Let them talk

There is nothing wrong with our kids for being talk active.

My older son always ask me some question every time we go out now. And he really enjoy talking. Keep talking to your kids and you will find that it is so wonderful.

JJ: mama do you want barbie cake?                                                                       Mama: Yes, will you buy for me?                                                                                  JJ: I don’t have money. Later I getting bigger, daddy will give me money. I will buy for you, ok

Mama: TT, mama go out first and you go to sleep                                                 TT: No, sleep!                                                                                                 Mama: but mama has to work                                                                               TT: No, sleep!                                                                                                   After a while….                                                                                                        TT: ok, go!

Above are just some sample of my son’s conversations with us.

Some parents will find that it is so boring to listen to their kids and some might feel that these kids just talk nonsense and irritating them. They don’t realized that by discourage their kids to talk when they are young will give a bad impact for the kids when they grow up later.

I heard someone yelled at her son when her son keep talking to her, “Shut up! You are too captious!”

One day, when we were on the way home, in the taxi car, my older son kept talking and we just let him talk and keep response to him. Suddenly, the taxi driver started the conversation with us. He told us what he has done to his daughters when they were young. He always shouted to them when they started to talk to him. The reason was it was irritating him and for him, they talked nonsense. Now his daughters are grow up already but they have problem in communication with other people such as to their colleagues. He regrets but it is too late for him now. I told him that he still can make it up by response to his grandchildren later when they start to talk to him later.

Don’t do something that you will regret later on, let them talk even though what they say might not be interesting and important for you.

My older son is talk active now, and looks like my younger one will be soon. We just let them talk what they want to talk (since it is positive words). My older son’s school bus attendance told me that recently my older son is getting more talk active now, but this make her loves my son more. I am glad that my sons are talk active. He will ask so many question, though sometime he will repeat his question. We will always need to encourage him and answer his question.



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