Time will never come back

Time is running very fast, don’t you feel it?  July is almost finish, another 5 months then there will be 2012. January 2012 my younger son will also go to school together with his brother. There will be only me at home in the morning. Think that the house will be very quite and I will feel lonely.

We are getting old and our sons are growing. We will miss the moment when they were kids. The moment when they started to talk, started to walk will never come back. I am glad that my husband and I can see their growth everyday, from they were babies until now. From they only laid down on their baby crib, Feel like suddenly they can run here and there 😀 They only drank milk, now they eat what we eat. They only cried and smile, now they cry, smile, laugh, talk a lot and even give us so many questions.

TT starts to talk a lot with his special tone and likes to sing and dance now. This reminds us to JJ when he was at TT’s age. My husband told me, that time is running so fast, he longed the time when JJ started to talk too. He cannot really remember how JJ talked that time. How JJ called Papa and Mama on the first time. I still can remember though I don’t remember all, it might because I stay at home with him and take care of him everyday. Of course we also have some videos of JJ and TT when they were younger than now, but still, the video is limited and can not capture all the moment.

Life is go on, time moves forward and will never move backward. we really have to treasure every minutes that we have with our kids, cause that time will never come back.



  1. It is always a shock when the last child goes to school. A different phase starts – just as interesting, just as hard work, just as rewarding.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I found it easy to let my youngest go, and enjoyed the time to myself. I think I’m one of the few mothers to admit that 🙂

    What I really missed, and still do, five years later, is the walk to and from school every day, when we would chat, and play and laugh and bicker. Special times.

    1. It might it will be the first time for me being at home alone when my youngest start to go to school on January next year, so I imagine how quite this house will be. Hope I can be the same as you, enjoy the time to my self for few hours every day, later on 😀

  3. Treasure every moment, they grow so quickly. They seem to get older quicker when they go to school because you spend less time with them.

    Try to keep a journal of the things they do and say. I have found that sleep deprivation has messed with my memory, and it’s wonderful to go back to the journals.

    Kids love going back through the photos and videoa time and time again.

    1. Hi Narelle, I think you are right, I find my oldest son get older quicker than the youngest, because he has been in the school since last year. I spend less time with him 😦
      I will do what you suggest to me, I should continue to keep a journal about them. Yeah they do really love to see their pictures and their videos.

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