I have a dream………

A doctor? an athletes? a businessman? a pilot? an accountant? or what?

I have never thought that I will become an accountant one day. But I was.

When I was young, I had a dream to become a singer :p yes, I loved to sing. I even went for singing contest when I was 10 yo and I had been started singing in the church since I was very young. But now, no more 😀

My parents had a dream, they hoped that one of us will become a doctor. At the end, none of us become a doctor 🙂 Were they disappointed? No. They are satisfied with what we are now. They can see all of their children are married and have their own family now. They know that they have right to have a dream but they have no right to impose their dream to their children.

What is your dream? What do you want your child to be in the future?

Is it wrong to have a dream? Nothing wrong with that. I wish one of my sons will become violinist. But will they be? I don’t know.

When I asked JJ, what does he want to be in the future, he said that he wants to be a fire fighter. Then I asked his reason why he wants to become a fire fighter. He said that he can help people. The few days later, I asked him the same question, he gave me different answer. He said he wants to be a policeman and catch the bad guy. There was one day he said he wants to be a pilot because he likes an air plane. On the other day he said he want to become a racer. TT told me before that he is a doctor. Each kids with their own dream.

One of my friends, told me that his parents really hoped that he will love to play piano. They asked him to learn piano since he was very young. In my own  opinion, there is nothing wrong to encourage our kids to play piano since they are very young. The problem here is that he didn’t like it, but his parents forced him to continue learning piano. He can play piano well, but still he dislike it up to now.

Kids have their own dreams. We also have our own. We may encourage our kids to learn something that we think it is good for them to learn but don’t force them to do it. We may encourage them to be someone that we want them to be, but don’t force them.

It would be better to find out what they like and what they want to be in the future, find their strong point and encourage them 🙂

Let them become what they want to be as long it is positive. What we have to do is to direct them to the right track in their lives.



  1. I wanted to become a doctor but before a college professor and then many other things since… I am involved in the alternative healing arts so I’m not far from what I wanted as a child… Great post. 🙂

  2. Yulia,
    What a wonderful post! You are so right about letting children follow their own paths. We can and should give them opportunities to learn and try many things…but in the end, they will make the choice. It reminds me of a story called BRAVO, MAURICE. The baby, Maurice, is born and his parents and grandparents each think he will grow up to be whatever they are…baker, gardener, etc. Each adult encourages Maurice to learn and try what they are passionate about. Maurice does and he enjoys each…but in the end, he loves singing the most and his family are all supportive of this choice.

  3. getting the balance right between support and pushing, advising and telling, helping and taking-over is very difficult, and a line we parents have to tread all the time ! Good post.

  4. Yes, you can suggest, encourage, and support, but in the end they have to go with what’s in their heart.

    I said to my boys that I would like them to learn music and thought they would choose piano. No, one chose trumpet and the other clarinet. The little fella thinks he will choose trumpet too.

    I think it’s good to communicate high expectations for behaviour, morality, and work ethic. Good manners go a long way. In the long run, you just have to hope that the lessons stick, and make life easier for them.

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