Basic important words for our kids

Once the babies came to the world, they will become part of the society. Though what they know is only crying, drinking milk and sleeping, but they need to adjust with everything around him. Different situation with the time they were in their mom’s womb. They were protected.

As for my kids, we really think that we need to teach them some basic words that they might to know how to use it since they were very young.

1. Bye bye

Bye bye is the first word my children other than the word papa mama. This word is one of important words to be used in the society. we don’t only encourage them to say bye bye to some people that they are know but also for some people that they do not know, such as: Taxi driver, shop sales, etc. It might be a very simple word, and some people might think that this word is nothing, but I believe it means something for some people.

Every Sunday, after Sunday service, we always take MRT, and there is one uncle (the security, I suppose) who always stand there. JJ and TT will always say bye bye to that uncle. That uncle will always look happy and smile because of this simple word plus our kids’ smile:)

2. Hello

This is also a basic and important word that our kids need to learn when to use it. It will not only be used when the kids meet other people but also be used on the phone. As for my kids, most of the time they will say hello to the uncle driver when they took a taxi. They will also say hello to the waiters of a restaurant. But sometime they will say it to the stranger 🙂 Since it is under our control and supervision, we are ok if they want to say hello to the stranger. Sometime they will have a conversation with stranger such as shop attendant, etc.

One day, in the lift there was a man with a very sad face. I can see that he was in trouble. JJ said hello to him, followed by TT. This uncle’s face was change from sad to happy 🙂 It also happened to the bus driver who was very happy when my sons said ‘hello’ to him.

3. Excuse me

This word slightly difficult for TT to pronounce. It was also a bit difficult for JJ to pronounce, but it is easy for him to pronounce now. These words will train them to be a polite children. For example, when they need to cross the path of others.

4. Sorry

This is another important word. They will need to know how to use this word. It is not just say sorry to others. I want them really understand when and why they will need to use this word. Every time JJ and TT made a mistake toward each other and toward me and my husband, they will need to say sorry.

I will ask them what they are sorry for.  JJ will tell me why he say sorry. I want to make sure that he has the reason why he say sorry. When he doesn’t really look to understand the reason, my husband or I will explain to him what mistake he has made and cause them to say sorry. As for TT, since he is only 2 years old now and still not talking fluently and still learning to say sorry, we will ask him to say sorry to his brother, or others, and explain to him the reason why we ask him to say sorry.

5. Please

This word has an important role in my kids lives. We really want them to have a good habit to say this word when they need others’ help.

Every time TT needs his brother help, we will ask him to say please to his brother, so that he will say “Ko (bro), I want ball, please” Yeah we do not want both our sons to be bossy around. So they has to learn to mention this word “please” when they need others’ help to do something for them.

6. Thank you

This is another important word to appreciate others. They have to say thank you, to appreciate whatever other people has done, given and helped for them. Though it is only small things, still we will encourage our kids to say thank you 🙂

JJ’s school bus attendant often gives him either a small gift or cookies and candies. She always give to JJ and TT (Though TT has not joined the school bus yet). Yah, we know that she loves our kids, but we really want our kids to appreciate what she has done for them. I will ask JJ whether he has said thank you to her or not. In a case JJ has not say thank you to her, we will ask JJ to call her and say thank you to her on the same day.

Every time JJ helps TT, we will encourage TT to say thank you to JJ. If he forget, we will remind him. It also apply when they take taxi or somebody give them present or gift. We want our children to learn to appreciate all the effort that has been done by others for them even though it is for small things.

There are still many example that I cannot tell you all through this post. I am very sure you also have the same experience as mine.

By writing this post, doesn’t mean that my sons can do all these six words without any mistakes. We as their parents, still need to always remind them, explain to them and guide them on using these six words.

I believe there are still so many basic words which I miss. Do you mind to add some more basic words that our kids need to be aware since they have become the part of the society? 



  1. I love the sound of my name being spoken, whispered, called, remembered. I think children absorb as much from our tone as from the words we choose to share with them.

    Words like “family” “friend” “love” evoke powerful feelings and equally powerful memories. I hope that I have managed to pass on to my children a lifelong and steady appreciation for all three.

    Great post, Yulia!

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