Two Ways

                           A parent = A teacher                         A child = A teacher

When your kids are ready to go to school, It means they will have to study at home and at the school. They will not only study academic but  at home, they will learn from us, so we are their teacher. It is not only us, but also their siblings, their siblings will also become their teachers. At school, their teacher will be their friends and their teachers.

I always ask my sons to listen to me and obey me. And yes they will, sometime 😀 To be honest,  sometime I only remember that I am Mrs. Right and their teacher without realize that my sons are also my teachers.

The easiest example is about forgiveness.

People around us, can see that my sons have a very strong bounding towards each others. It doesn’t mean that they have never quarrel, they did and one will make another one cry. Afterwards, they will not play together around 5 minutes.

5 minutes… It is very fast, right and they will play together again. Sometime I will encourage one of them who hurt his sibling to say sorry. And it is very easy for kids to forgive and they will play together again.

Last Friday, when we picked him up, his teacher talked to TT and TT didn’t want to go home with us. He hold tight JJ’s teacher. I know he wants to be in school. JJ’s teacher teased JJ and said, ” He wants to be here, bye bye JJ” Yes and TT was bye bye to us. JJ’s eyes started watery and say NO. He tried to pull TT’s hand and wanted to bring TT home with him. Though they quarrel sometime, but they always like and be happy to be together. They have already forgotten all their quarrels.

Why do they easy to forgive? I think there must be love. Love has a very strong power, so they are easily forget their quarrel. I have to learn from them.

It is different from adult who will spend at least one hour to forgive. I have a close term with my brothers but it doesn’t mean that we have never had any misunderstanding towards each other. Honestly, when I had a misunderstanding with my brother, it will take me longer time to forgive him. It’s a shame right? But whenever I am not happy with someone, I start to remember how my kids forgive others. I really need to learn from them.

Therefore, I call it TWO WAYS. It is not that only the kids who should learn from us but also, we need to learn from them. It is not only in forgiveness but also in other aspects.

It would be great if you are willing to share your thought related to this topic, as it is not only about forgiveness but also in other aspects.

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:4, NIV) 



  1. People do find it hard to forgive, and children are wonderful teachers.

    I find it easy to forgive, but I have never had great harm done to me. I wonder how easy it would be then?

    1. Hmm.. I think if it won’t be so easy to forgive when someone had been done with a great harm. They will need sometime to heal the wound. But as the time goes by they will forgive them.
      However, people will need to forgive others then they will set themselves free from hatred (my own opinion)

  2. We can learn a lot from our children, they are wonderful teachers of unconditional love, living in the moment and living a life of joy and fun. Young children will easily let go of all the negative stuff that we as adults will cling on to, they just want to be happy and have fun.

    There is a wonderful quote from Angela Schwindt – “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

    Love, Light & Blessings
    Trina x

    1. Hi Trina, Thank you for your sharing here. Yes, I totally agree with you that they are wonderful teachers of unconditional love 🙂
      Thank you for the wonderful quote 🙂

  3. Your kids are so cute. What a beautiful age they are.

    Unfortunately, all I’m doing with my kids at the moment is conflict management and tactics to keep them separated. The two older boys are driving each other crazy. We’ve hit the tweens, and the roller coaster is no longer undulating, it’s getting a lot bumpier. I am learning how to be very centred and calm though.

      1. I see.. It might be because my sons are still very young so I still have no idea about this. Thank you for the information, Narelle. This is a very important information for me.

  4. When someone has wronged me, I try to remember how fully Christ forgives us, and ask for His forgiveness to shine through me. There have been times that I have practically had to force myself to say “I forgive you”–but those words were coupled with an earnest, silent prayer for help for my cold heart. Truly we can learn from the children who are so willing to forgive, over and over if need be, just for the sake of the relationship.

    A couple weeks ago in church, our speaker said that when we choose to forgive someone, it is like giving God a gift, because then the chances of that person (whom He gave everything for) staying encouraged and actually making it to Heaven becomes that much greater. I like that thought.

    Yulia, I really appreciate your choices for topics and your positive outlook on life as a parent. I would like to pass The Versatile Blogger Award on to you. 🙂

    –Sheila 🙂

    1. Hi Shella, thank you for sharing here 🙂 yes you are right, about “it is like giving God a gift”
      This remind me to one sentence ” don’t always think what has God done for us, but try to think what we have done for God”

      Thank you for The Versatile Blogger Award. I really appreciate it 🙂

  5. I’ve been a teacher for my daughters at house since they are at kindergarten, and that is one of my favourite tasks. It is such a lovely task we do for our children, though it becomes harder when they are studying at higher levels. Now that thay are studying at high school sometimes it gets hard to remember some maths or physics matters in order to help them. I don’t want to think about how I will manage when they will be at University!

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