Teachers….. You will never be forgotten….

Happy teachers' day

Early this year, when I came back to my hometown, I purposely visited my Kindergarten School and my Primary School in my hometown. Not much changing on the building and the class rooms. But I only met two Primary School teachers. One of them is my favorite teacher. She didn’t recall me at the first but then she started to remember me hahahah How? I am not that kind of quite student………. Active? yeah hahaha…

Surprisingly, when I visited my kindergarten school, expected all my teachers will not be there anymore because it was more than 30 years ago. They supposed retired already. And one of the teacher told me that there is still one teacher who is still teaching since my years time in this kindergarten until now. But she was off that day and out of town for training, so that I have no chance to meet her.

I clearly remember all my teachers’ name because they are important for me. They are good teachers. I really glad that I was before being taught by them in school.

Same applies to my kids. They are still in their kindergarten years now. It was not easy that they had to started their school years earlier than mine last time. Though it is for fun but I believe it is not easy for them especially during the pre-nursery and nursery years. They even had to took the school bus. But I am glad that so far so good. Why? I believe that their teachers have a very important role to make my kids love to go to school.

Sometime they will ask “Why it is not Monday yet” 😀

Teachers have very important role for our kids. Including our Chinese tuition teachers, Sunday School teachers, Music teachers, Swimming Coach, etc.

What I learn as a parent then?

  • Trust teachers to ‘educate’ our kids.
  • Support teachers in any tasks that they give to our kids
  • Build a good relationship with teachers

Until now, we  even still keep in touch with my sons’ pre-nursery teacher. She is a very good teachers and both my kids were under her care. But we really feel grateful that our kids are under very good teachers in their school years so far.

We Just came back from long holiday and it was a long flight. My plan was to let them go back to school a day after they came back home. And it was just nice on the Teacher’s Day celebration at school.

But that is not what they want. They want to go to school once they come back. Miss their friends? Of course! But they also miss their teachers.

Yes… they love to go to school…. and one more thing…….. they love and enjoy doing their homework. So far… there is no complaint from them about their homework. Some time they even ask more and I have bought some activity books for them (they choose those books them selves).

Teachers have very important roles to make our kids love their school. And I am so happy that my kids have their best teachers so far.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers all over the world 🙂

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.”                                 – Robert John Meehan


Loving animals – Crafts

“A dog may be man’s best friend, but a child’s best friend is a puppy”. (Unknown)

Well.. I am glad that JJ and TT’s school have a project called “Community Project – Raising Fund for SPCA.

Parents and kids need to make any arts or crafts of the dog. And this project will be sold in order for the fund raising. This project’s aim is to impart and instill our children the right attitude in treating and caring for animals.

Well, this also gave them the art activity in their short break school holiday two weeks ago.  We did it together and yeah, kids also enjoyed. I cannot draw 😀 but I learnt to draw those two dogs from youtube. Initially, I planned to use stickers but my husband suggested it would be more impressive if I draw it my self. So I tried and I did it. Kids’ part is pasting those pictures. And Well, it is ready..

I hope my kids will also have the right attitude in treating and caring for animals. We don’t have any pets at home now. But I can see that they love dog, cat, fish and bird.

Well.. these two cards will be sold at the Fun Raising for SPCA. I know these two cards are very simple cards. But I am happy that I did have fun time together with my kids when we did this project together. It is not compulsory for all parents to get involved in this program, but I really hope that most of the parents and students in the school will get involved in this program. One of parents told me that she will get her daughter to make a necklace and put the picture of dog as the pendant together with her.

The result are as picture below. I do not upload pictures of the inside of those cards as it contains only text and a picture of a dog. Those pictures of the front side of those cards were drawn by me and pasted by JJ and TT. While the back side of those cards, I just stick  stickers.

Have you ever been involved in this kind of program? Would you like to share? 

On The Teachers’ Day

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge — (Albert Einstein)

Three days ago, JJ and TT celebrated The Teachers’ Day in their school. I went to the school and saw what happened there. Some students will give gifts to their teachers as a token of appreciation to their teachers because they are very helpful and always encourage them.

Two weeks before kids celebrate teachers’ day at their school, we have already talked about giving teachers’ day gifts to their teachers. Kids are very excited to give their teachers gift. I asked them to make a list of their teachers’ name. And yes.. they did it.. they list all teachers in their school, all teachers that they know in their sunday school and all teachers in their tuition classes. Well.. I told them that they have to choose some of them.

Finally, we decided to buy these gifts as teachers’ day gifts and gave them to their teachers them selves.

