Month: January 2012

Those People need God’s love and also our love

Thank you to my dear friend, Ling,  for this picture

“But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish” (Psalm 9:18, NIV)

More than ten years ago, I was blessed because I got a chance to go to some slum places with some friends,  People who stay there obviously very poor. They live there, as a family, some of their houses are even only 3m x 3m. Can you imagine? The house that I visited was a family with 4 family members. I don’t know how will they sleep at night.

I also got a chance to visit an orphanage, they don’t have parents, or some of their parents do not want them and will leave them outside the orphanage. They lack of parental love. Some of them even still babies. They might be taken care by the care givers there, but that’s not they want and need most. They need their parental love. They need their parents to be with them, shower their loves to those kids. But unfortunately those kids will not get it. They cannot choose their parents. They didn’t do anything wrong when they came to this world.

Six years ago, I got some other chances to visit very poor villages with some friends, and got chance to stay with them for few days. They are very poor, they had biscuits for their breakfast, and they still wanted to share with us. I am not very sure if they always have their breakfast every morning. Some more, they have problem to get clean water.

This year, I am glad that I get another chance to go to a slum again, and visit people there and also help the free medical check up there. Thanks to God who bless me with this chance. And also thank you to my husband and my kids who are very supportive. This is one of the best new year gift for me.

There were around 47 volunteers, some of them are doctors and nurses. It is very poor thing that they have to live at that slum area, but most of the time, while I was there I saw their smiles 🙂 They were very happy that others are willing to visit them and also give them free medical check up. Their lives are very simple.

Other than this slum area, we also had time to visit an orphanage. This orphanage house is very small and there is one sister who is dedicated to take care of 38 kids, some do not have parents anymore and some are abandoned by their parents. I saw a five years old boy who slept alone without his mother accompany him. And it happened that one boy’s teeth was broken, he cried and the sister who take care of them hugged and tried to comfort him. If I am not wrong those 38 kids called her MOMMY. I am very proud of this sister who really take care of this kids with love 🙂

Have you ever imagine?

  • While you are eating, there are so many people cannot have their meals
  • They can eat today, but they do not know what they will eat tomorrow
  • While you are feeding your kids, there are so many kids do not have their milk and meals
  • While you are going for travelling, holiday overseas, there are so many people are not as lucky as you
  • While you are hugging and kissing you kids, there are so many kids are longing for it
  • You will bring your kids to the doctor when they are not feeling well, but there are so many kids who have no choice but have to bear with their pains because have no money to see the doctor
  • Your wardrobe is almost full already, or might to be too full already and need to buy the new one. But they are some people who are very grateful when they already have one on their body.

I would be glad if you can add more on this list.

They need God’s love and they need our love as well.

Do you know that if we can give it means that we are blessed?

Do you realize that by giving, you will get your happiness?

While I was in this medical trip, my husband had to take care JJ and TT. One day before I went for this trip, we explained to JJ and TT that I will need to go to help people. And my husband and my kids were waiting for me.

I was satisfied. I was  very happy because I had the chance to be there and worked together with other volunteers doing the medical treatment. Once I reached home, I was welcomed by my husband and my boys with their warmth smile. JJ and TT kept asking me about what I did there. But they had to sleep because it was late already. And I really cannot wait to tell my husband what we did  there and share my happiness with him. I am still overjoy until now.

Open your eyes, open your heart, and you will realize that lots of people outside there need God’s love and also need our love. They need our hands to help them.

“When we can help and do something useful for others, it means we are being blessed by God. 
It is the grace of God, if we were given the opportunity to help others”.

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”. (James 1:27, NIV)

HoneySons = Honeymoon?

“The family is one of the masterpieces of God in our lives that God has entrusted to us to be kept well”

Honeymoon?? Done! Six year ago!

What we do now is HONEYSONS.  Every holiday that we have is Honeysons, because I will go with my honey and my sons 😀

We have gone overboard few times already, but there were always some other relatives who went together with us so that we have some people who helped us during our previous trips.  It is different as  this time there will be only four of us and visit nobody there. We visited our neighbor country only for 3 nights.

