Kids are so creative!

So creative, that is kids!
When it comes about games, toys, they are very creative!
One of the my sons’ favorite toy is these three chair legs and two basket balls. They can use these three chair legs as a microphone, so that they will sing a song using this chair leg, they use it together with the basket ball as a hockey game, bowling ball game and baseball game.

Previously I was thinking to throw these three chair legs away. For me these three chair legs are useless cause only left with three of them so that I can’t fix the chair anymore. But I find out that they are very useful for my sons.
When I saw that the kids really love to play with them, I change my mind not to throwing those three chair legs away.
Not only these three chair legs which make them creative, but still some other things at home that make them so creative and they can change the function into something else which is fun for them to play with it together.

JJ was singing a song with his microphone

Sometime we don’t have to spend some money on some toys because our kids know what is fun for them.

They can use their imagination to make a new toys or games for themselves. It is really amazing to see it.
That is KIDS.



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