Little Teacher for Little Brother

When we talk about teacher, what will come first in our mind?

It could be teacher in the school, tuition teacher, enrichment teacher, music teacher, sport teacher, Sunday school teacher, etc.

But I won’t talk about these kind of teachers. I am talking about our older son who can become a teacher for his younger brother. I think that most of younger children will follow what his older siblings do. So some of you who have more than one children might have same experience as mine.

I am very busy with the house works and don’t really have time to spend with the kids. I know that I need to learn more about Time Management 😀 I am more than happy if you are willing to share and give me some input about how to manage our time correctly.

I only managed to teach TT the alphabet letters from A-E. But suddenly I find that he can  read almost all the alphabet letters. Same thing also goes for colours and shapes. Suddenly he knows all the basic colours. He even can make a triangle using his fingers. He even started draw a fish before he was reach two years old.

JJ might not teach him in purpose but sometime I heard he said to his brother, ” Do you want me to help you?” or sometime ” Let me help you lah

I remember when TT acknowledged all the alphabet letters as an A, JJ was the one who  will make a correction and told his brother ” No, TT. This is R not A, ok!”

Sometime I praise him for being a ”teacher” for his brother ” wow.. are you the one who teach TT doing this?” Good job JJ!” Then I can see that he is proud and satisfied.

I think it would be very important for us to teach our older son carefully because most of the time our younger son will follow his brother. Before meal time and bed time, we will always ask our sons to pray. I notice that TT will see what JJ does and he will follow. Now he also follow words by words of the prayer. Every day I will ask them to sit down and do some activities together for half an hour before they taking their afternoon nap. They will do some activities such as colouring and writing and sometime reading. There was one day that TT tried to write letter D on his book. He saw what his brother do and wanted to follow. The result was, he did it! He wrote letter D and B, though it is still a little bit mess 😀

It’s all worth for me, staying at home, giving up my job and taking care of my kids. Seeing them grow together is one of my happiness 🙂



  1. It’s a good thing that you teach the older child to help the younger one as kids look up to their siblings; especially in the formative years. Nice post. Thank you for stopping my blog… 🙂

  2. Hi Yulia,
    How lovely to meet you! You visited my blog on Nancy’s suggestion and I am visiting yours. I LOVE it! This post made me cry and think back and remember when my two sons (I also have a daughter…she is the youngest) were little. I am sorry to say the oldest was not usually so caring and supportive of his younger brother. But we can only do our best to encourage love between siblings. 🙂 And it sounds to me that you are doing a WONDERFUL job! I will follow your blog now and look forward to reading more about you and your lovely family.

    1. Hi Vivian, thank you for your willingness visiting and following my blog 🙂 I am also glad to find your blog. Nancy is right, I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you to Nancy too 🙂 And your recent post is just what I need to know since my younger son will go to pre-nursery next year… I will need to learn from you more

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