Month: June 2011

Let them talk

There is nothing wrong with our kids for being talk active.

My older son always ask me some question every time we go out now. And he really enjoy talking. Keep talking to your kids and you will find that it is so wonderful.

JJ: mama do you want barbie cake?                                                                       Mama: Yes, will you buy for me?                                                                                  JJ: I don’t have money. Later I getting bigger, daddy will give me money. I will buy for you, ok

Mama: TT, mama go out first and you go to sleep                                                 TT: No, sleep!                                                                                                 Mama: but mama has to work                                                                               TT: No, sleep!                                                                                                   After a while….                                                                                                        TT: ok, go!

Above are just some sample of my son’s conversations with us.

Some parents will find that it is so boring to listen to their kids and some might feel that these kids just talk nonsense and irritating them. They don’t realized that by discourage their kids to talk when they are young will give a bad impact for the kids when they grow up later.

I heard someone yelled at her son when her son keep talking to her, “Shut up! You are too captious!”

One day, when we were on the way home, in the taxi car, my older son kept talking and we just let him talk and keep response to him. Suddenly, the taxi driver started the conversation with us. He told us what he has done to his daughters when they were young. He always shouted to them when they started to talk to him. The reason was it was irritating him and for him, they talked nonsense. Now his daughters are grow up already but they have problem in communication with other people such as to their colleagues. He regrets but it is too late for him now. I told him that he still can make it up by response to his grandchildren later when they start to talk to him later.

Don’t do something that you will regret later on, let them talk even though what they say might not be interesting and important for you.

My older son is talk active now, and looks like my younger one will be soon. We just let them talk what they want to talk (since it is positive words). My older son’s school bus attendance told me that recently my older son is getting more talk active now, but this make her loves my son more. I am glad that my sons are talk active. He will ask so many question, though sometime he will repeat his question. We will always need to encourage him and answer his question.

My kids’ little library

Someone gave us a little book shelf,  it is not new but   it is still perfectly fine. Firstly, I still had no idea what will I do with this book shelf. Suddenly, I realized that my sons’ book have no place to keep, so far we just leave them on the table. I was thinking to keep all those books into this book shelf. It was decided then. Well I started to move all those books into this book shelf, and give it a name “Little Library” and told my sons that this book shelf will become their library.

Just the simple one but I believe that it will teach my sons so many things, such as: they will need to tidy up those books and put them back to the book shelf once they finish read them. Or may be they will start to learn to know what books they have.

Since they love books, I would like to encourage them by buying some more useful books for them to read. I can see that they are happy with their little library, though it is only the small one but it means so much for them.

It’s little but it’s fun 🙂

Father’s love and bond to his sons

JJ and Daddy

Like some other father and son relationship, JJ and TT have a good relationship with their father. They love to play with their father and so does their father.

Despite on his busy days in the office during weekdays, their father still willing to spend time with his kids after office. Every weekend is the best time for the kids to spend the whole day with their father. He will shower the kids and also spend time to feed the kids, play with the kids and read story for the kids.

Sometime my husband will ask JJ and TT, “Do you love Papa?” and then they will answer him “Yes Yes Yes” But somehow they want to tease his father and say No No No and then they will laugh together.

TT and Daddy

Recently my husband was busy with one job, though he is doing this job from home, it makes him almost has no time with the kids. But still he spends few minutes to play with the kids. One day he said that he miss to play with the kids, but I can understand that there is a due date for his job so he has to do his job. I know he loves his sons, and I know that the kids also love their father.

There are some people said to me that to raise, teach and taking care of the kids are mother’s jobs. Father’s jobs are working and give a good financial for the family. Some fathers even go home and first thing that they want to do is read the newspaper, watch the TV, do their job or may be read the book. They don’t realize that the kids long to play and spend time with them.

Therefore for fathers who read this post, if you have not really spend time with your kids, please spend time with your kids regardless on your busy time. Your kids really want you to play with you because they love you. It’s not too late yet… Appreciate this moment because this moment will never come back 🙂

Necklace by me – beginner

My first handmade necklace that I gave it to Ceria

As a fulltime mom, we also need to spend time for our selves. I was thinking what can I do, because I am not good in cooking. So that i decided to make some necklace. To be honest I was not confidence because I have really no experience on this.

My husband gives me a support and also one of my friend Dee (thank you Dee) also encourage me to do it. So I just go ahead with it. I bought one book for the beginner and bought some beads.

First necklace I gave it to my friend Ceria and she really wear it in the office and in the party. All the pictures of these necklace were done by Dee.   Then I try to make more and gave it to my relatives and I am glad that I got a good feedback. Thinking to make some more. 

I post some pictures here.

Thank you to Ferry, Ceria and Dee who encourage me to make all these necklace.

Are you ok?

My two precious boys

JJ has been sensible toward others since he was two years old plus. I have been told by his pre-nursery teacher too about this.
One day (last year) he came back from school and told me that his teacher’s leg was hurt.
Then I said to him: “oh dear.. did you sing a song for her?”
JJ said: no…
then I asked him again: “what did you do then?”
JJ said: I pray for her…”

It does look simple but it is so touching to see three years old boy said that. When parent teacher meeting, I came and asked the teacher about this. And she told me that it was true that her leg was injured that time. And she told me that JJ is a caring boy, once his classmate fell down and than he came to his friend and asked him: “are you hurt?”
It was so touching, his teacher said.

