My kids’ little library

Someone gave us a little book shelf,  it is not new but   it is still perfectly fine. Firstly, I still had no idea what will I do with this book shelf. Suddenly, I realized that my sons’ book have no place to keep, so far we just leave them on the table. I was thinking to keep all those books into this book shelf. It was decided then. Well I started to move all those books into this book shelf, and give it a name “Little Library” and told my sons that this book shelf will become their library.

Just the simple one but I believe that it will teach my sons so many things, such as: they will need to tidy up those books and put them back to the book shelf once they finish read them. Or may be they will start to learn to know what books they have.

Since they love books, I would like to encourage them by buying some more useful books for them to read. I can see that they are happy with their little library, though it is only the small one but it means so much for them.

It’s little but it’s fun 🙂



  1. That’s a great idea. We resorted to sets of drawers for all of the soft-covered books our boys have – they just wouldn’t stay upright on the shelf and drove me insane by falling down all the time! Love to hear stories of children who enjoy books. So important.

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