— Don’t Stop, Keep Trying —

“Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It’s OK to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.” – H. Stanley Judd – 


Well, it is not easy when we have to accept the reality that we fail on something.

I have always told my kids that it is ok if you fail on something, it is not the end of everything. I even wrote a post on 2012 about this. Please refer to my old post: Learn From Your Failures.

I am not new on driving a car. I had my experience driving car in Indonesia and Australia. But I have never drive any cars since we moved to Singapore 9 years ago. Singapore has a very good transportation system that make me feel that I don’t need to drive there. I even never renew my driving license since year 2009. Until one day, my husband got transfer to USA and we move here.

Here I am and I need car here. I need to drive my kids to school and  buy groceries. Well, I need to drive but I will  need to take both written driving test and Behind the Wheels driving test. I passed my written test and I got a permit to drive but with someone to accompany me until I pass my behind the wheels driving test.

There are many new rules that I need to learn since it is different from Indonesia and Australia, and some more the driver is on the left side here and we will need to drive on the right side of the road. It is the biggest different. Well I have to adapt.

It was the time that I need to take behind the wheels driving test and I was nervous. I always nervous when I need to do any TEST. I don’t like TEST 😀

And I did two mistakes on the test and it might be two serious mistakes so that the examiner asked me to go back to the DMV straight away and I failed.

Well, I was so sad and my husband kept encourage me. I was still sad though but I know that I need to hang on there 🙂 some of my friends encouraged me as well. When the kids came back from school, they knew that I fail on my driving test and they made my day 😀

JJ asked me what mistake that I made 😀 and he gave me some advices how to drive better next time 😀

While TT tried to made me smile with his funny acts.

My husband told me that it is good that I fail so that kids also can learn how to deal with failure. And I have the sample of failure that they aware that it happened to me.

On the church, one of our friend who heard about my failure in behind the wheels driving test, came to me and offer his help to accompany me practicing my driving while my husband in his office. I really appreciate it. And I always what he said to me, “Hang on there, Yulia, you can do it!”

Instead of staying in my sadness and disappointment, I choose to cheer up!

I did my second test and Thanks God, I passed. Now that I can help my husband, driving kids to school, do my own groceries, and have my MeTime 😀

Well, this is not the first time I fail on something. I share about this because this was the recent failure that I have. Before, I faced so many failure. If I can say, my failure on my driving test is the small one. I have ever failed on relationship, on my job, on my study, etc. But I know that I should not leave in my past and have to move on. Well, I still hang on there because I am not alone. I went through my life which is up and down together with my God who give me strength and together with my husband, my kids and people surround me who always love and encourage me.

It’s okay to fail, you always can try it again. It is your choice to give up or hang on there and keep trying. Thanks God that I didn’t give up and try it again.

Trying to see on the positive side of our failures is the best thing to do.

What we can learn from our failure:

  1. Knowing that failure can make us be more careful and try not to do the same mistake.
  2. Learning how to hang on there and not give up so easily.
  3. Knowing that some people really there to support us.
  4. Failure will teach us not to give up easily.
  5. You are prepared to be stronger for the next problem / failures.

Please feel free to add some more points for what we can learn from our failure on the comment below.

Same for you… If you are facing any problems or you are failing on something and you feel that you are going to give up, Please Don’t! Hang on there! Keep Trying! 

Quotes from my husband:  

“It’s okay to fail. If you never fail, you’ll never learn”

Because They Love and They Care

“Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water – it will make ripples throughout the entire pond” – Jessy and Bryan Matteo

Valentine talks about Love. What kind of love? Is it only for couples who are in love? Well, I think it is not. Valentine can be celebrated with someone you love and it is not necessarily to be your girlfriend, boyfriend or your spouse. It can be your friends or other people.

Why should I related valentine and Firefighters here?  Well there is the story behind this and make me want to write about this.

We were so impress with how they love and commit into their job. They are so caring and loving kind person. My kids has always loved firefighters. They see firefighters as their heroes. And we have never thought of meeting up or even talking with them in person. Until, it happened….

It was last month, when TT had a high fever. For us, it is very high fever, reached around105F-105.8F. The fever kept going up from 103F to 105F within half an hour. Honestly we were so panic. The fever medicine didn’t really help on that time. We called 24 hours health consultant and they suggested us to call 911. We did it.

