Me Time

In Indonesia Mie (Read: Me) means Noodle.. So when I say Me time, some people might think that it is time for me eating Noodle 😀

Well, now kids go to school already, Honestly, I feel lonely.. Our home become so quiet… Rather than I let myself feel lonely at home alone, I plan to do some activities in the morning. First, I wanted to join my husband go for fitness, after second thought, I prefer to do outdoor exercise, it will be cheaper and healthier. So I decide to go  for jogging and swimming.

I will start next week, I hope I won’t be lazy. Other than doing sport, I also start to make more girl’s bracelets, and explore some new recipe once a week. I hope it will work as plan, yeah honestly, sometime I will be in the high spirit only at the beginning 😀

Once or twice a week, I will go out in the morning to have breakfast together with my husband before he is off to the office. And once a month I will go to school to take a look my sons.

So many plan which will be start on next week.

It is good to have Me Time, I think you also have one..

Would you like to share about yours? What are you doing during your ME TIME? I need some input 🙂 



  1. My me time is when I got lunch at my office. I ussually do my cross stitch project after lunch. I love stitching 🙂
    My children are 2 years & 5 months,so that I must spend my after-office-time to take care of them,especially the little one.
    Hmmm…I think if our children are older than 2 years,we can let them have their own activities and we only watch over them,so that we can have much me time…
    Children,let’s grow up quickly… so that I can have much me time… ahahahaha… 😀
    ps: sorry,my english is not good :’)

    1. Hi Christanti, Thank you for sharing your Me Time here 🙂 Yeah, just like me, now they are 4 years and 2.5 years old, so while they are in their school, I am having my Me Time.

  2. Hi Yulia

    I get up before the kids and have some time every morning, sometimes it may be only a few minutes, to breathe, stretch, go out into the yard and tend the plants, start a load of washing, have a cuppa, think about what we are going to have for dinner, and think about the day ahead.

    There are some TV shows that I really enjoy, so I record them and save them for a time when I can watch them on my own.

    I have just taught myself to crochet, and that is totally addictive.

    I also take ten minutes of an evening after dinner, whilst the kids are playing, to lay on my bed and read.

    1. Hi Narelle, thank you for sharing your Me Time 🙂 Yeah I also watch my TV series every night when they kids sleep 😀
      I am thinking to learn to do crochet too, do you have to attend a class for this?

      1. Hi Yulia

        Check “Crochet Geek” and “Mikey” on YouTube. Mikey is really good, he’s been doing crochet for over 20 years. I find Crochet Geek gives very clear instructions.

        Warning! It’s very addictive.

  3. I wanna taste ur new recipe,dith. All about plans,right? Sometimes the practical is harder. 🙂 but I wish u can do all ur plans……r u miss indomie dith? Hahahaha……

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