They love their teachers. They have one same favorite teacher, let’s say her name is Ms. A. She taught JJ when he was in the pre-nursery class and I did request to the principal to let TT under her class also when TT in pre-nursery class. And yes, TT is in her class this year 🙂 They love her very much, she is a very passionate teacher, very patient and also always encourage my sons in everything they do. I believe other parents also share the  same perpective as mine. I talked to some parents whose their children were in the same class with JJ and they were agree with me. Found out that it was not only me who request Ms. A for their kids. Some other parents, especially whose kids were taught by Ms. A, requested Ms. A to teach their other kids.

Kids also made their own card for their school teachers. They enjoyed it and were very happy when they gave those cards  to their teachers.

In the Chinese Language tuition class, JJ and TT also get two very good teachers. Too bad that JJ’s teacher who had been teaching JJ since JJ was pre-nursery had to go back to China recently. JJ loves her so much, but I am glad that his new teacher is also a very nice teacher. As for TT’s teacher, she is very patient and TT also likes her so much. We are not Chinese speaker, but we are very happy that JJ and TT get these two good teachers in their Chinese tuition class. My kids’ chinese improve a lot.

This all remind me to my secondary school’s form teacher. He is an old man, but he is a very cheerful man. He always be nice to his students. He has retired already. Once, my mom said that he came to my mom’s shop and asked about me.

Don’t forget that we also kind of teachers for our kids. Set a good example and give the best to our kids 🙂

Happy Teachers’ Day for all teachers all over the world.

A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. 
– Unknown Author –

First day, First experience

“It is the office of the parent to train the child to independence. As the schoolmaster’s aim ought to be to train his pupils to a stage where they are able to face the work of life without any more help from him, so parents have to recognize that there is a point at which their commands must cease and their children be allowed to choose and act for themselves”. 
(James Stalker)

Well now is new year.. 2012.. Both my sons will go to school. Last year I still have TT who accompanied me at home while his brother was in the school.

Yes, Yes, I am glad knowing TT goes to school already 🙂 It means he is bigger now. He is not a baby anymore. He has his friends at school, he starts to play and study with his friends everyday. But I am all alone at home.

His first day went very smooth. I am glad that he was doing ok in his class. He also gets JJ’s teacher when JJ was in Nursery 1 (Playgroup).

He takes the school bus together with JJ. Two days before school start, the school bus attendance called me to make sure if JJ and TT will be with her again in the school bus.

JJ told me that he will take care his brother in the school bus and will make sure that TT will go into his class before he goes to his class 😀 My husband and I were in the school as well, but we watched from far, make sure he is doing ok. I saw that 80% of Nursery 1 (playgroup) students were accompanied by their parents even in the class and some of them were crying.

After the class end, TT came back with JJ together by the school bus, and I asked the teacher about him for his first day. His teacher said that I don’t have to be worry because he is very steady. He wants to play and hold hand together with his friends which is not every kids is willing to do so. I am glad to hear that.

After school, I pick them up downstair and I told TT that tomorrow I will go to his school. With his firm tone, he answered me, “No, I don’t want. JJ and TT and Auntie Jojo (The school bus attendance) go to school, Papa go  to office and Mama stay at home!”

The reason why we put them in the school bus, because we want them to be independent, therefore we also tried not to accompany TT on his first day of his school. Well, I realize that my sons, both are big already 🙂

One more thing that make me glad is that, I went to the school together with my husband and he hold my hand. Well, most of the time we hold our kids’ hand 😀 We also plan to go to have breakfast together once the kids go to school.

Thanks be to God for this family, though it is not a perfect family, but I can see and feel the inclusion and the blessing of God for this family.

How about yours? Do you still remember your experience when your kids first time go to school? Or may be your kids just start their school this year? How do/did you feel? 

Bonds between brothers

Quarrelling?  YES

Make each other cry? YES

Love each other? YES

Sharing? Sometime

Help each other? YES

Most of the time, we are talking about bonds between parents and children, between mothers and their babies

Today I would like to share bonds between brothers. Back to my childhood time, I have a quite strong bonds with my brothers. Up till now, we are still quite close to each other, though three of us leave in three different place, it doesn’t mean that we are loss contact. Well, thank you to the founder of telephone 😀 and now the internet is also so advance, so we can even chat with YM or FB.

But I will not share a lot about my bonds with my brothers. I would like to share the bonds between JJ and TT. They quarrel almost every day, but if we ask them, do you love your brother? YES.

