Bonds between brothers

Quarrelling?  YES

Make each other cry? YES

Love each other? YES

Sharing? Sometime

Help each other? YES

Most of the time, we are talking about bonds between parents and children, between mothers and their babies

Today I would like to share bonds between brothers. Back to my childhood time, I have a quite strong bonds with my brothers. Up till now, we are still quite close to each other, though three of us leave in three different place, it doesn’t mean that we are loss contact. Well, thank you to the founder of telephone 😀 and now the internet is also so advance, so we can even chat with YM or FB.

But I will not share a lot about my bonds with my brothers. I would like to share the bonds between JJ and TT. They quarrel almost every day, but if we ask them, do you love your brother? YES.

We notice that every time JJ or TT go alone, they will not be as happy as they go along together. One day, JJ was not feeling well, so he had to stay at home with his daddy, and TT still needed to go to the Sunday school with me. TT was very excited that he will go out but when he realized that JJ did not go with him, he kept quite and looked unhappy. When he reached home, he jumped for joy 🙂

It was slightly different with JJ, when he has to go alone without TT, he will still be happy, but he will not stay for long outside and want to go back home and play with his brother. There was a time, when I went out only with JJ, I bought him something, and he told me that he wanted me to buy another one for TT.

Every morning, when TT wakes up, his first question will be “Where is Koko (Brother) JJ?” Then I answer him, JJ goes to school, later we’ll pick him up downstairs, ok.” And he will be very happy when it is the time to pick up his brother. Once he sees his brother’s school bus, he will be very excited.

When we go out together, sometime JJ will hold TT’s hand especially when TT try to run away from us, he will run and stop his brother.

Recently, TT didn’t want to finish his milk. I tried to persuade him to finish his milk, he said NO. My hubby also did the same thing but the result was still FAILED. JJ then tried his luck, and he asked TT, “TT do you want to sleep?” TT answered him,” Yah” JJ said, “Drink your milk first, ok!” TT answered,”OK” and he finished his milk 😀

There are still so many stories that I cannot share them all here 😀 But I really want to hear from you about the bonds between siblings. You might want to share a little bit about your kids’ bond?



  1. The relationship will change as they grow older. It will possibly have highs and lows as they try to form their own identity and their independence.

    We tell our boys “friends come and go, but brothers are forever”.

  2. My boys are the same; one is in school and the other not. Neighbors are surprised at the hugs and kisses every day before they part. We also support a strong relationship; “He’s the only brother you have. You have to take care of each other.”
    Precious. (And I love the picture)

    1. Hi Jen, thank you for your sharing 🙂
      what a surprise, I also always told them those words 🙂
      “He is the only brother you have, only two of you so that you have to take care of each other”
      But there was one time, when I told them those words, my oldest son answered me ” But I want three, mom” =))

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