Our presence is more important than our presents

It is a common thing that kids love presents 🙂 They will be very happy every time they receive a present from others. Every time, when my eldest son’s friends celebrate their birthday, he will be very happy to bring and give the presents to his friends, but he will ask me, “where is my present ?”

I know that he cannot wait until his birthday (which is few months ahead) to get his birthday present. But today, he told me that he wants to celebrate his birthday in the school with his friends and teacher, same as what we did when he was in the pre-nursery class last year. He said that he wants to give presents to all his classmates (goodies bags) but he didn’t mention about the present for him self. He said ” later, papa, mama, and TT come to my class and we take picture like last year when JJ was younger” His words really make my heart melted 🙂 He wants our presence not the present.

We always attending to almost all his school activities which involve parents and students. But there was one day we really didn’t know that JJ will have performance in his school. When I picked him up from his school bus, he asked me, “Mama, why you didn’t come and watch me sing a song? Almost all of my friends have their papa mama there”. I was surprised, and i said sorry to him. And he laughed and said “It’s ok, mama.” I was so sad, I didn’t know that he will have performance that day.

On the parent – teacher meeting, his teacher also asked me why I didn’t come that day. And I explained to her that I didn’t know. His teacher said that she tried to call me two time before the performance day and wanted to ask me to come because on the preparation of the performance, JJ sang and danced very well. His pre-nursery teacher also asked his nursery teacher to called me to make sure I will come and not to miss this performance. That was the first time we missed his performance.

Though he was not angry and told me that it was ok, but I believe that he was sad. We also regret that we missed that performance.

From my experience, for us, our presence is more important than our presents. He didn’t expect anything other that our presence on his performance. But I am glad that his teacher said that he did very well on the performance and indeed he is a happy boy.

This is a lesson to learn for us that we should pay more attention to our kids, giving them presents will make them happy, but they would be more than happy if they get our presence 🙂



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