Month: October 2011

Afraid of High???

Who want to take a cable car?

Me Me Me… JJ and TT shouted very happy.

That was their first experience taking a cable car. Last Friday, I brought my kids together with my mom went to Sentosa Island and Mt. Faber. We always take monorail when we go to Sentosa Island, but this time, I wanted my kids to have a new experience with the cable car. Honestly I am afraid of high, but I have no choice if I want my kids to have an experience taking the cable car.

I thought they will be afraid but I was totally wrong! They were not afraid at all. We took round trip. And they were very happy. I did not dare to look down, but the children dare to look down. They enjoy the sights they could see from above. There was a big star cruise and also some small boats. They were very excited. Even TT didn’t want to go home when the trip was over.

I even tried to persuade them to take monorail for the way home, but they didn’t want to.

Well, Seeing the kids happy make me happy. It was just too pity that the daddy cannot come with us, he had to work. But the kids made a short call to the daddy while they were inside the cable car. They proudly told their daddy that they were in the cable car.

There were some old cable cars that we found at the Mt.Faber. Kids love to ride and take some pictures there too. Nice place to go. Nice place to spend time with kids. The only problem for me is that I am afraid of high. But I am willing to fight my fear of heights in order to see my kids happy. It is all worth 🙂

One thing that I learn from this short trip, I am glad that both of my kids do not have the same problem with me, afraid of high 🙂

How about you? Any one of you have the same problem with me? Afraid of high? 

Oh Changi… Tired and sad but Happy at the end..

There was one day, last week, I and my kids went to Changi airport to pick up my mom. Kids were very happy when they learned that they will go to Changi. Kids… they love air plane.

I planned to bring kids lunch there and spend sometime to play there too. I love Changi terminal 3, very nice and there are some places for kids to play. We went there a bit late for lunch time and I knew that kids started to get hungry. Very hungry, I should say 😀

Once we reached there, first thing that kids said was “I want to eat, I am hungry” They wanted to eat Swensen but I can’t found it. So I decided to eat at one restaurant and they ate a lot. They love noodle, so to made things easier for me, we ordered noodle. They were very happy eating their noodle and played with the waitress there.

Once we finished our lunch, I planned to bring them walk around there. They run here and there happily. Suddenly they stopped at one place which is like playground but we have to pay if we want to play there. They insisted wanted to play there. I cannot decided it yet because it was almost time for my mom to boarding. Until I got a phone call from my mom that the air plane was broken and will be delay for 45 mins. I let my kids to play there and I was very tired. It was almost 40 mins and I didn’t get any news from my mom. I called her and was very upset when she told me that the air plane cannot flew over and had to wait some more time. They even cannot confirmed the timing.

I was surprised and I knew I can’t did anything. Honestly, I was very upset. How about my kids? JJ still asked me, when his grand mom will arrive. I told him that the air plane was broken and delayed. I was afraid that they will be bored and cranky. I was wrong, I saw they played happily and didn’t care what happened. They really enjoyed. I started to think that it is useless for me to be upset. Nobody can do anything, so I started to play with them. It was fun 😀

Finished from the playground, they wanted to take the monorail. They wanted to eat Mc Donald for dinner. Well, I forgot the Mc Donald is at Terminal 1 or 2. So we were trial and error. Finally we found it. It was very crowded but it was not crowded by the passengers or people who wanted to pick up. It was full of students who had study group there.

There was a lady came to us with her 9 months old baby. She started asking me about some questions regarding kids (food, behavior, etc.). I shared with her my experiences and my kids tried to make a friend with the baby 😀 I asked her if she wanted to pick up someone. Surprisingly, she told me that she and her husband and son, went to Changi just for a stroll.

Surprising me but give me another place idea to stroll with family, may be one day we wanted to go there only for a stroll. Sounds funny, but indeed Changi is a very nice place to go. Thank you to Changi, I was happy there though it was very tiring. At the end, I and kids went back home without my mom. My husband who picked her up because it was very late. They reached home around 11.30 pm.

I will never forget this experience, spend lunch and dinner at Changi airport with my kids. They ate very well too, it was also make me happy and satisfied. They were happy and wasn’t cranky at all while they were there.

We arrived home around 7.30pm. Home sweet Home 😀

You might want to spend your day at Changi airport 😀 I can say that Terminal 3 is very nice place to go 😀 I went there before but always only for a while.

It was a very precious experience for me with kids.

There is one thing I learned from my children:

“By being happy, we could forget all the sadness and tiredness.”

How about you? Any experiences like mine? Would you like to share?


Indeed kids are adorable, but not all people like kids.

