Sounds Simple but Meaningful

Busy in the office? Boring in the office? Fed up with your job?


Busy at home? Boring at home? Fed up with your daily routine?

Why don’t you take time for relax, go out for lunch with your loved ones, it will make your day bright.

Other than weekend, public holiday and daddy’s leave day (from the office), it is very seldom for us having lunch with the daddy. Yes, he has to work and only has one hour for his  lunch time.

The last time we had lunch together with the daddy during his working day was on December, last year. WOW!!!  As I write this post, I realized that it is almost one year ago since we had time to have lunch together during the working day.

Last week we had chance to “kidnap” the daddy on his lunch time, to have lunch with us on JJ’s birthday. We met up on the place near his office and had our lunch around that area. We were very happy, and kids, especially were very happy. We came half an hour earlier before the lunch time so that there will not be so many people. We had a very simple lunch! Sandwiches and ice chocolate for us. One little chocolate cup cake became JJ’s birthday cake. It was a very precious time for us.

Another idea came across in my mind, since it was on school holiday, so that the kids and I still had another chance to ask the Daddy to come out with us for lunch again. This time is Indonesian food! And he was more than happy to have lunch with us 🙂 Though it was only one hour, but it was a very precious time. The most important thing is that we enjoyed our togetherness.

This week, JJ has already come back to school. My husband and I plan to have another lunch together on the next school holiday.

How about you? Think to have a quick, fast and nice lunch time with your loved ones?

I know it sounds simple, but yes, it is very meaningful 🙂 



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