Necklace by me – beginner

My first handmade necklace that I gave it to Ceria

As a fulltime mom, we also need to spend time for our selves. I was thinking what can I do, because I am not good in cooking. So that i decided to make some necklace. To be honest I was not confidence because I have really no experience on this.

My husband gives me a support and also one of my friend Dee (thank you Dee) also encourage me to do it. So I just go ahead with it. I bought one book for the beginner and bought some beads.

First necklace I gave it to my friend Ceria and she really wear it in the office and in the party. All the pictures of these necklace were done by Dee.   Then I try to make more and gave it to my relatives and I am glad that I got a good feedback. Thinking to make some more. 

I post some pictures here.

Thank you to Ferry, Ceria and Dee who encourage me to make all these necklace.


    1. Thank you, Patti. Yes, I enjoy the process of making them 🙂 Though it is a very limited time that I have. One day can only make one 😀
      I will start to make again but it will be for kids 🙂 Hope I can do it well

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