Story time is the fun time for my sons

JJ and TT have enjoyed story telling since they were babies. Now JJ is Three years old plus and TT is two years old.

Some people asked me and wondered why you told them story when they were babies, they won’t understand.
But don’t forget, they were listening 🙂

Since two years old, JJ has already always asked us to read a story book for him. And he loves it. When he was two years old plus, he even told a story for TT using Thomas and friends’ book. And TT starts to learn from his brother.

They love Thomas and friends, being told some stories by the books and DVD, they can make their own story now. They will share the Thomas and friends trains and make their own story. Sometime they will make their story together.

Story time is very good for your kids. It will not only make them love books but will also help them develop their imagination.

So what are you waiting for? Start to spend time for telling story to your babies and your toddlers if you have not started it yet.
You will find how wonderful story time is, not only for your babies and your toddlers but also for yourself.
It is all worth it!

Books and story time are fun!!!


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