Make Your Own Story

ONE DAY………………

I have been idle for last few months and now I am so happy that I can come back writing on my blog.

Last few months, I have some problem with my time management, but I am glad that now is ok 🙂

Well, if you work as an accountant, you should know what is MYOB. If you like to eat sandwich and you stay at Australia, most probably you know what is Mr. Bird’s MYO.

Make your own… You also can encourage your children to do MYOS. Make your own Story 😀

Recently, we make a story telling to JJ and TT without the story book. Our purpose is to encourage them to do the same as we do. No story book does not mean No story. They will listen carefully and there will be their turn to do the story telling. They enjoy it! They cannot wait to take their turn!

As I mentioned on my previous post, that I read the story to both my kids since they were baby, and they really like story telling until now. JJ can read the story book already. And he really happy when we bring him to the book shop or library. Though TT still cannot read yet but he also like to go to the book shop or library. JJ and TT’s teachers told me that both of them are very attentive in listening on the story.

Once, JJ’s teacher told me that JJ is very good in story telling (Make his own story). I am so proud of him. Every time JJ makes his own story, TT will start to follow what he does. TT has started to make his own story already.

Let me share with you one of the stories of JJ (4 years old plus) and also one of the stories of TT (coming to be 3 years old), though it is only a short stories but we are glad with their efforts 🙂


He gave the tittle of his story: The Boy and The Tiger

“One day, the boy is playing outside. His mother is cooking. The tiger is coming. The boy is running and the mother saves the boy and brings him home. The End”


He didn’t give and tittle to his story 🙂

“One day, the boy doesn’t like to eat strawberries. He eats apple. Hmmmm… Nice…

The End”

Those two stories are very simple, but they use their imagination to make their own stories and they were very happy when they have us as their audiences. We applauded and said ” Nice Story!” as a reward for their efforts after listening to their stories. It is to encourage them to make some more new stories.

I heard from some of my friends, they also do the story telling to their kids. Yes, we need to do it. It will build their own imagination and creativity to make their own story. And they will ask us to sit down and listen to their story just like what JJ and TT do.

I believe that some of you might have the same experience as mine. It would be great if you are willing to share with us here 🙂



  1. Reading leads to Story telling, which leads to writing – lots and lots of writing. One of my boys writes his own plays and one boy makes up his own comic books.

    It’s all good, so keep going!

    1. Hi Narelle, wow your boys are so amazing… do they also like to draw? they can make their own comic… JJ can read now.. He practises more in writing now 🙂

  2. TT’s story delights me because at his young age he realizes it’s ok not to like something because the world is full of choices and we’re bound to like some of them so we move on…kid with great philosophy!
    Yulia, this is wonderful that your boys are learning to share stories and listen to one another. What great imaginations!

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