sport team, such as soccer, when one of the player gets hurt, the other players will come over and encourage the player who gets hurt. Though one of the player got red card, and cannot continue the game, the others players will not blame each other and still have to continue the game and fight to become the winner. They need to work together as a team. They have one goal, it is a champion.

It is applied in our family life. Either happy or difficult circumstances have to be felt together as a family. Not all people want to share and feel with us when we have problem and need their help, but when it comes to a happy occasion, they will come to us and join us.

There was one time that TT was in pain, he cried and JJ was there. I think JJ felt confuse and I saw that his eyes filled with tears. But he tried to be though and start to give TT toys. And sometime he even can made a joke for TT.

Same thing applied to TT, sometime when his brother cry he will give his brother toys and started to entertaining his brother in the hope that his brother stopped crying.

Whenever I feel too tired, my husband will help me taking care of the kids. So that we are working together just like a team.

I am glad I have my husband and my two sons in my life. When I am happy, sad and confuse they will always be there for me. My sons will always try to make me smile and laugh when I am sad, and my husband will always try to comfort me.

Of course there were some misunderstands, that sometime happened between us, but thanks God that we are still one until now.

It was one time I have a quite big problem and I might made a wrong decision, but three of them are still there for me and support me on their different ways. This is what I have now. A team and yes, they are my family. 

How about you? Would you like to share with me about your TEAM?

1Km is just the beginning

Last few days, I brought my kids to Universal Studio, on Thursday, we took monorail to get there and spent sometime there. We plant to go to Sentosa Island on the next day but we won’t take either monorail, cable car or bus. There is a Sentosa boardwalk which connect to another part of Sentosa Island that we have never been there before.

I was not so sure if this is a good idea, because it must be very tiring then and some more the daddy will not go with us. But the kids were very excited when they found about my plan, their responses made me confident to bring them there.

Well, it was the first time we went there, so that we didn’t really have any idea about what is inside there. They provide two kinds of path, one is the escalator, and the other one is a normal walking path. I thought it won’t be so tiring since they provide the escalator and I planned to ask the kids to take it. But, that’s not what they wanted, they chose the normal walking path, and they run 😀 I have no choice, I had to follow them. It was around 585m to get to the Sentosa from Vivo City. Once we reached there, we walked around there and kids really enjoyed the scenery. Yes, it is beautiful, it is worth to run to there 😀

After some time, we planned to go back to Vivo City, when we reached the exit gate, the gate keeper suggested that we should go to another part of Sentosa by bus if we want and take monorail to go back to Vivo City. We’ve been to Sentosa many times, especially when there are guests come here for holiday, we usually bring them to Sentosa Island. Well, I asked my kids if they really want to go there, and yeah, I believe you can guess their answers 😀 Kids will always love to go to Sentosa many many times. Well to make them happy and I, my self also always want to see them happy, I decided to brought them there and thought to take monorail to go back to Vivo City later on. Once we reached there, we took tram and go around Sentosa Island and played bubble.

Well time to go back home.. Surprisingly, they didn’t want to take the monorail. They asked for running again! I tried to persuade them to take the monorail, but they rejected it. I have no choice, we took bus and went back to the other part of the Sentosa Island from where we were from and went back to the Sentosa board walk to go back to Vivo city again. There will be another 545m to go.

Well, they still chose to run at the walking path instead of the escalator and they really didn’t want to walk. I have no choice and have to run again with them. They even got a ‘reward’ from the gate keeper two doggie balons. Well, we run again until we reached Vivo City. They didn’t look tired, but I did. It was around 1.1km at least.

Kids are always full of spirit, how I wish I can always be like them, full of spirit and I can see that they really enjoy their lives and hmmm… I think I didn’t hear their complains about how tired they were. But I did, I complain to my husband how tired I was 😀

What I learn from this trip is that “Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with complaints”.

Do I make the right point here that Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with complaints? Do I miss something? Please share 🙂 

Blend with Nature

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise. George Washington Carver

It was public holiday and few days before we had already have plan to go to Jacob Ballas. It is a part of Botanical Garden but they make it purposely for kids. Recently almost every day, it is raining here, and we really hoped that we can enjoy the sun on that day. And yes we did.

We spent around 3 hours there and had our lunch there. There is a tree house and they provide a lader there. JJ and TT treated that ladder as a fire engine’s ladder. They love it so much.

