Loving animals – Crafts

“A dog may be man’s best friend, but a child’s best friend is a puppy”. (Unknown)

Well.. I am glad that JJ and TT’s school have a project called “Community Project – Raising Fund for SPCA.

Parents and kids need to make any arts or crafts of the dog. And this project will be sold in order for the fund raising. This project’s aim is to impart and instill our children the right attitude in treating and caring for animals.

Well, this also gave them the art activity in their short break school holiday two weeks ago.  We did it together and yeah, kids also enjoyed. I cannot draw 😀 but I learnt to draw those two dogs from youtube. Initially, I planned to use stickers but my husband suggested it would be more impressive if I draw it my self. So I tried and I did it. Kids’ part is pasting those pictures. And Well, it is ready..

I hope my kids will also have the right attitude in treating and caring for animals. We don’t have any pets at home now. But I can see that they love dog, cat, fish and bird.

Well.. these two cards will be sold at the Fun Raising for SPCA. I know these two cards are very simple cards. But I am happy that I did have fun time together with my kids when we did this project together. It is not compulsory for all parents to get involved in this program, but I really hope that most of the parents and students in the school will get involved in this program. One of parents told me that she will get her daughter to make a necklace and put the picture of dog as the pendant together with her.

The result are as picture below. I do not upload pictures of the inside of those cards as it contains only text and a picture of a dog. Those pictures of the front side of those cards were drawn by me and pasted by JJ and TT. While the back side of those cards, I just stick  stickers.

Have you ever been involved in this kind of program? Would you like to share? 



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