Spoil your children might spoil your children

Last week my mom came to Singapore to visit us. As usual she brought my sons to a toys store and she asked me why my sons do not ask me to buy some toys for themselves. She was impressed when she saw that they are looked very happy and satisfied though they only see the toys. Moreover, JJ told his grandmom that he and TT should not buy some more toys for the time being because they have so many toys already. Though at the end my mom still bought toys for them but she still impressed with my sons.

Well, every time we go to the toys store, sometime my sons will ask for toys. In this case we don’t always buy what they want. From this, they learn that every time they go to the store, doesn’t mean that they have to buy something.

Most of grandparents will spoil their grandchildren. How about parents who spoil their children?

It is just normal that parents love their children, they want their children to be happy. Parents will try their best to give the best to their children. Sometime it is on the right track but sometime they did not realize that they are on the wrong track.

Because of their love to their children, parents tend to give whatever their children want in order to make them happy, they don’t want to see their children cry or hurt their feeling. Moreover, some parents will not allow their children to be scolded despite of their wrong doing. They do not realize that they have started spoil their children.

As parents, we need to be firm and abide by our life principle, so that we can teach our children.

hildren to face the reality of life correctly later on. It won’t be that easy and simple to discipline our children, but we have no choice otherwise we will regret and by that time will be too late already.

If you love your children you should not spoil them because you might spoil them.



  1. True to its root! Mankind can shape a twig with wires and that twig will grow into a branch. Man cannot shape a branch, it will only snap. Thus, children must learn the right things from a young age….which also bring me to this Proverbs : “He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes”
    Can’t agree more 🙂 well said Yul 🙂

  2. Thank you In. Yeah we should not spoil our kids. I still need to learn more in educate my sons. I want the best for them. So that I also have to always remember not to spoil my sons 🙂

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