Giving is a blessing

Giving your money, giving your time, giving your energy, giving your effort, etc.

I think you can easily guess what I am about to say in this post 🙂

If you stay in Singapore, you will find some people who do voluntary job who will  offer you to do donation. Some of them are students. I always think that their school ask them to do so and not from their own initiative, until I am talking to a young man last weekend.

Last Saturday, while we were waiting for JJ in his Chinese tuition class, we were walking around Orchard road. There was a young lady who stopped us and asked us if we wanted to donate some money for the needy (for children). She was in her school uniform. We thought she did the volunteer under her school. While we waited for the traffic light, a young man who was in his school uniform came to me and offer me if I wanted to donate some money to the same social organisation which the previous girl did the volunteer to. He is a very friendly young man and he asked me if I wanted to cross the street. Then we enter into a conversation. I asked him, if he did the volunteer because the school asked him to do it. He explained to me that he did this voluntary job because he wanted to do it, it is his own initiative. He did not do it because his school asked him to do so. And he showed me his partner who is from another school. They are junior college students. I can see that they are very happy and enjoy their voluntary job.

Honestly, I am so proud of that young man and all his friends. Instead of spend their weekend hang in out with their friends, they prefer to spend their time to do a voluntary job.  I told that young man that I hope when my sons grow up will do something useful for others, just like what he does.

I will never forget to the day when the first time I gave JJ $2,- and I told him that he can used the money to buy what he wanted. It might be candy or cookie. But when he saw a young lady with her school uniform and offer a donation, he decided to put that money in to the donation box and he got a sticker from that young lady. I was quite surprise and I saw he was so happy, I do not know he was so happy because he got a sticker as a return or he was happy because he was giving. Most likely he was happy because he got a sticker. I believe, that one day he will know the meaning of donation or charity.

We encourage our sons to donate to the needy, though it is not a big amount. It is not the amount which is important, but the willingness.

Every time they give money to the needy or donate some money, we guide and explain to them what is donation and who is the needy. They might not really understand what is donation and who is the needy but I believe what we explain to them won’t be a waste.

Now, almost every time when JJ and TT see disable people or students with a donation box, they will ask us coin and put it into the donation box. In some supermarket, they also provide a donation box, and if they see it then they will ask us coins. It might be fun for them but as I said, they will understand the meaning one day later and will become a good habit for them. What we need to do is continue to guide them.

Has anyone had the same experience as what we have?


You might be the one of the volunteers?

It is good to encourage our children to do something positive for others, help the needy since they are young. We live in a society so that it will be better if we open our eyes widely and try to help others as long as it is within our abilities.

When we talk about donation, it does not only mean donate our money, but it can be our time, our effort, our energy, etc.

When we can give our hands to others, it is a blessing for the needy and also a blessing for us .



  1. It sounds like you are raising a very generous young man! I hope that my children will grow up to be as generous with their time as the young man and woman you describe.

    I’m grateful for your post because it reminds me of all of the good-hearted young people that exist even though teenagers so often get a bad reputation.

  2. This is lovely Yulia.

    I work in a disadvantaged community and take my kids along to events that we have organised for families. I also do volunteer work.

    I hope that some of what they see will give them empathy for others, and perspective.

    1. Thank you Narelle.
      It is good to hear that you also do the volunteer work. I start to do again, but still have not have chance to take my kids along. But I really hope that one day I will do the voluntary work together with my sons and my husband 🙂

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