1Km is just the beginning

Last few days, I brought my kids to Universal Studio, on Thursday, we took monorail to get there and spent sometime there. We plant to go to Sentosa Island on the next day but we won’t take either monorail, cable car or bus. There is a Sentosa boardwalk which connect to another part of Sentosa Island that we have never been there before.

I was not so sure if this is a good idea, because it must be very tiring then and some more the daddy will not go with us. But the kids were very excited when they found about my plan, their responses made me confident to bring them there.

Well, it was the first time we went there, so that we didn’t really have any idea about what is inside there. They provide two kinds of path, one is the escalator, and the other one is a normal walking path. I thought it won’t be so tiring since they provide the escalator and I planned to ask the kids to take it. But, that’s not what they wanted, they chose the normal walking path, and they run 😀 I have no choice, I had to follow them. It was around 585m to get to the Sentosa from Vivo City. Once we reached there, we walked around there and kids really enjoyed the scenery. Yes, it is beautiful, it is worth to run to there 😀

After some time, we planned to go back to Vivo City, when we reached the exit gate, the gate keeper suggested that we should go to another part of Sentosa by bus if we want and take monorail to go back to Vivo City. We’ve been to Sentosa many times, especially when there are guests come here for holiday, we usually bring them to Sentosa Island. Well, I asked my kids if they really want to go there, and yeah, I believe you can guess their answers 😀 Kids will always love to go to Sentosa many many times. Well to make them happy and I, my self also always want to see them happy, I decided to brought them there and thought to take monorail to go back to Vivo City later on. Once we reached there, we took tram and go around Sentosa Island and played bubble.

Well time to go back home.. Surprisingly, they didn’t want to take the monorail. They asked for running again! I tried to persuade them to take the monorail, but they rejected it. I have no choice, we took bus and went back to the other part of the Sentosa Island from where we were from and went back to the Sentosa board walk to go back to Vivo city again. There will be another 545m to go.

Well, they still chose to run at the walking path instead of the escalator and they really didn’t want to walk. I have no choice and have to run again with them. They even got a ‘reward’ from the gate keeper two doggie balons. Well, we run again until we reached Vivo City. They didn’t look tired, but I did. It was around 1.1km at least.

Kids are always full of spirit, how I wish I can always be like them, full of spirit and I can see that they really enjoy their lives and hmmm… I think I didn’t hear their complains about how tired they were. But I did, I complain to my husband how tired I was 😀

What I learn from this trip is that “Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with complaints”.

Do I make the right point here that Life is to be enjoyed and not filled with complaints? Do I miss something? Please share 🙂 



  1. When my son was two we went to Blackpool for the day. We took his pushchair but he walked everywhere, for twelve hours! Sometimes it is good to let them have their way; your children obviously had agreat time. Poor Mama!

    1. Aha… it is a very long time, Tilly! Twelve hours, I can’t imagine. Yeah Yeah kids will always have a great time 🙂 as long as they enjoy, it’s ok for me for being tired, but indeed I need a massage then 😀

  2. I hear you, Yulia. It always amazes me the way kids are able to summon the energy to do the things that excite them most. Good for you for following their lead on this one. It looks like they had a great time.

    1. 😀 thank you Kristen… yes, they have much more energy than me 😀 And I can see that they really enjoyed their time. Yesterday, they asked me to bring them to go there again. Think will do it next week, because now is school holiday anyway

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