The most Glorious and the most valuable Gift

“Ma, what will I get for Christmas?”

“Ma, I want Thomas and friends as my Christmas present”

“Ma, I want Christmas tree”

“Ma, Santa Claus will give me present, right?”

“Ma, I want Santa Claus and Snowman”

All the sentences above were come from my both sons. As a kid, they will think that Christmas time is about to get some presents, about Christmas tree, about Santa Claus, about holiday. Will we always remember the real meaning of Christmas?

When I was a kid, I still remember that I met the Santa Claus and he gave me a Christmas present. He gave me something that I wanted. I still clearly remember that I wanted to have a small umbrella and I got it from the Santa Claus. Of course it was not from Santa Clause, but my mom bought it and asked Santa Claus to give it to me 😀

Moreover, every Christmas we will very busy to buy some presents for our children, relatives and friends. All the cities full of Christmas decorations, and Christmas songs.

I really like it when Christmas come, Christmas songs are every where. My favorite song is Holly Night. And this time, we make our Christmas tree ornaments by our selves. I did it together with the kids. They enjoyed it. It is only a little and simple Christmas tree, but I can see that both of them are satisfied.

During this Christmas season, there are so may chances for us to do some donations. This is also a good chance for me to introduce my kids about give some thing to others who need it more than my kids does. Since they agree to give some donations to the needy so that they will not get a Christmas presents for them selves. I know it was hard for them to accept at the first time, but than I explain to them about giving to others. And they are ok. I can see that they are still happy and enjoy themselves in this Christmas.

I started to explain to JJ and TT that Christmas is not only about presents, Santa Claus, Snowman or even a holiday 🙂 Of course I will not strictly prohibited them from Santa Claus, Christmas present or even snowman. It is ok because they are kids, and of course they love Christmas present. I still let them take picture with Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree.

I want them to know what is the meaning of Christmas. I told them that Christmas is about the born of our Salvation, Jesus Christ. They need to know that they have got the most glorious and the most valuable gift from God 🙂 The born of Jesus Christ and later on about His sacrifice for our salvation 🙂

Through The born of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice, than we get the most glorious and the  most valuable gift. Salvation and eternal life is a gift of God. Grace can not be bought with money, nor can it be achieved with human capabilities. Eternal life is God’s grace in Jesus Christ our Lord.

John 3:16 (NIV )

 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

It’s never too early to explain to your kids about the  meaning of Christmas 🙂

Inspired by the song below

Everyone will have different point of view about Christmas. My writing is my point of view.

What is Christmas for you ?

Please share to us 🙂 



    1. Yes, Tilly, I think that we need to tell them, though they are only 4 yo and 2 yo now. And I will tell them every year so that they will really understand the real meaning of Christmas 🙂

  1. I agree children should be taught the true meaning of Christmas, and they need to see it lived out in our lives. A pastor once challenged us on telling children about Santa, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and Jesus. As they grow up, they learn there is no such thing as Santa, etc…and then do they doubt Jesus, too, since they’ve never seen him? Our family knows Santa represents the spirit of giving, but we don’t “believe” in him; only Jesus is worthy of that.

  2. Good on you to teach your children the true meaning of Christmas which is giving not getting. When my boys were young we got an advent calendar which taught the Christmas story of the Christ Child in small parts every day. Your kids would love this next year. Look for one in specialty shops. Especially if you don’t go to church this can be an authentic way to teach kids Christmas. And they will love to open the windows every day. They can take turns. 🙂

    1. Yes, you are right, kids always get some toys, gifts from others. But we need to teach them that they also need to learn to give. Thank you for sharing, Clar 🙂

  3. Hehehe
    You are right Yul
    Must teach the meaning of christmas as early as possible, so they didnt confused with santa’s day HAHAHAHA

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