Little surprises from my little ones


That’s just an example of surprise. Most of the time, the word surprise are used for birthday occasion.

Last year, on the mothers’ day, when JJ was still in the pre-nursery class, JJ gave me a little surprise. Every day, after school, I will always open his school bag to check if there is a note from his teacher. On that day, I took the handmade greeting card (Happy Mothers’ day) from his school bag and when I showed it to him, suddenly he said “Surprise, Mama”.

Though it is only a simple mothers’ day card, but it means a lot for me because it made by him, and it was the first surprise that he gave to me (he was only 2 years and 8 months).

On the next day, when I picked him up from the school bus, JJ gave me a hint once he went down from the school bus, and said “Surprise mama, Surprise!” Than I became so curious and opened his bag, hoping to get something again from him. And, YES, a handmade book mark with Chinese character MAMA WO AI NI (Mama, I love you). Though the Chinese character was not done by him, but I can see that the decoration was done by him.

On the mothers’ day this year, I got a surprise in the morning. I was still on bed and sleeping, suddenly, JJ and TT came to me and waked me up and said ” Happy mothers’ day” and gave me this beautiful card. This card was done by both of them, supervised by my husband. JJ wrote and drew and the colouring was done by TT.

Recently, few days ago, JJ went back from school, but he was picked up by his daddy. Once he reached home, he showed me something. It is a necklace. He was so proud and he said that he made it himself and it is for me. My heart is melted 🙂 I like it, and he cannot stop to tell me how he made it and he wants to make some more.

I used to make some necklaces and gave them all to my relatives and friends. Never thought that someone will give me a necklace. And JJ did it 🙂

Yes, I am so blessed that I have them, I can see that both of them want to make me happy 🙂 Looking forward to another little surprise from them. Their little and simple surprise really make my day bright, make me smile 🙂

How about you? I believe you must have the same experience like mine. Would you like to share with us? 



  1. fong u’re kids are funtastic, i’m happy to read u’re story. Can’t wait next surprise they will give to you.
    My children were give a lot of surprise for me to. Kids always can touch our heart so deeply isn’t it?
    Nice sharing

    1. Hi dik, I am glad to hear that your kids also give you a lot of surprises 🙂 That’s good. Indeed, kids are precious gifts from God who can make us smile and happy 🙂
      Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. those hand made gifts are so special. my eldest boy always gives me a necklace or key ring and card that he has made for mothers day. the nicest gifts you will ever receive.

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