From Zero, Now THREE

Having children is a blessing for a husband and wife.

Three years ago, I gave birth TT, everything was out of our plan. The water bag bursted and we have not ready yet, my mom had not come yet. Honestly, I was not really that panic, it might because this is the second pregnancy.

I went to the hospital alone with a taxi. My husband had to take care of JJ at home. He was 21 months old that time. No contraction, but the water bag bursted already, this made me a bit worry and I asked for an operation. My doctor was very calm and asked me to wait.

Well, my husband insisted to accompany me at the labor ward, but how was about JJ? He cannot came along.. I am glad that I have one best friend, who was willing to accompany JJ staying at home and took leave from her office. She stayed overnight at my place with JJ and took a good care of JJ. JJ was fine with her. Anyway, they quite close to each other.

Since I was still at the normal ward, my husband stayed at home with JJ. One of my friends, accompanied me at the hospital and chatted with me. Midnight, the contraction came, and I called the nurse and they moved me to the labor ward. My friend had to go and my husband came to accompany me.

In the early morning around 2 am, TT born. We were so happy, but he was small because he came out earlier few weeks. But we were happy because he was very healthy. He had to stay in the hospital for four days because he was small. But then, we can brought him home at last.

JJ was very happy, I still remember the first time he can called his brother’s name, he was very glad.

TT grows well, his motor movement is very good. House become more merrier with one more family member.

Now he is 3 years old. He is a big boy now, goes to school already. He started to recognize some Chinese characters.  He knows a lot now. He is very chatty. He loves his brother, JJ. Most of the time, he will share what he has with JJ. They love each other.

We really see how much God loves him, nurture him and bless his life.

Happy birthday TT,

Jesus loves you

Daddy, Mommy and JJ love you.

Thank you God for TT



  1. Happy birthday to your little fellow. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story. That had to be a scary time for you, glad (and thankful) everything turned out well.

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