Surprisingly, the one who came was not the ambulance but the firefighters. My husband was the one who opened the door for them and said: “Sorry, but we didn’t call firefighters, we called ambulance.” 😀

It is something new for us that the firefighters will come and help us in this kind of situation. We just moved here less than two months at that time, and we don’t really familiar with the situation here. They explained to us.  Oh well, now we understand. They were three firefighters who came to our place with medical equipment and did some check on TT before the Ambulance came. They were Brian Pease (The Captain), Brett Gainey and Raiden Williams. ( I have got permission from them to mention their name here).

That time JJ was sleeping and TT was crying as he felt his body aching. Brett sat down close to TT and tried to comfort him. Checked TT’s temperature, gave him stickers and kept talk to TT while Raiden did some check on TT. In the mean time, JJ woke up, and Brett also tried to talk to JJ. They tried to make kids feel better. Meanwhile, Brian was downstairs as he needed to park the Fire Engine and he also came up and stayed with us afterward.

At the end the EMS came and brought TT to hospital. We cannot remember the EMS staffs’ name but they also did a great job. Once we reached the hospital, El Camino Hospital, the nurses did their job very fast and we were happy to have Dr Jonathan, around. I was blank that I didn’t even notice any name of people who helped us. I didn’t even remember all the name of the firefighters who came and helped us at the first place.

TT and JJ kept asking us to find those firefighters because they wanted to meet them. And yes, of course my husband and I also wanted to meet them because we really want to say thank you to them. They are really awesome. They sincerely helped and cared about us. They did a well done job, helped the citizen who needs help.

As we tried to find them, we called the Santa Clara County Fire Department and visited one of Fire Department near our place. We are glad that they helped us to find who was on duty in our case. They found it and give us their names and the address. Finally we were there, at Cupertino Fire Department.

They welcomed us and they really love kids. We really grateful that we can know them and they welcomed us when we visited them. They still remember us, and even Raiden remember that TT loves Penguin.

They play and spent time with our kids. We really appreciate it, because I believe that they must be very tired, because when we arrived there and visited them, they just came back from their duty.

valentine 3

Deep down in our heart, we really salute, respect and honor to them. Not only to them but also their family. They work to serve the citizen and country, and they even need to stay overnight at the station while they must be missing their family. Moreover, when there is fire, they even have to risking their own safety to save people.

Seeing our kids were so happy, make us happy too! As we can see that those three Firefighter were so happy too seeing our kids healthy and enjoying their time at the Fire Station. JJ gave them so many questions and they answered him 😀  Well I think I don’t need to describe what questions that JJ gave to them, but you can guess and imagine what kind of questions that can came from this little boy. At the end JJ said that he wants to become a fire fighter and TT said he wants to become a doctor.

They get this helmets and sticker badge from them and play as firefighters at home. whenever JJ and TT play this, JJ will acts as Reiden and TT as Brett.


Well, my kids will have my full support if they really want to become a Firefighter and a Doctor. But kids, they will still change their dream.

But still I really hope that JJ and TT can learn something from these Firefighters: HELP, CARE and LOVE others. Not only JJ and TT who need to learn but also me and you 😉

Thank you Brian, Brett and Rayden. Thank you for being there for us at that time. Thank you Cupertino Fire Department and thank you EMS Santa Clara County for your prompt action to help TT.

Especially Thank you to God who always watch over us and bless us with wonderful people around us 🙂

On this valentine day, some people including firefighters, will still need to work 24 hours and serve others. They will not spend their Valentine Day with their loved ones. But I believe, deep inside their heart and their family, they are happy as they can show their love by helping others on this Valentine Day.

We believe that they are happy when they can help others and see other people smile 🙂

And on this Valentine day, I would like to say Happy Valentine to all of you. Not only to my husband and my kids, not only to my family and friends, but also to all of you out there who read my post, including all firefighters, doctors, nurses, policemen and all other people who sacrifice their precious time to help others.

Not only because of their duties, I believe that Firefighters are helping people because of Love and Care for others.

Last but not least, Love your God and love others.



“Firefighters are some of the most selfless public servants you will ever encounter.” – Denis Leary


Two Little boys say about their Daddy!

