Afraid of High???

Who want to take a cable car?

Me Me Me… JJ and TT shouted very happy.

That was their first experience taking a cable car. Last Friday, I brought my kids together with my mom went to Sentosa Island and Mt. Faber. We always take monorail when we go to Sentosa Island, but this time, I wanted my kids to have a new experience with the cable car. Honestly I am afraid of high, but I have no choice if I want my kids to have an experience taking the cable car.

I thought they will be afraid but I was totally wrong! They were not afraid at all. We took round trip. And they were very happy. I did not dare to look down, but the children dare to look down. They enjoy the sights they could see from above. There was a big star cruise and also some small boats. They were very excited. Even TT didn’t want to go home when the trip was over.

I even tried to persuade them to take monorail for the way home, but they didn’t want to.

Well, Seeing the kids happy make me happy. It was just too pity that the daddy cannot come with us, he had to work. But the kids made a short call to the daddy while they were inside the cable car. They proudly told their daddy that they were in the cable car.

There were some old cable cars that we found at the Mt.Faber. Kids love to ride and take some pictures there too. Nice place to go. Nice place to spend time with kids. The only problem for me is that I am afraid of high. But I am willing to fight my fear of heights in order to see my kids happy. It is all worth 🙂

One thing that I learn from this short trip, I am glad that both of my kids do not have the same problem with me, afraid of high 🙂

How about you? Any one of you have the same problem with me? Afraid of high? 



    1. Thank you for dropping by 🙂
      I think you are right, I tried to forget about the high when I was inside the cable car and tried to enjoy the view 🙂 I also managed to take some pictures while I was up there 😀
      But honestly still I am afraid of high

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