Time / Money

Time is Money means Time = Money

Don’t waste your money and don’t waste your time.

Think it twice! Is it really true that time = money?

What do you think?

Some people who are very busy and have tight schedules would say that. They like to be rush because for them, Time is Money. Firstly, I think the same thing, time is money because time is as precious as money. However, time is more important than money because how hard we work, when we lose our time, you cannot get it back, how hard we try. The only thing that we can do is move on and appreciate every time we have.

As I see my sons, grow everyday, I come to realize that they become bigger and bigger. Of course that what I want, but I start to miss their babies’ time when I see other babies. I cannot do anything, I only can try to remember how they were look like when they were babies, what did they do, etc. Though I have money, I can’t buy that memories. Time cannot be bought by money.

As I see my sons grow everyday, I realize that I have spent lots of time and money. In order to raise my kids, I will need both, Time and money. Money, I can always raise it, the harder I work, the more money I will get. But, it is not the same with time. How hard I work, I cannot raise more time, because time will keep go on and go on.

Spending time with my kids are very precious time and important! It cannot be replaced by anything. Money cannot buy my precious time that I spend with my kids.

When I loose my money, I would say, “It’s ok, I always can get it again. How if I loose my time? I cannot make a come back.

Therefore, I conclude that Time is not money but Time is more important than money.

What do you think? I need some more input to make my opinion stronger and I need some input when you think my opinion is not really right 🙂 



  1. I know that saying well but form your perspective i can agree that time is more valuable than money… We can make money but not time… You kids will appreciate the time you spent with them. 🙂

  2. There are things that money doesn’t buy but that time does. For example, time with one’s spouse and children doesn’t cost money, but it does cost time.

  3. That is soooo true! When u are busy with work, you totally forget and think that there’s always tomorrow for me to spend time with the kids,…
    But I can never get back what I lost yesterday… =(
    Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I think the people who say “Time is money” are a different sort than I am. I believe that money is nowhere near as important to me as the connections I make in life, the friends I have, the happiness I feel and the love I have for my job no matter the pay. Of course, I know I need a certain amount of money to get by, but the people who truly believe in the “Time is money” mantra have a totally different thought process than I have. So it’s hard to compare. I know to some, time is money, but to others, time is just time.

    And does time even exist, or is it a human way of trying to predict the future? Think about it. We invented time to try to predict what will happen. Time tells us when a baby will come (nine months) and when we need to be at work (so we avoid the boss in our future yelling at us) and when the sun will rise. All it is used for is to predict where we will be and when.

    1. Hi Den, Thank you for sharing your opinion:)
      You have the point there, yes, I agree with you that time might be used to predict, and might be also to determine…

  5. I agree with the previous commenters that time spent doing what you really love (and for me that includes spending time both with my family and doing the work that I’m passionate about) is more valuable than money. The only thing I’d add is that sometimes money can buy you time. I have three young kids and my husband and I sometimes hire a babysitter so we can go out together and reconnect. For me, that’s money well spent! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your opinion, Kristen 🙂
      That’s a good input that money can buy us time 🙂 I also plan to hire a parttime helper, so that I will save my time

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