I always tell my kids that they should be grateful as they have a very good daddy who always willing to spend time with them every day after his tiring day in his office. And I can see that the strong bonding between them.

daddy's day

On this special occasion, I did a little interview to my two little kids 🙂
Mama: Do you love your daddy?
JJ: Yes!
Matt: Yes!
Mama: What do you like about your daddy?
JJ: Papa is the boss and Papa is so funny like a clown!
TT: He is the funny man, he looks like a clown and some more, Papa can do balance!
Mama: What do you like to play with your daddy?
JJ: Play fighting and Animal Kaiser
TT: Lego Star Wars, Ninja Go, Candy Crush, Showman, Animal Kaiser, Spiderman and Batman.
Mama: What will you buy for Papa on this Father’s day if you have some money?
JJ: Computer and Pen
TT: Shirt and Pencil
Mama: Anything that you want to say to Papa on this Father’s day?
JJ: Papa is the Super Papa!
TT: Papa is very cool!

 We have something to give to the Daddy! 

dino daddy

Note to the Daddy………..

Please always be wise saving your money in this coin bank so that we can have our next holiday trip 😀

Hi dads, all of you have an important role in shaping the character of your children and give your children a wonderful childhood for your kids!

“Walk With Me Daddy”

Walk alongside me, daddy
and hold my little hand.
I have so many things to learn
that I don’t yet understand.

Teach me things to keep me safe
from dangers every day.
Show me how to do my best
at home, at school, at play.

Every child needs a gentle hand
to guide them as they grow.
So walk alongside me, daddy –
We have a long way to go.

 Author: Helen Bush

Happy Father’s Day to all Daddy around the world.

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”

 Sigmund Freud –

On this Mother’s Day

“I love being a mother. It has its ups and downs but there’s no better feeling than unconditional love from my children. “
(Unknown quotes)
kids and I
Mothers’ day…
People will start to talk about the love of mothers, unconditional love.
It is so true that Mothers’ love is the best and also unconditional love.
But on this year, I realize so many things.. Let me do some listings:
Mommy – Not a good chef.
Kids – Never complain
Mommy – Sometime lost patient
Kids – Never complain
Mommy – sometime pick up late from school
Kids – Complain sometime but never angry
Mommy – Happen before forget to come to school to watch their show
Kids – Never mind mama, next time don’t forget, okay
Mommy – Forget to prepare their crafts for school (Happened before)
Kids – It’s okay, I did other things in the class, mama.
Most of the time, they satisfy with what they have. Of course they want this and that, whatever their friends have, they also ask me to buy for them. And of course most of the time I also need to reject their request. But they are fine. Never nagging.
Recently, happened that I was too careless until TT got hurt on his finger. It was very bad, very painful, and he had to be brought to hospital with Ambulance and his finger needed to be stitched. When I said sorry to him because I was too careless, he answered me, ” IT’S OKAY, MAMA”
My tears all down, and some more, he was still able to smile at me even though he was in pain.
And on this mother day, I would like to share how I am so grateful having these two boys of mine, who always shower me with their unconditional love. All thanks to God.
They are not two perfect boys, but they are two amazing boys that God has given and entrusted to my husband and me, and we need to raise them properly, so that in each of their growth, they shall always glorify God.
As I am also not a perfect mommy, but I have my boys who always accept me as I am.
Happy Mothers’ day to all Mothers all around the world ^_^
“My sons love me no matter what, they make me smile, make me laugh, bring joy to my heart. When I need hugs and kisses from them, they will always be there. They really love me no matter what. ” 

Keep this Chain of Love

hold hand1

2012 has ended and now we are in a new year, 2013.

Same as years before, I was blessed last year, I saw how my family was blessed by God, although not everything went smoothly, but we really feel and see the inclusion of God for our family. So many things happened in 2012, it was first time for TT went to school, JJ had eyes surgery, and so on.  But again, I can see how God always loves and protects our family. I know that God will always be with us, and guide our family. Not only last year or years before, but also this years and coming years.

Kids grow together, play together, laugh together, talking together, love each other, take care of each other, help each other, and also quarrel to each other 😀

One thing for sure, they really love each other, and this is also confirmed by their school teachers and some of my friends who sometime hang out with them.

Sometime they like to hold hands together when they walk and talk to each other, they loves to talk to each other before they sleep, almost every day (unless when they are too tired and they will just go to sleep).  JJ teaches TT how to pray. They help each other. JJ loves to help TT doing something, yes, he is very caring towards his little brother. Meanwhile, TT can also sometime makes JJ laugh out of loud (well, there was one time, TT made JJ laugh out of loud until JJ vomited :D).

