Good Things to Remember

So many words have been heard by us since JJ and TT started to talk.

We always try to remember every words that have special meaning for us. But still, we cannot remember all, sometime either one, my husband or I remember some of their words and sentences and we will share and laugh together.

I would like to share some of their words and sentences which have meaning for us 🙂

  • Yes, JJ loves Thomas and friends, one day, my husband said to JJ: “Mama is so good, right?” JJ said:  “No, God is so good, Mama is a useful woman.” (Thomas is a useful engine).
  • I asked TT, ” TT do you love mama?” TT came to me and “MUACHHH” (he kissed me) and I know that’s the answer.
  • One night, we tried to persuade TT to drink his milk. My husband, FAILED. Me, FAILED. JJ asked TT, “TT, do you want to sleep?” TT answered, “Yes!”                       JJ: “Drink your milk first, ok.” TT: “OK”
  • There was one day, I was sick and cannot prayed with the kids before bed. My husband told me that JJ prayed for me that night: “Jesus, mama is sick now, Mama is coughing and running nose. Now mama is sleeping.”
  • Mama: “JJ you have to love TT ok, you only have one brother”. JJ: “Ok, but JJ wants to have two.”
  • TT’s first prayer:” Want to sleep“.
  • One day, JJ asked me, “Mama, do you want barbie cake?” I answered him, “Yes, will you buy for me?” JJ said, “I don’t have money. Later I getting bigger, daddy will give me money, I will buy for you, ok”.
  • After school,JJ told me something, “Mama, Ms. Lee (his teacher) pain pain.” I responded him, “Oh, poor Ms. Lee. Did you sing a song for her?” JJ said,” No, I pray for her”.
  • Papa: ” JJ, you are so smart, what do you eat so that you can be so smart?” JJ: “RICE”
  • One day, While JJ was having his lunch, suddenly TT came and hugged JJ from behind and said: “I love JJ”

This post will help me to remember some of words and sentences that I have heard from my sons. Of course not only these sentences but still many of them. I cannot write all of those words and sentences here, otherwise this post will be very long :D

You should have the same experience as mine, may be from your spouse, children, parents or friends.
It would be great if you are willing to share yours here 🙂

We should always try to only remember good things, good words, and good sentences from others. It will only create a very nice memory in our lives



  1. Beautiful words and memories to treasure. Children are so wise… we ought to listen to them more. 🙂
    I’m working on catching up again after a hectic workshop week again. 🙂

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