Out of the Daily Routine

“Ma, tomorrow we will go with airplane, right?” this question came from JJ a week ago.

HOLIDAY!!! That’s right. We need holiday! JJ n TT need holiday (that’s what they’ve been mumbling recently, “Go, go, yuk“).

I need holiday, definitely. And I bet, YOU also need it! Not sure about my husband who is crazy about his new gadget, but I think he needs it as well (I know it 🙂 )

It is really a need for us to take a break and out of our daily routine. It’s not only good for my self but also good for my husband and my kids.

Though it was only one week but it is really meaningful and enjoyable. I don’t have to cook, my husband doesn’t have to go to the office, my older son doesn’t have to go to school and my younger son can go out and play at the new place and meet some new friends.

The most important thing is that we can focus to each other instead of focusing on our own activities.

Sometime people just focus on their daily activity and routine without realize that they have it enough and really need to go out from it. They have chance to release from stress of their job but they still choose to keep working and ignoring their chance to take a break.

When the air-plane is about to landed, JJ said “Singapore”. Now we are here, at Singapore again and have to come back to our daily routine, but I can see that all of us are satisfied with this holiday, my sons are also happy to be at home again and play together like usual and my husband come back to work in front of his notebook. Everything just come back to normal now, but I can see that our energy are replenished.

Finally here we are, come back from our holiday to our home sweet home.

But….. Can’t wait for the next holiday!



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