I also can see the strong bond between kids and their daddy. Sometime they can tell to the daddy what had happened for one whole day before they sleep. They even sometime have a show for their daddy before they go to sleep. Yes, until now 🙂

But I don’t want it only happen in the past and now, I hope this chain of love will last forever. I hope that both, my kids will always love, help and support each other until when they grow older or even until when they are old later on 🙂

Also, I hope that the bond in this family between parents and kids, between JJ and TT and also between my husband and me will become stronger every day. And we realize that without God’s love,  all of this will not be happened.


Yes the most important thing that we must always remember to love God above all, obey God’s word and make the love of God to be the strong foundation of our family. Yes and it is our responsible as parents to teach our kids to always to love God more than everything.

Last but not least, I know it is a bit late to say it now, but still I really want to say it to all of you 😉
“Welcome the new year with a new spirit, a new plan and a new commitment ..

Hoping to be a better person in 2013.

Thanks to God for blessing me with a wonderful husband, wonderful and nice boys and all wonderful people around me (parents, siblings, family and friends)”.

Thank you also for your willingness to spend sometime to read my blog and also share your opinion here. I hope you will still support me on this year and years onwards 😉


There, my birth place

My first breath was in Indonesia
My first smile was in Indonesia
My first cry was in Indonesia
My first step was in Indonesia
My first school was in Indonesia
My first friendship was in Indonesia
My first job was in Indonesia
My first time I know about God was in Indonesia

My childhood with my wonderful family was in Indonesia

For me, the best food is the cuisine of Indonesia

So many things to remember and so many things are unforgettable.

I am so glad that God bless me as a part of Indonesia

Thank you Indonesia..

Though I am not living there, but you will never be forgotten and I will always love you because…


Maintain the relationship

“To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other’s hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.” 
~ Clara Ortega

Few weeks ago, I had a chance to go with my brothers. Well, I cannot really remember when was the last time we went together, only three of us, until my big brother told me that it was 12 years ago when we had holiday together, only three of us without anyone else.

I should call this a reunion, I was so happy. Feel like I have my two bodyguards back though it was only for 2 days. Yes, only three of us 🙂

We are very close towards each other. They really protect me, include my younger brother. And I found this quote which I found it is so true!

“After a girl is grown, her little brothers – now her protectors – seem like big brothers.” 
~ Terri Guillemets

I always treat my younger  brother as my little brother. Always as my little brother! But then I realize that it is my younger brother who treat me like his little sister. He seems like my big brother 🙂

As my older brother, I always respect him just like he is my father. Until now, sometime he still treats me like his little sister though I am a mom now 😀 He always protect me since I was a kid.

As we grow older, and each of us has our own family, we are busy on our own. Well.. it is just normal, we have set up our own family. One thing that always occupied my mind is that we will always try our best to maintain our close relationship and really hope that our kids (my children and my nieces and nephews) will also have a close relationship later on.

By looking at the relationship that we have, I really hope my children will also have a strong brotherly bond until they grow up, even when each of them already had their own families.

It is important to maintain a strong bond between brothers and sisters. I always ask my kids to share their toys and play together, take turn, otherwise, I will keep the toys that make them quarrel inside a transparant box so that both of them cannot play and only can see that toys for a weeks or two weeks. It works, so that they start to learn to share and every time they start quarrel, I will remind them that I will keep the toys to the transparant box if they quarrel and don’t want to share or take turn.

Of course, I will always explain and remind them that their brotherhood is much more important than their toys, so that they should not quarrel over their toys or things.

Hope they really will always love each other, help each other and care about each other until they grow old.

Hope they will always become best buddies 🙂

“As we grew up, my brothers acted like they didn’t care, but I always knew they looked out for me and were there!”
~ Catherine Pulsifer, Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Any same experience? Would you like to share with us?

Look again, you would smile or even laugh

Say Cheers…

“JJ.. see to the camera please… ”

“TT, where is mama? Smile please”

One day, it happened that I needed to stay at my brother’s house, waited for the news when I need to go to take a picture for my IC. Well, you know how bored when we need to wait and do nothing. It was not confirmed that I will do my IC’s picture on that day because there were some problem on the camera. What I need to do was to wait. I watched TV, but it is impossible for me to keep watching TV in 5 hours. I started to see some old pictures and videos from my mobile. Well at least that make me laugh and not bored anymore. I saw some pictures and videos about one to two years ago. On those pictures and videos, JJ was still very young and sang some songs 😀 While TT just started to run here and there, he was 18 months. He started to copy some words from Thomas and Friend’s songs.

