Best Friends

Do you have friends? How many friends do you have?

Everyone should have friends but of course not all of your friends are your best friends.

One day, my husband told me if you have at least five best friends, it means you are very rich. I have my husband and my two sons as my best friends, I also have my parents, my two brothers and my two sister in laws as my best friends. Besides my family, I also have other best friends. It makes me very rich 🙂

But… Best friends are not only for teenagers and adults but also for kids 🙂

As for my sons, both of them are very rich too because they also have more than five best friends for sure 🙂

This June’s school holiday is too long for JJ and he really enjoyed playing with his brother during this school holiday. Moreover, he had one more week extra for his school holiday because we needed to attend my cousin’s wedding and also had a family gathering for a week.

“Mom, I don’t want to go to school, I want to stay at home and play with you and TT” JJ said. I told him that he needs to come back to school because the school holiday is over and all of his classmates is waiting for him. But he insisted that he wanted to stay at home.

When it came to the day that he had to go back to school he kept crying, in the school bus and also at school. But I was glad that I found him happy and cheerful as usual when he came back from school. At the same day, in the afternoon, his teacher called me and told me that in the first time he was crying in the school and wanted to go home. His teacher than told me that JJ calmed down because his best friends came to him and asked him to play together.

I  always have two best friends who always stay with me day and night everyday and they really make my day colourful. I am very glad to be with them everyday. It is a blessing. Even though they are quarrelling sometime, sometime they also make me angry but most of the time they make me laugh, smile and happy 🙂 At night there will be another best friend who will join us, he is my husband. Your family is your best friend too. Therefore, sometime I really miss my childhood. I am glad that I have never loss contact with my parents and my brothers though we are not living in the same country now. All thanks to God.



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