Break Time

I am not so sure whether I am tired or lazy. I think it’s a bit similar 😀

Last week my husband took almost one week leaves for me, hoping I can take a break. I am glad that he is willing to do so. I have to make sure that I can enjoy those days and yes I did.

I have chance to have diner with my best friend, though it was only few hours. And we also went to see our friend’s baby who is only 5 weeks old. She is so gorgeous and beautiful. Reminded us when  our sons were still babies. We miss that time, but we are also glad that they are big already (toddler I mean). We spent quite a long time there, had dinner there, our friend’s mom cook some foods from their home town, and hmmmm.. It was delicious. It’s been 8 years ago since I met his parents, when we were in Australia.

But the best time that we spent was on Friday, we went for swimming. My sons cannot swim yet and I plan to put JJ in swimming lesson, next year. TT will have the lesson when he is 4 years old later. I saw my husband playing with the kids, it reminded me when the first time I had a feeling to him. It was when I saw him played with one little girl in the church 🙂

I like when I see a man like to play with kids, I can see their soft side. And I know that this is one of the reason why I want to be his wife 😀

Our next plan after swimming was going to my cousin’s house. There is a new shopping centre that opened in the district of my cousin’s ​​flat. When we went to that shopping centre for lunch, we saw a public library inside that shopping centre. The kids asked us to bring them there. So it became our next plan. When we were at my cousin’s house, my sons were playing with her children. Her children were also very happy and forgot about their nap time. And we concluded that kids are happy when their friends come to visit 🙂

It was evening and we came back to the shopping centre to have dinner there and there is a little playground in the food court, because they have a kids corner. Kids were happily playing there while they were waiting for their food to come. Once we finished our dinner, as we promised them that we will have their library time. They enjoyed it. It was the first time for TT to come to the library and the first thing he said was ” I want Thomas book” 😀 We tried to find it, but they don’t have it. They started to choose the book and gave it to me, asked me to tell the story. We did enjoy it while the daddy was looking for the book that he wanted to. He is a book lover.

Well, all are tired, but it was fun. On Saturday morning, as usual JJ had his Chinese tuition class, and we spent our evening at our friend’s house to have fellowship with some of our church’s friends. Kids were very happy and there is one baby girl, she is 5 months old, and she was very happy to see her two “big friends” run here and there 😀 Looks like she wanted to play and run with them. Looking forward to see when she can run together with JJ and TT. Soon. Time is very fast 🙂

We are all tired but we are all happy. All thank to the daddy who is willing to spend his time with us 🙂

Everybody needs a break, and yes I really need it and I have had it last week.

What do you think? Do you need a break? Any idea what will you do in your break time?



  1. Have I mentioned how cute your kids are?

    Definitely, all parents should take a break.

    I never felt I needed a break when the kids were little, but now they are older I value any spare time I have doing things for myself. I call it “mental health time”.

    I often reflect on how difficult life must be for single parents who don’t have a strong support system.

    1. Hi Narelle, thank you 🙂
      Though I have my husband to help me in taking care of the kids, it is still tiring, I also cannot imagine how single parents can cope all

  2. Hi Yulia…
    Aku ijin buat follow blog mu ini yah 🙂
    Berharap bisa dpt byk inspirasi utk mendidik & membesarkan kedua anakku :p
    Thank u….

    1. Hi Christ, thank you ya mau follow blog aku… kita bisa belajar bersama-sama, bertukar pikiran.
      Untuk follow, kamu bisa klik subscribe to blog (di Home, disebelah kanan atas ada kotak untuk klik) trus kamu masukin email kamu, setelah itu kamu akan dapat notifikasi untuk konfirmasi.
      Setiap kali aku post baru kamu akan dapat notifikasi lewat email 🙂

      Thank you yah

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