I was laughing, I was comforted with those videos and photographs of my kids. I started to try to remember what did happen when I took those videos and picture. It is good to keep the back up of the videos and pictures of our kids. So that one day we might want to watch and see it with our kids. Your kids might need those pictures on their wedding later 🙂 Now days, couples would like to show their childhood’s pictures on their wedding ceremony.

It is good to keep our/our kids’ pictures from since from our baby until we become adults and even until we grow old so that we can see and feel the love and providence of God in our lives 🙂

I really want to keep all those pictures, I printed some of those pictures. It is impossible for me to print all those pictures because they are really so many. I keep all the soft copies in my Picassa File.. My mother also keeps some old pictures, include my old pictures 🙂 well and so does my mother in law.

One of my friend told me that she really appreciates all pictures she has. She will keep it like she keep the money 🙂 For her, pictures are very precious

Indeed it is very precious.. What do you think?

I’ll be here for you

When you are in love, you will be very happy when your boyfriend or girlfriend is sitting by your side, isn’t it right?

Fall in love will be like the whole world only belong to both of you.

Well, it is not only happen between two adults who fall in love, but also between parents and children, especially the mother and the son/daughter. When the first time they come to the world, the baby will be given to the mom. Though the baby still cannot see yet, but he can feel the warm of the mother’s arm.

I still remember when I gave birth to both my sons, JJ and TT, once they born, the Midwife and the Gynae passed the baby to me, and then they cleaned the baby and afterward, my husband had his turn to carry the baby. Most babies will cry when they realize that they are not carried by their parents. They will have strong bond with their parents, especially their mommies.

They  grow up, but the bond will still be there. When they become toddler, they will still want and expect us to be around with them when they are at home. What they know is that the daddy need to go to the office and the mommy will take care of them at home.

What I see, my kids are quite independent, their school’s teachers also told me the same thing. Though they are independent boys, but they still expect me to be around when they go back home after school. Sometime I will go out for a while at night to meet up with my friends, and they are ok because they know that their daddy will be at home with them while I am outside. Sometime I also need to go out buy groceries while the kids are sleeping (napping) and stay at home with the daddy. When JJ wakes up and not see me around, he will be sad and will start to look for me.

One day, I got an offer to work parttime and I took that job. I had to work in the morning while the kids were at school and went back before kids reached home. They took the school bus but I still need to pick them up at the downstair. But the problem was that I still needed to go back to the office in the evening and will only reach home around 10 pm and above.

I can see that kids started to feel inconvenient with this situation. They started complain, TT sometime will cry and did not let me go. They even will not sleep until they see me back home. I was struggled. My boss was very nice to me also, but my kids are also important for me. Until one day, JJ wrote a letter and asked the daddy to pass it to me.

“I don’t want mama to go to work at night, I want mama to be at home”

Well, it moved me, moreover, in the office everything has been settled already and I didn’t really had things to do anymore, so I came with the decision to resign. I still want to try to find a part time job but only in the morning, not morning plus evening anymore. I think that would be great and everybody is happy then.

I thought my boys have this kind of feeling because they are still very young. But I am wrong. Until one day, one of my friend, mommy of three girls, met up with me and told me some of her motherhood experience. Her daughters are grown up already. If I am not wrong they are at secondary school now. She told me that children are very happy when they know that their moms are waiting for them at home. Once, her older daughter called her and asked what did the mom do now. And the mom told her that she was at home that time. And the daughter was very happy and said that she will be back home to meet her mommy.

Yeah, kids need us to be around. And today, after JJ and TT went to school by the school bus, I got ready and also went to school by MRT. I reached the school and peep from the door glass of a class room where kids were there. They saw me! And they were very happy. One of the teacher’s assistant came to me and said that JJ and TT were very happy knowing that I am around.

Yes, they are happy to know that I am around, especially every time after school. They have so many things to tell me about. Every time the school bus reaches home, the kids will give me their best smile and once they get out from the school bus, they will start their ‘story’ about what happen in the school bus and in the school, what song they learn, what did they do together with their teachers and friends while we walk back home.

In the evening, when the daddy go back home from the office, they will also be happy and will start to open the conversation with the daddy.