Yesterday,I was not feeling well, than he asked me, “What happen mama?” I told him that I got a fever. Then he said: “if you get fever, go to the doctor lah” When I came back from the doctor, he asked me:”Are you ok?”

JJ will do this when TT, his father and I fall down or knock on to something and get hurt. He will ask “Are you ok?”

TT starts to do the same. He will call me and tell me that his brother is crying. Sometime I will ask him to love his brother, and he will caress his brother’s head. Yesterday when I was not felling well, he sometime approached me and gave me his best smile.

Those are my kids, still young but learn to care about others. My hope that they will keep continue to care about others until when they grow up later on.

Spoil your children might spoil your children

Last week my mom came to Singapore to visit us. As usual she brought my sons to a toys store and she asked me why my sons do not ask me to buy some toys for themselves. She was impressed when she saw that they are looked very happy and satisfied though they only see the toys. Moreover, JJ told his grandmom that he and TT should not buy some more toys for the time being because they have so many toys already. Though at the end my mom still bought toys for them but she still impressed with my sons.

Well, every time we go to the toys store, sometime my sons will ask for toys. In this case we don’t always buy what they want. From this, they learn that every time they go to the store, doesn’t mean that they have to buy something.

Most of grandparents will spoil their grandchildren. How about parents who spoil their children?

It is just normal that parents love their children, they want their children to be happy. Parents will try their best to give the best to their children. Sometime it is on the right track but sometime they did not realize that they are on the wrong track.

Because of their love to their children, parents tend to give whatever their children want in order to make them happy, they don’t want to see their children cry or hurt their feeling. Moreover, some parents will not allow their children to be scolded despite of their wrong doing. They do not realize that they have started spoil their children.

As parents, we need to be firm and abide by our life principle, so that we can teach our children.

hildren to face the reality of life correctly later on. It won’t be that easy and simple to discipline our children, but we have no choice otherwise we will regret and by that time will be too late already.

If you love your children you should not spoil them because you might spoil them.

Kids are so creative!

So creative, that is kids!
When it comes about games, toys, they are very creative!
One of the my sons’ favorite toy is these three chair legs and two basket balls. They can use these three chair legs as a microphone, so that they will sing a song using this chair leg, they use it together with the basket ball as a hockey game, bowling ball game and baseball game.

Previously I was thinking to throw these three chair legs away. For me these three chair legs are useless cause only left with three of them so that I can’t fix the chair anymore. But I find out that they are very useful for my sons.
When I saw that the kids really love to play with them, I change my mind not to throwing those three chair legs away.
Not only these three chair legs which make them creative, but still some other things at home that make them so creative and they can change the function into something else which is fun for them to play with it together.

JJ was singing a song with his microphone

Sometime we don’t have to spend some money on some toys because our kids know what is fun for them.

They can use their imagination to make a new toys or games for themselves. It is really amazing to see it.
That is KIDS.

Super Daddy’s birthday

He is the daddy who really loves their kids, spend time to play with his kids, reading story with his kids and willing to listen when his kids want to sing a song.
Last Friday was his birthday, we were more than happy that we can celebrate together at home with small cake for the small family.
In the morning, I told JJ and TT that today is their daddy’s birthday, JJ was very happy because he always loves birthday.
For kids birthday is all about birthday cake with their favorite character on it, blow the candles, birthday present and take picture.
Since JJ can write already, I gave him task to write on his daddy’s birthday card and TT will help him with coloring. They were very happy write and draw on their daddy’s birthday card. JJ said that later he will say “SURPRISE” to his daddy. And he did it 😀
Birthday is only once a year but it always give us a very nice memory, especially when we can celebrate it together with people who love us.

Story time is the fun time for my sons

JJ and TT have enjoyed story telling since they were babies. Now JJ is Three years old plus and TT is two years old.

Some people asked me and wondered why you told them story when they were babies, they won’t understand.
But don’t forget, they were listening 🙂

Since two years old, JJ has already always asked us to read a story book for him. And he loves it. When he was two years old plus, he even told a story for TT using Thomas and friends’ book. And TT starts to learn from his brother.

They love Thomas and friends, being told some stories by the books and DVD, they can make their own story now. They will share the Thomas and friends trains and make their own story. Sometime they will make their story together.

Story time is very good for your kids. It will not only make them love books but will also help them develop their imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Start to spend time for telling story to your babies and your toddlers if you have not started it yet.
You will find how wonderful story time is, not only for your babies and your toddlers but also for yourself.
It is all worth it!

Books and story time are fun!!!

TT’s second year birthday

Birthday cake from JJ to TT (from Mega Blocks)

On 27th May 2011 was TT’s second year birthday. Since it was impossible for us to celebrate his birthday on that day, so that JJ and I had an idea to made a birthday cake for TT from their mega block.
JJ (3.5 years old) was very proud to present his birthday cake to TT and then he started to sing a birthday song for TT.
On the next day we went to Jurong Point to watch Thomas and friends performance. They were very excited and happy watched the performance. We did celebrate TT’s birthday at home afterwards.

Again those two boys were very happy, especially JJ. He asked us to sing a birthday song for TT again, and he cannot wait to eat the cake.

We planned to celebrate TT’s birthday at his Sunday school as well but the cake was forgotten to be collected but they still sing a birthday song and pray for him. I can see TT was happy when the teacher pray for him…

Again, TT’s second year birthday is an unforgettable moment and become a rainbow in my life.