Teachers….. You will never be forgotten….

Happy teachers' day

Early this year, when I came back to my hometown, I purposely visited my Kindergarten School and my Primary School in my hometown. Not much changing on the building and the class rooms. But I only met two Primary School teachers. One of them is my favorite teacher. She didn’t recall me at the first but then she started to remember me hahahah How? I am not that kind of quite student………. Active? yeah hahaha…

Surprisingly, when I visited my kindergarten school, expected all my teachers will not be there anymore because it was more than 30 years ago. They supposed retired already. And one of the teacher told me that there is still one teacher who is still teaching since my years time in this kindergarten until now. But she was off that day and out of town for training, so that I have no chance to meet her.

I clearly remember all my teachers’ name because they are important for me. They are good teachers. I really glad that I was before being taught by them in school.

Same applies to my kids. They are still in their kindergarten years now. It was not easy that they had to started their school years earlier than mine last time. Though it is for fun but I believe it is not easy for them especially during the pre-nursery and nursery years. They even had to took the school bus. But I am glad that so far so good. Why? I believe that their teachers have a very important role to make my kids love to go to school.

Sometime they will ask “Why it is not Monday yet” 😀

Teachers have very important role for our kids. Including our Chinese tuition teachers, Sunday School teachers, Music teachers, Swimming Coach, etc.

What I learn as a parent then?

  • Trust teachers to ‘educate’ our kids.
  • Support teachers in any tasks that they give to our kids
  • Build a good relationship with teachers

Until now, we  even still keep in touch with my sons’ pre-nursery teacher. She is a very good teachers and both my kids were under her care. But we really feel grateful that our kids are under very good teachers in their school years so far.

We Just came back from long holiday and it was a long flight. My plan was to let them go back to school a day after they came back home. And it was just nice on the Teacher’s Day celebration at school.

But that is not what they want. They want to go to school once they come back. Miss their friends? Of course! But they also miss their teachers.

Yes… they love to go to school…. and one more thing…….. they love and enjoy doing their homework. So far… there is no complaint from them about their homework. Some time they even ask more and I have bought some activity books for them (they choose those books them selves).

Teachers have very important roles to make our kids love their school. And I am so happy that my kids have their best teachers so far.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers all over the world 🙂

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.”                                 – Robert John Meehan


JJ: I am big boy now, Mama!

Yes, time is fast! Fast, very fast! He is five years old now!

I still remember when I wanted to give birth him, it was my first pregnancy, I had no experience. Five years ago, the day that we’d been waiting for arrived. Baby JJ was coming to the world, to our family, to our lives.

He grows very well and healthy. We read him story everyday, yes, it was bible story. Since he was in my tummy he already listened to the story that the daddy read for him. When he was a baby until he was 3 years old, I read the story for him. He has started to read by him self when he was 4 years old. Once he can read by him self, he starts to read the story for TT until now.

He is a good teacher for his younger brother, he is a good brother for TT. He really protects his brother. Well, I find that he is not only protective to his brother but he is protective to the younger kids.

He has started to go to school since he was 2 years and 3 months. He loves his school time until now. Three hours in the school make him more mature and independent. And he loves to socialize with all his friends and teachers. His teachers have never have complaint about him. His friends love him.

Today, we celebrated his birthday at his school.. Some teachers who taught him when he was in pre-nursery and nursery, looked very happy and said that time flies. One of the  teacher’s assistant told me that JJ loves his brother so much and he knows how to take care his brother. He always stand up for his brother. He is very good. At the end she said that JJ and TT really know how to take care each other.

After celebration at school, we went to Science Centre and kids had fun there.. HAHA not only kids, but the mommy and the daddy also had fun there… The most important thing is that we can spent time together there as a family on JJ’s birthday. Another thing, we can see that JJ and TT were so happy, that’s make us happy 😉

We are his parents thanks to God for blessing us with this wonderful boy, Yes, God bless us with two wonderful boys.

Now JJ is 5 years old. Time will keep move forward. Sometime I miss the time when he was a baby and I am glad that he is growing everyday.

My hope that he will grow become good boy and good man later on. Love God, love people and full of compassion towards others.