Father’s love and bond to his sons

JJ and Daddy

Like some other father and son relationship, JJ and TT have a good relationship with their father. They love to play with their father and so does their father.

Despite on his busy days in the office during weekdays, their father still willing to spend time with his kids after office. Every weekend is the best time for the kids to spend the whole day with their father. He will shower the kids and also spend time to feed the kids, play with the kids and read story for the kids.

Sometime my husband will ask JJ and TT, “Do you love Papa?” and then they will answer him “Yes Yes Yes” But somehow they want to tease his father and say No No No and then they will laugh together.

TT and Daddy

Recently my husband was busy with one job, though he is doing this job from home, it makes him almost has no time with the kids. But still he spends few minutes to play with the kids. One day he said that he miss to play with the kids, but I can understand that there is a due date for his job so he has to do his job. I know he loves his sons, and I know that the kids also love their father.

There are some people said to me that to raise, teach and taking care of the kids are mother’s jobs. Father’s jobs are working and give a good financial for the family. Some fathers even go home and first thing that they want to do is read the newspaper, watch the TV, do their job or may be read the book. They don’t realize that the kids long to play and spend time with them.

Therefore for fathers who read this post, if you have not really spend time with your kids, please spend time with your kids regardless on your busy time. Your kids really want you to play with you because they love you. It’s not too late yet… Appreciate this moment because this moment will never come back 🙂



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