TT’s second year birthday

Birthday cake from JJ to TT (from Mega Blocks)

On 27th May 2011 was TT’s second year birthday. Since it was impossible for us to celebrate his birthday on that day, so that JJ and I had an idea to made a birthday cake for TT from their mega block.
JJ (3.5 years old) was very proud to present his birthday cake to TT and then he started to sing a birthday song for TT.
On the next day we went to Jurong Point to watch Thomas and friends performance. They were very excited and happy watched the performance. We did celebrate TT’s birthday at home afterwards.

Again those two boys were very happy, especially JJ. He asked us to sing a birthday song for TT again, and he cannot wait to eat the cake.

We planned to celebrate TT’s birthday at his Sunday school as well but the cake was forgotten to be collected but they still sing a birthday song and pray for him. I can see TT was happy when the teacher pray for him…

Again, TT’s second year birthday is an unforgettable moment and become a rainbow in my life.


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