I love my PAPA

JJ: ” I love my Papa”

TT; ” I love my Piapia (special name for his daddy)

My kids have a very good bounding with their father. I am glad that their father is willing to spend time to play with kids before they go to bed. Every day 🙂

On kids’ birthday he will take leave and we will spend time together going somewhere to celebrate kids’ birthday.

On TT’s birthday, last month, we spent time together at the Singapore Zoo. Kids are very happy, and they even rode the elephant for the first time. They love to see the map.. They think it is an adventure time. They will spend time to read the map with their daddy and will decide together which animal they plan to see next.

My kids should be grateful having Mr. Papa as their daddy. Not all daddy are willing to spend time with their kids on weekdays because some of them are very busy with their jobs. I believe that some of them also really want to spend time with their family, but they have no choice because they have to work hard for their families.

Mr. Papa will also spend his time every night with kids at home. Play with them, read the story for them, create his own story and sometime will ask the kids to sing the songs for him and will make it as it is on the show.

Mr. Papa will also spend sometime to having lunch with us, and will have a short walk with us before he come back to his office.

Fathers have a very important role in our kids’ growth, especially in their character’s growth. Kids will see how father love their mother. They will learn from their father. Yes our kids really need their father as their figure in their lives.





  1. There are many good fathers in the world, but we rarely hear about them. Movies and television in particular tend to show men who don’t care, and who are irresponsible, stupid, or cruel. Thank you for telling us about one of the good ones. I hope your kids will always appreciate him.

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