Look again, you would smile or even laugh

Say Cheers…

“JJ.. see to the camera please… ”

“TT, where is mama? Smile please”

One day, it happened that I needed to stay at my brother’s house, waited for the news when I need to go to take a picture for my IC. Well, you know how bored when we need to wait and do nothing. It was not confirmed that I will do my IC’s picture on that day because there were some problem on the camera. What I need to do was to wait. I watched TV, but it is impossible for me to keep watching TV in 5 hours. I started to see some old pictures and videos from my mobile. Well at least that make me laugh and not bored anymore. I saw some pictures and videos about one to two years ago. On those pictures and videos, JJ was still very young and sang some songs 😀 While TT just started to run here and there, he was 18 months. He started to copy some words from Thomas and Friend’s songs.

I was laughing, I was comforted with those videos and photographs of my kids. I started to try to remember what did happen when I took those videos and picture. It is good to keep the back up of the videos and pictures of our kids. So that one day we might want to watch and see it with our kids. Your kids might need those pictures on their wedding later 🙂 Now days, couples would like to show their childhood’s pictures on their wedding ceremony.

It is good to keep our/our kids’ pictures from since from our baby until we become adults and even until we grow old so that we can see and feel the love and providence of God in our lives 🙂

I really want to keep all those pictures, I printed some of those pictures. It is impossible for me to print all those pictures because they are really so many. I keep all the soft copies in my Picassa File.. My mother also keeps some old pictures, include my old pictures 🙂 well and so does my mother in law.

One of my friend told me that she really appreciates all pictures she has. She will keep it like she keep the money 🙂 For her, pictures are very precious

Indeed it is very precious.. What do you think?


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