We notice that every time JJ or TT go alone, they will not be as happy as they go along together. One day, JJ was not feeling well, so he had to stay at home with his daddy, and TT still needed to go to the Sunday school with me. TT was very excited that he will go out but when he realized that JJ did not go with him, he kept quite and looked unhappy. When he reached home, he jumped for joy 🙂

It was slightly different with JJ, when he has to go alone without TT, he will still be happy, but he will not stay for long outside and want to go back home and play with his brother. There was a time, when I went out only with JJ, I bought him something, and he told me that he wanted me to buy another one for TT.

Every morning, when TT wakes up, his first question will be “Where is Koko (Brother) JJ?” Then I answer him, JJ goes to school, later we’ll pick him up downstairs, ok.” And he will be very happy when it is the time to pick up his brother. Once he sees his brother’s school bus, he will be very excited.

When we go out together, sometime JJ will hold TT’s hand especially when TT try to run away from us, he will run and stop his brother.

Recently, TT didn’t want to finish his milk. I tried to persuade him to finish his milk, he said NO. My hubby also did the same thing but the result was still FAILED. JJ then tried his luck, and he asked TT, “TT do you want to sleep?” TT answered him,” Yah” JJ said, “Drink your milk first, ok!” TT answered,”OK” and he finished his milk 😀

There are still so many stories that I cannot share them all here 😀 But I really want to hear from you about the bonds between siblings. You might want to share a little bit about your kids’ bond?

Our presence is more important than our presents

It is a common thing that kids love presents 🙂 They will be very happy every time they receive a present from others. Every time, when my eldest son’s friends celebrate their birthday, he will be very happy to bring and give the presents to his friends, but he will ask me, “where is my present ?”

I know that he cannot wait until his birthday (which is few months ahead) to get his birthday present. But today, he told me that he wants to celebrate his birthday in the school with his friends and teacher, same as what we did when he was in the pre-nursery class last year. He said that he wants to give presents to all his classmates (goodies bags) but he didn’t mention about the present for him self. He said ” later, papa, mama, and TT come to my class and we take picture like last year when JJ was younger” His words really make my heart melted 🙂 He wants our presence not the present.

We always attending to almost all his school activities which involve parents and students. But there was one day we really didn’t know that JJ will have performance in his school. When I picked him up from his school bus, he asked me, “Mama, why you didn’t come and watch me sing a song? Almost all of my friends have their papa mama there”. I was surprised, and i said sorry to him. And he laughed and said “It’s ok, mama.” I was so sad, I didn’t know that he will have performance that day.

On the parent – teacher meeting, his teacher also asked me why I didn’t come that day. And I explained to her that I didn’t know. His teacher said that she tried to call me two time before the performance day and wanted to ask me to come because on the preparation of the performance, JJ sang and danced very well. His pre-nursery teacher also asked his nursery teacher to called me to make sure I will come and not to miss this performance. That was the first time we missed his performance.

Though he was not angry and told me that it was ok, but I believe that he was sad. We also regret that we missed that performance.

From my experience, for us, our presence is more important than our presents. He didn’t expect anything other that our presence on his performance. But I am glad that his teacher said that he did very well on the performance and indeed he is a happy boy.

This is a lesson to learn for us that we should pay more attention to our kids, giving them presents will make them happy, but they would be more than happy if they get our presence 🙂

Are you ok?

My two precious boys

JJ has been sensible toward others since he was two years old plus. I have been told by his pre-nursery teacher too about this.
One day (last year) he came back from school and told me that his teacher’s leg was hurt.
Then I said to him: “oh dear.. did you sing a song for her?”
JJ said: no…
then I asked him again: “what did you do then?”
JJ said: I pray for her…”

It does look simple but it is so touching to see three years old boy said that. When parent teacher meeting, I came and asked the teacher about this. And she told me that it was true that her leg was injured that time. And she told me that JJ is a caring boy, once his classmate fell down and than he came to his friend and asked him: “are you hurt?”
It was so touching, his teacher said.

Yesterday,I was not feeling well, than he asked me, “What happen mama?” I told him that I got a fever. Then he said: “if you get fever, go to the doctor lah” When I came back from the doctor, he asked me:”Are you ok?”

JJ will do this when TT, his father and I fall down or knock on to something and get hurt. He will ask “Are you ok?”

TT starts to do the same. He will call me and tell me that his brother is crying. Sometime I will ask him to love his brother, and he will caress his brother’s head. Yesterday when I was not felling well, he sometime approached me and gave me his best smile.

Those are my kids, still young but learn to care about others. My hope that they will keep continue to care about others until when they grow up later on.