Yeah, I’ll be here for you my children. I always look forward to listen to their ‘story’ after their daily experiences at school.

What do you think about this topic? You might have different experience from me and my friend (who told me about her daughter). 

I would really appreciate it if you are willing to share yours 🙂 

A Happy Reunion – 4 Generation

my grandma with me

The meaning of happiness is different for everyone.

As for my kids, they will be very happy when they get some new toys, books or clothes. They will be very happy when we bring them to the amusement park.

As for me, I will be very happy when my husband tell me that we will go somewhere for holiday, because I love to go traveling.

Some people would be very happy when they can earn lots of money, their business success, when they are getting married or giving birth the baby, etc.

How about you?

How about the happiness for the elderly?

I still have my grandma and she is 84 years old now. Though she cannot walk anymore, but she is in a very healthy condition. I am thinking to do something for her to make her happy. But what should I do?

My grandma lives alone since my grandpa passed away around 14 years ago. She is a very strong woman. She loves to joking. She is very good in cooking, my favorite food that she always cooked for me whenever I stayed for few days at her house was French Bean with Prawn. She loved to bake cake. She is good in playing piano. I remember that she always had candies and will give it to her grandchildren every time we came to visit her and my grandpa. And she still has that habit until now. Now she will offer it to her great grandchildren. She loves all her children (6 children). Now she has 19 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

Last time when I studied overseas, I bought her a bag and I gave it to her when I visited her. She looked happy and accepted the bag. But I noticed that it is not what she really wanted.

Last month, on the school holiday, I went back with my kids. My husband cannot went back with us because he had so many things to do in the office. I went back together with my cousin and also her two kids. I thought about a plan to make a reunion of my grandma’s family. When I was young, we always had a gathering on Chinese new year, my grandpa’s birthday or my grandma’s birthday. I notice since my grandpa passed away, this gathering also slowly disappear. I know that everyone is busy with their own business and family.

My grandma lives in Central of Java and 4 of her 6 children also live in Central of Java. Another two live in another state, but also in Java. I discussed with my husband and my cousin who also stay in Singapore about the reunion. I was so happy when I heard that my husband and my cousin gave their full support to my idea.

I started to called my parents and my aunties who live in Central of Java. And they agreed to have this reunion. One of them said that she also miss the reunion that we always had years before. We worked all together to make this reunion come true 🙂

Initially, they worried if my grandma reject to come to this reunion. I heard that sometime my grandma doesn’t want to go out for lunch or dinner because she cannot walk anymore. But this time I was very sure that she will have a great time because she will not only meet her children and grand children. But she will also meet some of her great grandchildren. I tried to convince my parents and my aunties that my grandma will agree to go out for dinner and will have a great time.

Once I got confirmation from everybody, I went out with my mom and my auntie to make a reservation in a restaurant. I was so glad that all my grandma’s children, grandchildren and also great grandchildren who were in town came for the reunion.

My grandma said that she was confused because too many people and she cannot really remember all of her grandchildren, especially her great-grandchildren. Sometime she will ask the same question more than two times, and will keep ask about the name of her grand children, sometime she called her grandchildren wrongly. But I can see from my grandmother’s facial expressions, she was very happy that night.

Great grandma with her great grandsons

My parents and one of my auntie told me that on that night, after the dinner, my grandma said that she didn’t want to go home. She was overjoy. I was touched and happy when I heard about it.

Yeah, I, myself was also very happy with this reunion and especially that we can do this together again after some years idle. I believe that all my aunties and uncles, my parents, my brother and my cousins were all happy to stay together for dinner that night. It’s been a long time, I can sit down again together with this big family. I was also pleased when I saw my parents talked and joked with their sisters and their brothers-in-law.

I am now getting to be sure, for the elderly, the most happiest time for them is when they can sit and have dinner together with their beloved one. Though my grandma cannot play with the kids anymore, she was satisfied by seeing the kids play together.

I hope there will be another reunion. It is important to keep in touch with our family, not only with our parents and our siblings, but also with our other relatives.

One thing that I can’t get what my uncle want is that Karaoke. We were too late reserving the place for the karaoke. But at least we can have the gathering. That’s the most important. And yes, everybody was happy 🙂

With meals or without meals, with karaoke or without karaoke, reunions must remain there.

The reunion is very important to maintain a relationship with one another.