Kids were so excited and so did I. I don’t want to imagine what will happen there 😀 I am glad that our trip was perfectly alright. We enjoyed it. Kids really loved because it was a new place for them. They enjoyed to stay at the hotel 😀 and they said that they don’t want to go back home.

For the first day, we met our friend and her family and spent together. And looked kids a bit tired, especially JJ. But he was ok on the next day. We have no idea where we should go, but I really like the hotel as they explained to us some places which is interesting for kids. And we decided to go to KL Bird Park.

So many birds there, and it reminded me how great our God the creator of the universe. There are so many kind of birds, well, currently we are only talking about the birds, yet another creations.

We met an Australian man who voluntary explained to us the difference between Emu and Ostrich, I thought they are same. Now I can see the difference.

Well, this bird park is big, for me, it is really big, so tired 😀 but kids enjoyed! JJ really like to stay close to the birds, but not TT. I think because TT is still too young, he was afraid to be too close with the birds. And there is a nice question from JJ, ” Why all birds in jail?” 😀 then we explained to him that those birds are in cage not in jail, and we also explained why those birds are put into cages.

Time was really fast, the next day we went to the theme park, next to our hotel, and we spent our time almost whole day there.

The next day in the morning we had to go back to the airport and caught the noon airplane.

We enjoyed our HONEYSONS, because it means our TOGETHERNESS, which is very precious. There will be more honeysons that will be coming up 🙂 We are looking forward for it 🙂

How was your honeysons? or may be honeygirls or honeykids 🙂 It would be great if you share here 🙂 

First day, First experience

“It is the office of the parent to train the child to independence. As the schoolmaster’s aim ought to be to train his pupils to a stage where they are able to face the work of life without any more help from him, so parents have to recognize that there is a point at which their commands must cease and their children be allowed to choose and act for themselves”. 
(James Stalker)

Well now is new year.. 2012.. Both my sons will go to school. Last year I still have TT who accompanied me at home while his brother was in the school.

Yes, Yes, I am glad knowing TT goes to school already 🙂 It means he is bigger now. He is not a baby anymore. He has his friends at school, he starts to play and study with his friends everyday. But I am all alone at home.

His first day went very smooth. I am glad that he was doing ok in his class. He also gets JJ’s teacher when JJ was in Nursery 1 (Playgroup).

He takes the school bus together with JJ. Two days before school start, the school bus attendance called me to make sure if JJ and TT will be with her again in the school bus.

JJ told me that he will take care his brother in the school bus and will make sure that TT will go into his class before he goes to his class 😀 My husband and I were in the school as well, but we watched from far, make sure he is doing ok. I saw that 80% of Nursery 1 (playgroup) students were accompanied by their parents even in the class and some of them were crying.

After the class end, TT came back with JJ together by the school bus, and I asked the teacher about him for his first day. His teacher said that I don’t have to be worry because he is very steady. He wants to play and hold hand together with his friends which is not every kids is willing to do so. I am glad to hear that.

After school, I pick them up downstair and I told TT that tomorrow I will go to his school. With his firm tone, he answered me, “No, I don’t want. JJ and TT and Auntie Jojo (The school bus attendance) go to school, Papa go  to office and Mama stay at home!”

The reason why we put them in the school bus, because we want them to be independent, therefore we also tried not to accompany TT on his first day of his school. Well, I realize that my sons, both are big already 🙂

One more thing that make me glad is that, I went to the school together with my husband and he hold my hand. Well, most of the time we hold our kids’ hand 😀 We also plan to go to have breakfast together once the kids go to school.

Thanks be to God for this family, though it is not a perfect family, but I can see and feel the inclusion and the blessing of God for this family.

How about yours? Do you still remember your experience when your kids first time go to school? Or may be your kids just start their school this year? How do/did you feel?