God created the world so beautifully and perfect, so many trees, so many plants, but then some people cannot really appreciate what God have given to us.

I hope my sons will also learn to love and keep the nature. I want them to appreciate what God has given to them.

We should be grateful because we can enjoy this nature that God has blessed us with.

I did make my own conclusions when I was there:

  • Nature can help you release from stress.
  • Nature can help you to be relax
  • Nature can make you amaze with God’s art
  • Love nature = love our lives
  • Love nature = love the people you love

Appreciate God’s creatures by taking care of the Nature.

Love it and take care of it 🙂

Please share what do you think about Nature 🙂 

Good Things to Remember

So many words have been heard by us since JJ and TT started to talk.

We always try to remember every words that have special meaning for us. But still, we cannot remember all, sometime either one, my husband or I remember some of their words and sentences and we will share and laugh together.

I would like to share some of their words and sentences which have meaning for us 🙂

  • Yes, JJ loves Thomas and friends, one day, my husband said to JJ: “Mama is so good, right?” JJ said:  “No, God is so good, Mama is a useful woman.” (Thomas is a useful engine).
  • I asked TT, ” TT do you love mama?” TT came to me and “MUACHHH” (he kissed me) and I know that’s the answer.
  • One night, we tried to persuade TT to drink his milk. My husband, FAILED. Me, FAILED. JJ asked TT, “TT, do you want to sleep?” TT answered, “Yes!”                       JJ: “Drink your milk first, ok.” TT: “OK”
  • There was one day, I was sick and cannot prayed with the kids before bed. My husband told me that JJ prayed for me that night: “Jesus, mama is sick now, Mama is coughing and running nose. Now mama is sleeping.”
  • Mama: “JJ you have to love TT ok, you only have one brother”. JJ: “Ok, but JJ wants to have two.”
  • TT’s first prayer:” Want to sleep“.
  • One day, JJ asked me, “Mama, do you want barbie cake?” I answered him, “Yes, will you buy for me?” JJ said, “I don’t have money. Later I getting bigger, daddy will give me money, I will buy for you, ok”.
  • After school,JJ told me something, “Mama, Ms. Lee (his teacher) pain pain.” I responded him, “Oh, poor Ms. Lee. Did you sing a song for her?” JJ said,” No, I pray for her”.
  • Papa: ” JJ, you are so smart, what do you eat so that you can be so smart?” JJ: “RICE”
  • One day, While JJ was having his lunch, suddenly TT came and hugged JJ from behind and said: “I love JJ”

This post will help me to remember some of words and sentences that I have heard from my sons. Of course not only these sentences but still many of them. I cannot write all of those words and sentences here, otherwise this post will be very long :D

You should have the same experience as mine, may be from your spouse, children, parents or friends.
It would be great if you are willing to share yours here 🙂

We should always try to only remember good things, good words, and good sentences from others. It will only create a very nice memory in our lives

Time / Money

Time is Money means Time = Money

Don’t waste your money and don’t waste your time.

Think it twice! Is it really true that time = money?

What do you think?

Some people who are very busy and have tight schedules would say that. They like to be rush because for them, Time is Money. Firstly, I think the same thing, time is money because time is as precious as money. However, time is more important than money because how hard we work, when we lose our time, you cannot get it back, how hard we try. The only thing that we can do is move on and appreciate every time we have.

As I see my sons, grow everyday, I come to realize that they become bigger and bigger. Of course that what I want, but I start to miss their babies’ time when I see other babies. I cannot do anything, I only can try to remember how they were look like when they were babies, what did they do, etc. Though I have money, I can’t buy that memories. Time cannot be bought by money.

As I see my sons grow everyday, I realize that I have spent lots of time and money. In order to raise my kids, I will need both, Time and money. Money, I can always raise it, the harder I work, the more money I will get. But, it is not the same with time. How hard I work, I cannot raise more time, because time will keep go on and go on.

Spending time with my kids are very precious time and important! It cannot be replaced by anything. Money cannot buy my precious time that I spend with my kids.

When I loose my money, I would say, “It’s ok, I always can get it again. How if I loose my time? I cannot make a come back.

Therefore, I conclude that Time is not money but Time is more important than money.

What do you think? I need some more input to make my opinion stronger and I need some input when you think my opinion is not really right 🙂