Sharing and Togetherness

“TT, do you want to share or not?” JJ asked his brother. “Yes.” Said TT.

Though it is not easy for both of them to share and give in sometime, but they have no choice, they have to learn. It is part of learning for them. Quarrel? Of course, sometime. They are kids 🙂

Some parents would prefer to buy same toys for their kids, they might do this to avoid quarrelling between their kids. I had the same thought before but then I change my mind. We prefer buy different toys for both of them and they will learn to share to each other, play together and they will have more toys then 🙂

They don’t always want to share, some time they want to have the same toy and they only have one. That will make them quarrel and we have to stop them. Fortunately, they won’t quarrel for a long time. They will start to share and take turn. We also teach them that when they want something from their brother, they will need to ask nicely and don’t forget to say thank you.

“Put here, TT.” JJ said. What do you think they were doing? They start to cleaned up and put back their balls to the bag before their afternoon nap. Sometime when JJ has finished his part, he will bring the bag to his brother and it will be easier for his brother to do his part.

One day, TT asked me to do something for him. I asked him to ask his brother to help him. It is not that I don’t want to help him, but I want them to learn to help each other. “Koko JJ, ini gimana?” (‘Brother JJ, how is this?”) , TT asked JJ. And JJ answered: “Like this…”

Learning is a process. They will learn to share and know about togetherness, so that they will help each other as well.

I want them not only become brothers, but also a team and best friend who will help each other 😉



  1. Yulia, Thanks for dropping by my blog. DIL is still having a rough time and while we are blessed to have their little one in our family she still has a long way to go before she is well.

    I have three boys so I understand all about what you’re talking about with your boys learning to share. My boys are older now and while they fought as kids they are mates now which is all I ever wanted

    1. Hi Fi, I am sorry to hear about your DIL, I though she has started recover. Hope she will be fine soon.
      I am glad to hear that your boys are older and become mates now 🙂 You are really a great mother 🙂
      As you know that not all siblings can become best friends forever, some of them will fight because of something, such as wealth, etc.
      I want my boys will always help each other and love each other, just like my brothers and me 🙂
      I want them to be best friend too until they grow old 🙂
      Therefore I still need to learn more about parenting.

      Thank you Fi for sharing your thought

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