Blend with Nature

Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise. George Washington Carver

It was public holiday and few days before we had already have plan to go to Jacob Ballas. It is a part of Botanical Garden but they make it purposely for kids. Recently almost every day, it is raining here, and we really hoped that we can enjoy the sun on that day. And yes we did.

We spent around 3 hours there and had our lunch there. There is a tree house and they provide a lader there. JJ and TT treated that ladder as a fire engine’s ladder. They love it so much.

God created the world so beautifully and perfect, so many trees, so many plants, but then some people cannot really appreciate what God have given to us.

I hope my sons will also learn to love and keep the nature. I want them to appreciate what God has given to them.

We should be grateful because we can enjoy this nature that God has blessed us with.

I did make my own conclusions when I was there:

  • Nature can help you release from stress.
  • Nature can help you to be relax
  • Nature can make you amaze with God’s art
  • Love nature = love our lives
  • Love nature = love the people you love

Appreciate God’s creatures by taking care of the Nature.

Love it and take care of it 🙂

Please share what do you think about Nature 🙂 



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