Are you ok?

My two precious boys

JJ has been sensible toward others since he was two years old plus. I have been told by his pre-nursery teacher too about this.
One day (last year) he came back from school and told me that his teacher’s leg was hurt.
Then I said to him: “oh dear.. did you sing a song for her?”
JJ said: no…
then I asked him again: “what did you do then?”
JJ said: I pray for her…”

It does look simple but it is so touching to see three years old boy said that. When parent teacher meeting, I came and asked the teacher about this. And she told me that it was true that her leg was injured that time. And she told me that JJ is a caring boy, once his classmate fell down and than he came to his friend and asked him: “are you hurt?”
It was so touching, his teacher said.

Yesterday,I was not feeling well, than he asked me, “What happen mama?” I told him that I got a fever. Then he said: “if you get fever, go to the doctor lah” When I came back from the doctor, he asked me:”Are you ok?”

JJ will do this when TT, his father and I fall down or knock on to something and get hurt. He will ask “Are you ok?”

TT starts to do the same. He will call me and tell me that his brother is crying. Sometime I will ask him to love his brother, and he will caress his brother’s head. Yesterday when I was not felling well, he sometime approached me and gave me his best smile.

Those are my kids, still young but learn to care about others. My hope that they will keep continue to care about others until when they grow up later on.



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