Indeed kids are blessings, but not all people want to have kids.

Indeed kids are cute and funny , but not all people welcome them.

My kids are very friendly to others, ermmm sometime, they even greet someone that they meet on the street or at the shopping centre or at the food court. They will give their best smile to them. For some people, my kids had made them happy but some people might think these two boys are irritating. One day, there was a taxi driver who were in a bad mood, I can notice that, but not my kids. They said hello to the driver and said good bye when they got out from the taxi. But the taxi driver didn’t say any single word.

For my husband and me, JJ and TT are blessings from God. We are very far from perfect but God still trust us to raising them. And one of the purpose of our married is having kids. Anyway, so far we plan to have two kids only. I have ever talked to someone who don’t want to have kids. She told me that her husband’s reason is that he doesn’t want their sons to suffer in this world. I was quite surprise when I heard their reason. And some more, most of you hmmm I think it should be all of you should know that the number of abortion in this world is quite high. I don’t know why they don’t want to take the responsibility and choose to kill the unborn baby who is innocent. Some people who has been marriage for years, cannot have a baby, though they have gone for treatment, but it didn’t help. I know how they wish they can have a baby. But some people who has privilege to have ability to have a  baby, just simply reject it.

Every time I see my kids, I will smile and think that they are so cute and funny. I am a blessed mom who has the privilege to have them by my side. When I went to an orphanage, in my home country, I felt sad when I heard that not all kids there are orphaned. Some of them should have parents but their parents leave them in the orphanage. Some of them are single parents who has divorced or pregnant before they were married. It is very sad to know this. They do not welcome their own flesh and blood.

children deserve our love, our care, our attention and to be cherished.

“Happy Children Day “

Kids need love

Kids need acceptance

Kids need recognition

Would you share your opinion on this?

 13 People were bringing little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them, but the disciples rebuked them. 14 When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 15 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” 16 And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. (Mark 10:13-16, NIV)

Break Time

I am not so sure whether I am tired or lazy. I think it’s a bit similar 😀

Last week my husband took almost one week leaves for me, hoping I can take a break. I am glad that he is willing to do so. I have to make sure that I can enjoy those days and yes I did.

I have chance to have diner with my best friend, though it was only few hours. And we also went to see our friend’s baby who is only 5 weeks old. She is so gorgeous and beautiful. Reminded us when  our sons were still babies. We miss that time, but we are also glad that they are big already (toddler I mean). We spent quite a long time there, had dinner there, our friend’s mom cook some foods from their home town, and hmmmm.. It was delicious. It’s been 8 years ago since I met his parents, when we were in Australia.

But the best time that we spent was on Friday, we went for swimming. My sons cannot swim yet and I plan to put JJ in swimming lesson, next year. TT will have the lesson when he is 4 years old later. I saw my husband playing with the kids, it reminded me when the first time I had a feeling to him. It was when I saw him played with one little girl in the church 🙂

I like when I see a man like to play with kids, I can see their soft side. And I know that this is one of the reason why I want to be his wife 😀

Our next plan after swimming was going to my cousin’s house. There is a new shopping centre that opened in the district of my cousin’s ​​flat. When we went to that shopping centre for lunch, we saw a public library inside that shopping centre. The kids asked us to bring them there. So it became our next plan. When we were at my cousin’s house, my sons were playing with her children. Her children were also very happy and forgot about their nap time. And we concluded that kids are happy when their friends come to visit 🙂

It was evening and we came back to the shopping centre to have dinner there and there is a little playground in the food court, because they have a kids corner. Kids were happily playing there while they were waiting for their food to come. Once we finished our dinner, as we promised them that we will have their library time. They enjoyed it. It was the first time for TT to come to the library and the first thing he said was ” I want Thomas book” 😀 We tried to find it, but they don’t have it. They started to choose the book and gave it to me, asked me to tell the story. We did enjoy it while the daddy was looking for the book that he wanted to. He is a book lover.

Well, all are tired, but it was fun. On Saturday morning, as usual JJ had his Chinese tuition class, and we spent our evening at our friend’s house to have fellowship with some of our church’s friends. Kids were very happy and there is one baby girl, she is 5 months old, and she was very happy to see her two “big friends” run here and there 😀 Looks like she wanted to play and run with them. Looking forward to see when she can run together with JJ and TT. Soon. Time is very fast 🙂

We are all tired but we are all happy. All thank to the daddy who is willing to spend his time with us 🙂

Everybody needs a break, and yes I really need it and I have had it last week.

What do you think? Do you need a break? Any idea what will you do in your break time?